Ahh the dreaded feeling of the PhD student: “I will meet with my supervisor in a few days and I need to make some progress before that, except I'm not making any”

Also known as: aaaaaaaaaaaaaaaaaaaa

@otini I remember one period of time in particular, after presenting my first paper to a conference, where I *had to* find an idea for a second contribution, and it took me quite some (very unpleasant) time to figure out what I wanted to do next.

Hope you will find your mojo very soon!

@otini Maybe look at this event as an opportunity to discuss the issues which held you back?
And thus spend the few days on preparing a more or less clear description of the issues you ran into?

@amiloradovsky @otini That's excellent advice. To that I'd add: Often you make progress, but it doesn't feel like progress. For example, you find out that a certain method doesn't work. Feels like taking a step back, but negative results are actually progress, as in, you needed to go past that stage to be able to proceed.

Other things that don't feel like progress, but are progress: Literature research, cleaning your desk, fixing LaTeX errors, taking a creative break, and so on, and so on.

@turion @amiloradovsky I guess that is hard because the only way you can measure progress is through actions that feel like progress…

@otini @turion Virtual progress, turning into real progress; eventually, hopefully…

@otini @amiloradovsky Well, you can in hindsight. And then, after a while, with practice.

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