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@typochon Argh, now I *have* to listen to it for the 23,547th time

Musical craving: Hallelujah, but the Shrek version, then the Sense8 version

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Plus qu'une semaine avant Pas Sage En Seine #PSES2019, le festival avec du numérique mais pas que, pour les curieux et les curieuses. C'est à Choisy-le-Roi, en Île-de-France. Si le RER C le veut bien, venez ! passageenseine.fr/

@ColinTheMathmo I understand, being constantly under the threat of Twitter restricting access to its API is not great.

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TeX, publishing, futures, blathering 

TeX, publishing, futures, blathering 

@ColinTheMathmo The Python wrapper around Twitter's API can do precisely that quite easily. The inconvenient being that to use Twitter's API, you need to have a Twitter account to get the proper tokens. But without that, all you can do is unsatisfying web scraping I'm afraid.

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Or if you are already editing your .vimrc (which is likely since the only reason to source it is if you modified it since vim started), then you can do


because % stands for the current file.

Today I learned that instead of typing
:source ~/.path/to/vimrc
I can type
saving many keystrokes!

@loke Ohh, nice! I hadn't realized. Do you use Unicode math fonts too?

@abs I want to try out TikZiT one of these days, it could probably help me make diagrams when they don't need to be programmatically created (i.e. most of the time): tikzit.github.io/

@loke Yes, I am trying to contribute to math support in the SILE typesetter.


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password generators are shit because they have to rely on the random number generators in your computers and software that the NSA obviously controls

the most secure password generator is putting a cat on your keyboard because nobody knows what the hell those devils think, not even the NSA

@oranadoz Je suis en général très jaloux des anglophones. J'ai l'impression (peut-être fausse) qu'ils arrivent à exprimer des choses souvent de façon beaucoup plus concise que nous.

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