I loved it even less when a Python type error crashed a UAV I was flying 😂 (it was only a student competition, but still)

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Love to have an element of my GUI that's written in Python crash because of a type error.
Breaking: we can now detect type errors before running the program! (Breaking in 1969)

@lthms Indeed I checked, only record fields and class methods can be given a higher-order polymorphic type 😔

@lthms If that's the only solution, I find that frustrating too.

Today I learned that parser combinators are cool in principle, but for parsing a programming language, uh… well LR parsers give me less headaches, are less verbose and don't create infinite loops

@h_d I guess an explanation inside that page of what duplicating a file descriptor actually means in POSIX would have helped

@h_d OK, I finally get it, but I had to go re-read the man page of dup2 and make a little drawing 😅

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However it's $CURRENT_YEAR and we have Rust now

I'm so stealing this line from a RustConf presentation summary.

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K-Pop is short of "Karl Popper".

(Stealing from Birdsite).

@idlestate plus I don't have anything against opt-in telemetry per se, although I admit I don't trust many people to get the anonymization right

@idlestate Moving on the spectrum does not imply that you'll slide all the way to the other end

It's libre software, no one has enough time or money to solve all the issues, so make this report info optional and work with what people will give you

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Yes, it will make it easier for the devs to pinpoint the issue, but it will deter 80 % of potential bug reporters.

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hot take: Requesting bug reporters to fill out a bunch of fields, some requiring a sizeable amount of time or skill—e.g. “launch the window manager in debug mode, reproduce the problem, then exit”, or “try to reproduce with the default configuration file, only send a minimal file”—is yet another barrier to improvement of libre software quality

while does gnome-terminal scale fine while Firefox is blurry? I don't understand

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OK so sway with fractional scaling is a pain…

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