Math font adventures 

I’ve been obsessing over why integral subscript and superscripts look ugly in and not in LuaTeX, although I respect the OpenType standard.

Then I found a paragraph in LuaTeX’s manual that basically says “Yeah their placement should use the font kerning parameters, but not all fonts implement that so we just tweak the positioning parameters in a non-standard way to make integrals look nice.”


Today, turned mathematical typesetting into a package of , and documented it. 😊 Math typesetting in mainline SILE soon maybe 🤞

Everything is amazing in the Libertinus Math’s Greek alphabet. All these details.

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Adding to something you can’t live without: stretchy parentheses! (and all other vertically stretchable glyphs)

Is it just me, or are the modal logic operators not very pretty side by side in the Computer Modern font?

Also, there doesn’t seem to be a satisfying Unicode character for “box” and “diamond” 😕

The video (in French) and the slides (in English) of my talk “Automatically Proving Microkernel Security” at RESSI are available on my homepage

Greek letters in Libertinus Math and Garamond Math. Both beautiful in their own way.

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Making my slides with the 16:9 aspect ratio, I feel so modern

It’s becoming kinda frustrating to work completely alone on this project (math typesetting in SILE).

On the other hand, I understand that practically everyone will judge the task too big, for too little benefit

Advent of Code Q01 answer 

As usual, I will cowardly stop doing the Advent of Code as soon as I find myself unable to answer with a 5-line Haskell code

Les rendus des étudiants contiennent parfois des surprises (et du pessimisme).

I've tried out the new monadic operators in OCaml, it's not bad.

entire code

before/after using the `let*` operator:

Finally, proper integrals (SILE vs LuaLaTeX output). I had to write in C to get this 😭

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