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Hi everyone! I'm new here so, time for an ?

I'm an M2 student living near Paris, interested in :
• Type systems (Curry-Howard ❤ )

Today I program a lot in , because French research teams use it a lot, but I also use and I like dependently-typed languages like .

For some work I have done on the OCaml compiler you can check out

Glad to be here :)

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My PhD supervisor makes his slides using a very old package. This package is not supported anymore and he can't update his LaTeX distribution because he wouldn't be able to compile his old slides anymore. (1/2)

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But seriously. What is the point of including Javascript from other domains, such as, in your website? I don't get it.

(next step: explain me what the is hell are content delivery networks for)

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This Week In Matrix is upon us, feat. MSCs for E2E cross-signing & verif, WASM-based Olm (~20x faster!), Full E2EE in Seaglass, Py3 Synapse (2x less RAM!), State compression (10x less disk!), Nheko 0.6.0, Jeon, Spectral, libqmatrixclient VoIP +Matrix Live!

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@otini «Writing a thesis (vb.): progressively learning to be ok with it» ?

Doing bibliography (vb.): spending hours discovering that other researchers did stuff better than yours.

Hey @dinosaure c'est quoi le surcoût, en termes de taille, de stocker des gros fichiers PDF dans un dépôt git plutôt que sur un FTP tout simple ?

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Ce soir @Calimaq sera sur @franceinfo pour parler de la directive droit d'auteur à partir de 22h50 !

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To celebrate reaching more than 20,000 videos on #PeerTube (, we just released the beta 12!

Adds user subscriptions, videos overview page, keyboard shortcuts and many more!

Thanks to all contributors, instance admins, uploaders and viewers <3

⬆️ This type of tracking only matters to people that are behind VPNs or Tor, doesn't it? Because otherwise it is so much simpler to track you using simply your IP.

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You know you've been writing too much when you see the symbol --<<==>>-- in a book (as a joke) and start trying to remember what operator it is.

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@otini you have to make a new one yourself, yeah. right click in the editor and there'll be a New option

Apparently there's a “hidden” Firefox option to disable TLS session resumption, but I can't find it:

TLS session resumption mechanism allows for tracking of Web users, for up to eight days.

“it allows for a web browser to stay offline for over a day, and still be recognized as the same web browser the next day.”

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Has in-repo search been disabled in Github?

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