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Hi everyone! I'm new here so, time for an ?

I'm an M2 student living near Paris, interested in :
• Type systems (Curry-Howard ❤ )

Today I program a lot in , because French research teams use it a lot, but I also use and I like dependently-typed languages like .

For some work I have done on the OCaml compiler you can check out

Glad to be here :)

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Je viens de voir que Coopaname ma #coopérative d'activité recherche toujours un un·e comptable clients / gestionnaire facturation!

Pour les détails et le contact voir l'offre, pas moi directement.


#JeProposeUnJob #JeRecrute (ma coopérative) #CDI #job #coop #paris

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Pourquoi @mdiplo est un journal que j'apprécie beaucoup :
- les articles nous sortent de notre zone de confort (je vais rarement lire de moi-même un article sur la Bolivie par exemple)
- des articles sourcés
- des articles fouillés, qui n'hésitent pas à être longs
- il y a encore des gens qui font la relecture ortho-typo, avec des règles d'écriture communes à tous les articles, et ça se voit bien 😍
- peu de pub (et toujours discrète)

Bref, c'est du bon, mangez-en¹ 😋

¹ si vous le pouvez

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Stephen Diehl is painfully on-point in this one. We need to get rid of the cryptocurrency cult in the #Haskell community (and by extensions all other programming communities). Once and for all.

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Facebook taking the EU to court for privacy invasion? Sounds like a start of a bad sitcom

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"cost free abstractions" just means excessive monomorphization send toot

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rust's iterators are really cool dont get me wrong, but theyre basically a way to trick the optimizing compiler into performing stream-deforesting sheerly thru the power of inlining and monomorphization.

this would be fine if it didnt leak into the type system in confusing ways, like now we're stuck with `impl Iterator`s and super long type definitions if you try to make an associated type an iterator, which are really weird and make it very hard to determine what the performance characteristics of your iterators really are, and just how much code rustc is going to hand to LLVM

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the 👏 double 👏 semicolons 👏 in 👏 ocaml 👏 are 👏 optional

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@nebunez the legendary book Structure and Interpretation of Computer Programs (SICP) could be an excellent introduction to Scheme, it is often strongly recommended, I liked it very much.

Also, I think How To Design Programs (another book) might be worth checking out in a second time.

Both are freely available online 🎉

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coders and non-coders of the fediverse: what is your **favorite ever** monospaced font?

(boosts? i like monospaced fonts.)

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Nouvelle version de #peertube 2.3

Avec fonction de recherche enntre instances fédérées grâce à un index par instance 😎

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What's the lightest weight mouse-based text editor on Linux? Something that doesn't use a big GUI framework. In other words, what is comparable to notepad.exe? (and don't say gedit, because that doesn't open nearly as fast; not for me anyway).

Yesterday I wrote a C code that, for some values of the parameters, was just an obfuscated way of dereferencing the null pointer. GCC detected that and simply decided to generate the instruction UD (undefined instruction) on that execution path. It was fun to see the concept of “undefined behavior” taken so literally. 😋

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Mastodon -> Pleroma 

Ok, so the poll is closed, looks like we are going to migrate to Pleroma.

I'm going to make a couple of tests this weekend and probably we are going to do the actual migration on 01-02/08.

I'm always open to discuss this matter, but I think the choice is made.
Hope we'll all gain from this change.

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Personnes âgées dépendantes et sacrifiées. L'analyse de Philippe Baqué sur la crise du coronavirus dans les Ehpad (juin 2020), désormais en accès libre.

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Did you know that #GDPR allows sites not to announce the use of "essential" cookies? Meaning those your site uses for itself, to keep the user logged in for example.

So when Internet commerce started to slap those stupid "we use cookies" banners on every site they used the more generic word "cookies" to avoid saying outright that their sites use *ad trackers*.

Long story short, if you don't sell your user data, you don't have to present stupid disclaimers.

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