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Hi everyone! I'm new here so, time for an ?

I'm an M2 student living near Paris, interested in :
• Type systems (Curry-Howard ❤ )

Today I program a lot in , because French research teams use it a lot, but I also use and I like dependently-typed languages like .

For some work I have done on the OCaml compiler you can check out

Glad to be here :)

No time to code no time to code no time to code

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is your child texting about C++?

idc - I don't const
dps - dangling pointer spaghetti
lel - linker error, lovely
kys - know your STL
irl - I'm rvaluing lvalues
smh - segfaulting my heap

After a day of work and some chores that needed doing, it's late and I'm not motivated at all to hack on SILE. ><

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French politics (-) 

French politics (-) 

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Hello la fediverse

Je cherche des utilisateurs de hugo.

Je cherche conseil pour refondre ( moderniser ) mon micro site qui est écrit en Markdown.

Merci d'avance

PS : RT appreciés

My problem with Nix and NixOS: I have no idea how to do most basic things (see last toot). With pacman, I just had to refer to pacman's page on the Arch wiki.

Uhhh is there a log of operations of somewhere? Something is broken on my system and I want to check what was recently upgraded.

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#416 Nettle upgrade: is there a way to compile pijul on ArchLinux right now?

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Goodbye, Chrome: Google’s web browser has become spy software

Our latest privacy experiment found Chrome ushered more than 11,000 tracker cookies into our browser — in a single week. Here’s why Firefox is better.

#privacy #google #firefox #chrome #spy #encryption #tracker #cookies #surveillance

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EN below

Salut mastodon, j'aimerais bien me colorer les cheveux en bleu ou violet foncé. Est-ce que vous avez des recommandations, astuces ou tutoriels de comment faire ? D'éventuels endroits où acheter les produits en région parisienne ? Voire si quelqu'un se sent de me colorer les cheveux, pourquoi pas !

Hi mastodon, any scholars on hair colouring around? I would like to colour my hairs in purple / blue. Do you have any resource to share on that matter?

Boosts welcome :D

Currently on I have two programs that segfault when launched from a terminal, but not from dmenu. I am dumbfounded.

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Some examples of using #LaTeX to create beautiful textual objects.

17th-century #poems recreated in LaTeX, using typographical styles of the period.

#Aphra #Behn

sources here:


*And* LPeg doesn't handle UTF-8? Like… pff.

I mean, give me back lex and yacc, let me write 3 regexps and I'm done with it. Here, not only do I have to bake lexing into the grammar, but also support for proper error messages… that, plus exotic syntax and a messed-up, untyped way of creating the AST (called “captures”) and it's a nightmare.

And my grammar is ridiculously simple 😭

Aaagh I've been trying to make a grammar in Lua for a *week*. I hate LPeg.

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