I wrote a command line utility to share files/snippets to your @nextcloud instance. It uses the DropIt app endpoints: gitlab.com/ilpianista/gdi

Sorry guys, I was sleeping... 😥

Monitor is UP: Functional Cafè (functional.cafe). It was down for 6 hours, 39 minutes and 5 seconds.

Anyone know how to combine an MP3 with a JPEG and get a valid MP4 video file using ffmpeg? My attempts at using stuff found through Google isn't working.

Trying to wean myself off of QuickTime Player 7 for this sort of thing, and or would be cool to be able to do it entirely on my phone in Termux.

Luminus now supports shadow-cljs using +shadow-cljs flag:

lein new luminus myapp +re-frame +shadow-cljs
cd myapp
lein shadow watch app

We've recently published corallo, a tiny library in .

It's available on Clojars too.


Tweet by Scicloj (@scicloj@twitter.com) on 8. Mai, 00:41
Here are some more details about the online gathering next week.

May 15th, 10PM UTC

On the main talk, @gigasquid@twitter.com will tell about in with @ApacheMXNet@twitter.com.

Please register in advance:
t.co/aFZKIKXXHH t.co/TGZ1Jovhiv


About that Excel #Clojure library I'm creating: the unoptimized, glued together version is already ten times faster than a #Python solution!

Finally a new technology that makes me happy (◍•ᴗ•◍)♡λ

Thank you Ludovic, Rekado, et al. from #guix community.

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The first #scicloj meeting in all of its glory! We talked about the tech.ml stack and the brand new cljplot. If you care about data science & #Clojure take a look at this:

I'll update to Mastodon 2.8.0 the next week.
Beign a impressive release, I don't want any trouble. Be patient, thanks. 😄

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