Just published the final version of my PhD thesis on my website 🙂 otini.chnik.fr/#thesis

Great piece of writing about how the hell a debugger like GDB works:

Personally I didn't know any of this.

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- You are not supposed to use your nose when speaking
- Years of conjugating verbs yet no real-world use found for Passé simple
- Wanted to have complex grammar rules anyway for a laugh? We had a tool for that: It was called Latin
- "Nous allâmes au restaurant et fûtes très ravi mais le serveur voulut que je payasse avec carte" – Statements dreamed up by the utterly Deranged

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Les Saints de glace, c'est d'aujourd'hui à vendredi.

Il fait présentement 28.7°C.

C'est ok.

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I see that the Angstrom parser combinator in will give the number of bytes consumed in addition to the error. So I guess I can implement for myself the computation of the human-friendly (line, col) position in the input.

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Parser combinators seem very satisfying, but I find surprisingly little info about how to implement basic error reporting with them (i.e. line and column number of the first error, for example).

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This is a little article about a small library used by #MirageOS, `optint`, which shows you plenty of tips in #OCaml: blog.osau.re/articles/optint.h

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E ink screen with HDMI input arrived! Took a bit of tinkering, but it seems to work!

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I am looking forward to trying out the #SILE typesetter over the holidays.

Any recommendations on how to approach this little project?


cc @otini

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je m'en occuperai pas ce soir mais :

j'ai un serveur distant sur lequel est installé plex.
Depuis mon ordinateur je peux donc regarder des vidéos qui sont sur mon serveur distant;

J'aimerai pouvoir regarder ces vidéos sur un rétroprojecteur qui supporte DLNA (et miracast) et je suis sous manjaro.

Vous pensez qu'il y a moyen que je puisse regarder directement les vidéos sur mon serveur sur mon rétroprojecteur ?

help & boost appreciated

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this is what's happening with my current elm project(s)

The default look of code typeset using the Latex package listings is one of the worst design choices ever. So many people keep this default of fixed width, too far spaced columns with a non-fixed-width font.

1. Do \lstset{columns=fullflexible}
2. Reduce intercolumn spacing
3. Optionally, use a nice-looking monospace font.

Also screen can show colors now, so consider using some nice contrasted colors like dark red here and there.

Thought I had understood the behavior of whitespace around `~` in TeX (namely, that it was ignored) but I was wrong. Code like:

some words~

typesets two spaces before the reference. I'm too lazy to go read the TeXbook again (Ch. 8) to try and figure out the exact rules 😣

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If I deny a messenger app access to my contacts, it should be obvious that the right thing to do is NOT to send a notification to everyone who has my number that I now have an account on that app, creep!

For me it's an inconvenience, for some it can be life-threatening.

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