Morning (here)! Updated to the last version (3.1.2), there was a security issue.

@minoru I also disabled `tootctl feeds clear` for the moment.

Thanks for your patience, pals.

@mdallastella @minoru So that's what happened. I thought there were some UI changes here and there.

@mdallastella More than an hour since your toot, and I can still see it in the home timeline. Thanks!

Can't see earlier posts though, and I've no idea if I've missed something in the last few days. `tootctl feeds build --all`, or at least `tootctl feeds build minoru`, would be much appreciated ;)

@mdallastella Has the rebuild finished? My home timeline still doesn't show anything older than your 3.1.2 update.

Don't stress over it though. I can live with a few missed toots I guess ;) Thanks for keeping the Cafe online!

@mdallastella I would like to setup an instance of mastodon for non-dev people. What setup do you recommend?

@zig Sorry for the late response. runs on a linux container with 4 cores, 4GiB of RAM and 150GiB of disk... I think a VM on Hetzner/DigitalOcean/Vultr will do the job.

@mdallastella Thanks. I have a smaller setup, the community is small at the moment.

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