It’s becoming kinda frustrating to work completely alone on this project (math typesetting in SILE).

On the other hand, I understand that practically everyone will judge the task too big, for too little benefit

Advent of Code Q01 answer 

Les rendus des étudiants contiennent parfois des surprises (et du pessimisme).

Finally, proper integrals (SILE vs LuaLaTeX output). I had to write in C to get this 😭

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Something's wrong with the `\Longrightarrow` symbol in TeX

hacking: finally got around to writing a little grammar for writing math in a TeX-like style (left) rather than in MathML directly (right).
Which one do you prefer? 😜

Reading a journal paper, my supervisor is cited in it. It's normal but it feels weird ^^

Wondering why many people denote \( σ_{\dashv} \) the last element of the sequence σ. Is it because \( \dashv \) looks a bit like −1? 😄

I can't see a difference now. SILE math prototype (left) vs LuaLaTeX (right).

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Now, save for the size of big operators in display style, I think they are almost identical.

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This is a challenge for typographers (which I am not). Can you tell apart our rendering (amateurish) from LuaLaTeX's?

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otini discovers math typesetting 

The game is Turing-complete and someone proved it by implementing cellular automation no. 110 in it, and it's so cool!
The tweet:
The video:

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