Reading a journal paper, my supervisor is cited in it. It's normal but it feels weird ^^

Wondering why many people denote \( σ_{\dashv} \) the last element of the sequence σ. Is it because \( \dashv \) looks a bit like −1? 😄

I can't see a difference now. SILE math prototype (left) vs LuaLaTeX (right).

Now, save for the size of big operators in display style, I think they are almost identical.

This is a challenge for typographers (which I am not). Can you tell apart our rendering (amateurish) from LuaLaTeX's?

otini discovers math typesetting 

otini discovers math typesetting 

The game is Turing-complete and someone proved it by implementing cellular automation no. 110 in it, and it's so cool!
The tweet:
The video:

I'm using the perf profiling tool for the first time. Is there a reason why the top line has its “Children” field equal to 24 % and not 100 % ?

alcohol mention 

Normal compiler error: “l. 66: unknown identifier”

LaTeX compiler error: “l. 66: something's wrong… perhaps this? Look, you just re-read the TeXbook.”

Radhia Cousot's 1985 PhD thesis… in French, and handwritten! Etymologically a manuscript 😛

Wasn't TeX already a thing back then? Anyway, it's pretty beautiful.
(The thesis is something like 600 pages.)

Careful with your press titles starting with “May quits”, you just gave me a brief false hope here 😄

Am now a happy user of 🙂
This nice eye-candy panel enabled me to ditch XFCE entirely and use only XMonad.

Verifying not people's identity, but the links between them and their websites, if they wish so, is a great idea. (I believe it's @kaniini's, originally?)

Pour voir un arc-en-ciel, se placer entre le soleil et les gouttelettes d'eau en suspension 🙂

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