Was using Incanter for #clojure #datascience yesterday and really impressed. Usability is significantly better compared to pandas and matplotlib - I was able to get a lot more done with less referring to docs and examples.

I think this is partly because Incanter plays nicely with Clojure core abstractions, partly because the REPL experience is better and partly because it’s a more expressive language anyway. Looking forward to using it more.

I just released #clojure wrappers for XGBoost! Please let me know if you have any issue using them or some improvement proposal

I've just update to Mastodon 2.5.1, there were a vulnerability issue:


Sorry for the little downtime.

I usually avoid social networks for self advertising, so forgive me.

My company, 7bridges.eu, is a small two people company based in the North of Italy. We provide prototyping, development and training for projects. If you have an idea for a project or simply want to outsource some code, just leave me a message. Thanks for your time!

I have finished a small personal listing the projects that I want to share with the world.


Hey pals, I'm not dead, I just don't have time to toot! 😼

#Clojure David Nolen - A practical functional relational architecture (Code Mesh 2017) | redd.it/9ikoua

I've been creating an Emacs client for Keybase chat. Nice to not have to run the Electron application.

What did I learn from this update? (2.5.0)

Even if you have nearly 20 years of IT experience, you still need to be careful.

(Even if the postgresql 9.4 deprecation is not mentioned on the release notes.)

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Just a year ago I wouldn't have cared less about a new #Java GC.

Me now: "Oh god! This is amazing!!! The new ZGC in Java 11 is going to be H-U-G-E!!! Think about all the possibilities especially with parallel stuff in #clojure!!!!"


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Turning 37 today.
5 years left to know the truth.

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