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Marco Dalla Stella

I just started a journey with generative music. I wrote a blog post about it here: Check it out! 😁

#clojure #procgen #music #generative

Please boost this toot.

Ultimately, what I am asking for is a period of a week or so while I work through issues (if they show up)... we may be up and down a bit in that time, and I value your presence here at

please bear with the coming changes... hopefully there will no noticable issues, but the new configuration is largely untested...

There are backups.

Please boost this toot.

Fair warning everyone. will be prepping for a major move tomorrow. There will be extended downtime.

The costs of operating this instance on Azure have gotten too consistently high for me to be cool with, I will be moving to a self-hosted environment.

I know of one particular issue that I may face by doing so. If it gets to be too much of an issue, I'll look into fixing it.

A small price to pay for security.

#Clojure Heart of Clojure, a new Clojure conference coming to Leuven, Belgium, on 2 and 3 August 2019 |

Any suggestion for a free service with an eye for / ?


I like being able to pin tags on mastodon. Just wish I could have multiple tags included per pinned column, e.g., results for both #askmastodon and #mastodon in the same column, instead of two separate columns for #askmastodon and #mastodon.

#Clojure New cljdoc features, including offline bundles, much better docs and more |

Ok, I also updated to v2.4.3. I'm going to re-open registrations, let's see how it goes.

@mdallastella @phoe in Mastodon v2.4.1 and later, you can go to Settings | Moderation | E-mail Blacklist, then add the MX to the list. I have both and in mine and no more accounts have been created.

I think I'm going to close registrations to until I figure out how to get rid of these .

I notice that a couple of bot registered on in these days. What do you human guys thinks, do we allow ?