There appears to be an effort to make trick people who is trying to learn about the Fediverse into the bad (and mostly blocked by the main instances) by creating content that talks about the Fediverse but only mentions the peach instances. I've already lost the link to that site that was shared here some time ago, and I don't feel like looking at it again.

More recently I found fediverse dot wiki (not linking directly do it) that seems part of the same effort.

Are there more?

users, yesterday there's been an issue with the instance services, sorry for the downtime.

If Hiccup excites you, check out this PR I wrote to migrate liquidz/clj-vimhelp from Hiccup 1.0 (bad) to Hiccup 2.0 (good)

Announcing Papillon, an interceptor library for and . We are using it at work in production, but publishing it as a Preview version for community feedback in the goal of stability that the ecosystem is known for.

devs will be happy to know that XTDB has a Mastodon account.


ok, thanks for the patience, looks like everything worked as intended. 🥳

Please report me or on Matrix channel if you notice something weird.

users, since the instance and its surrounding are growing, I need to make a bit of maintenance on the database. There will be some downtime around 19:30 UTC.

Also, I noticed I made a logo for the Matrix channel 😅

Anyway I will collect some logo ideas and submit them to the community to choose.

Hey folks, just a quick reminder that the instance has a matrix channel if you want to jump in and say hi:

Hey / Mastodon people, can anyone help me to design a logo for After all these years we still lack one... 😓

I started using Orgpad - a mind-map app written in
- to learn . It's a WIP, but I can already reap the benefits of looking back at it after a couple days and pick up where I left off much more easily than with handwritten notes.

just updated the instance to Mastodon v3.5.1 (see

Sorry for the little downtime, enjoy and let me know if something feels odd.

updated to version 3.4.6, let me know if everything is alright.

people, since the mastodon release 3.4.6 solves a quite severe security issue, I'm going to update the instance right now instead of the weekend.

Sorry for the short notice but I think the security of the instance is more important of its availability.

Hope you understand, thanks for the patience.

Hello , this weekend I'm going to update the instance to the new release, downtimes may happen.
Thanks for your patience!

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