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Marco Dalla Stella

I uploaded the random #Clojure coding video today talking about #Luminus and #HugSQL .

My English is a lot of fun. xD

Anyways, if you liked the video tell me because I may host some videos in a Peertube instance or something and make a channel or whatever.

The idea is to talk about programming, 3d modeling in #Blender and that kind of random shit I make.

This is just a video I recorded today but if you like it we can do it BETTER.


Song of the week:
Melvins - They all must be slaughtered.

If anyone is looking for a new home for their projects, then my GitLab instance would be pretty happy to have you!

I heard about git federation, why not git on , instead of ?

Talking about writing or thinking, I have a bless and a curse: I'm too hermetic[1], which means that I use to describe concepts or things with few words. That's probably why I've followed the paths of programming and poetry.


Ok, I decided to give up to blogging... Writing is simply not for me... 😭

Sorry for the downtime folks, I just updated to v2.4.0.

uLisp — for the , , and

"uLisp® is a version of the Lisp programming language specifically designed to run on processors with a limited amount of RAM. It currently supports the ATmega-based Arduino boards, SAM/SAMD-based Arduino boards, BBC Micro Bit, and MSP430-based LaunchPad boards. You can use exactly the same uLisp program, irrespective of the platform. …"

For those interested in

There is a very nice web site growing where all usefull documentation about Ocaml is collected.
It’s an community effort and any help to improve the documentation is welcome as well.

Maybe you have this brilliant but hidden article in your bookmarks somewhere?

@slackz Welcome to functional café, fellow clojurian! :)

Thanks to @technomancy we now have a separate workflow on Circle CI for building APKs!
The service itself is great, flexible and easy to set up. Debugging via ssh is a really great feature.


If you are feeling out of sorts, try a grounding exercise. There are some suggestions here:

Ok, is now updated to v2.3.2. Let me know if you encounter any issue. Thanks.

We are currently working on figuring out how the #GDPR will effect #Mastodon

We have reached out and asked for help from #EFF ( @eff ).

Currently there's a discussion on the projects GitHub, and if you know anything that may help us that's the place to go. Please try to read the conversation before pitching in though!

Nice to see that Wadler has collected the history of type class development on a single page on his website:

Looks like it doesn't include instance chains/guards, though, so it must be only *his own* research on the topic.

Ok, the backroom of functional café is open, if you wanna chit chat join on


I' d like to be able to pin a column in which posts tagged with #guile #scheme, #clojure, #guix, #lisp tags appear

that is a column with several tags in an or disjunction