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SnowflakeOS ships with NixOS Configuration Editor by default, allowing users to graphically manage their configuration.nix file! If you're already using NixOS you can try out the tool at github.com/vlinkz/nixos-conf-e
#SnowflakeOS #NixOS #Linux

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When your nixpkgs fetches so hard your TF2 game times out

The joy of no longer being in academia: I am able to write Zotero notes of the form:

> Only read the abstract; looks kinda boring if you ask me

and feel fine about it

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Je découvre ce soir l'existence d'une notation graphique pour les termes du lambda-calcul (décrite ici : tromp.github.io/cl/diagrams.ht). Je suis heureux.

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40 years later and the LOGO programming language still holds a TON of fascination for me.

I think there's something inherently grasp-able about drawing with the turtle that just gets lost in the shuffle when you have to do your own coordinate math in more traditional languages.

Feels like turtle graphics are yet another casualty of computing being 100% focused on either pure entertainment or pure commercial productivity.

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Array programming languages are something different. Took a jab at BQN and made a little program that finds the 3 most common characters in a string.

Being passionate about typesetting but not having anything to typeset since I left academia : 😭
The issue with typesetting is that you need something to typeset

Please stop writing actual software in Lua. It was supposed to be a scripting language. I now feel more and more compelled to imagine a gradual type system for Lua to remedy part of the unsafeties and unefficiencies of your software now

I loved it even less when a Python type error crashed a UAV I was flying 😂 (it was only a student competition, but still)

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Love to have an element of my GUI that's written in Python crash because of a type error.
Breaking: we can now detect type errors before running the program! (Breaking in 1969)

Today I learned that parser combinators are cool in principle, but for parsing a programming language, uh… well LR parsers give me less headaches, are less verbose and don't create infinite loops

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However it's $CURRENT_YEAR and we have Rust now

I'm so stealing this line from a RustConf presentation summary.

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K-Pop is short of "Karl Popper".

(Stealing from Birdsite).

It's libre software, no one has enough time or money to solve all the issues, so make this report info optional and work with what people will give you

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Yes, it will make it easier for the devs to pinpoint the issue, but it will deter 80 % of potential bug reporters.

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hot take: Requesting bug reporters to fill out a bunch of fields, some requiring a sizeable amount of time or skill—e.g. “launch the window manager in debug mode, reproduce the problem, then exit”, or “try to reproduce with the default configuration file, only send a minimal file”—is yet another barrier to improvement of libre software quality

while does gnome-terminal scale fine while Firefox is blurry? I don't understand

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OK so sway with fractional scaling is a pain…

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After several days, I finally made a first PoC of bob, a peer-to-peer file-transfer tool in #OCaml through a #MirageOS - and as you can see, it's work on Windows! Bye bye #WeTransfer. The project is available here: github.com/dinosaure/bob/ (Thanks to robur.io which lets me to do such tool)

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