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Did you know that "toot" sounds just like Russian word for "here"?

I'm Alexander Batischev a.k.a. Minoru; you might've seen me on GitHub: I've been dabbling in functional programming for 7 years now. Mostly Haskell, but interested to learn from other languages as well. Hobbies for when I'm AFK: reading, cycling, pretending to learn how to draw.


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I'd like to take a moment of your timeline to ask folks to use CamelCase in your tags. I didn't know until I came to masto that this helps people who use screen readers parse them as words rather than jumbles of characters. When there are multiple words mashed together in a tag, try capitalising each one, for instance #CommissionMe #CallForArt #LookingForArtist

you can go to an online screen reader site like this one to check out the difference it makes: #accessibility

The comments were second only to the article itself. On the Internet, stuff like this can't be taken for granted.

I've been aware of LWN's existence for a number of years now, and I regret not reading it regularly for that whole time. Because boy, if all of their articles are *this* good, I'd be a subscriber for as long as I have income. describes Ninja build system, with numerous quick references to how things are done in Make and autotools. Recommended.

You can bash LinusTechTips YouTube channel for being overly silly, but I do appreciate them doing a serious video about , , and :

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I'm bored with my current selection of s, please recommend me something you like! No topic limitations. Languages: English, Ukrainian, Russian.

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I'm currently trying to setup end2end tests for my #ncurses applications by comparing the contents of the terminal with #tmux capture-pane. On my local Gentoo machine this works fine. However, when running this on #travis-ci, the terminal size is exactly one line shorter... I reproduced this with a local #ubuntu xenial/bionic virtual machine where I opened a tmux session and captured it. The captured text is always one line too short!
My tests are locates at

Any ideas?

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RT @peter_ru
#Lua in Moscow 2019: интервью с Роберто Иерусалимским  via @habr_com

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Did you know that "git checkout -" works much like "cd -" and switches back and forth between two branches?

You're welcome.

Turns out I can! 365-day streak in  — done.

Now on to two years :)

I didn't know I needed GitHub Projects until I tried them. Such a nice tool to keep track of various groups of issues that need to be resolved in a certain order. It's now far less stressful to get distracted, because I know I can restore the context with just one glance at the board.

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Data-mining reveals that 80% of books published 1924-63 never had their copyrights renewed and are now in the public domain

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Oracle shipped nine security fixes to curl yesterday: - fixes we announced in **2016**. We've announced several more problems after that for the version they ship...

Does anyone know how to conditionally enable crate's feature depending on the platform? It's not directly possible, but the GitHub issue talks of a workaround with a dummy crate. However, there is no example, and I can't get it to work.

Details here:

An excellent recap of the early of electric , starting with their mechanical predecessors and finishing with firs the first commercial mainframes of 1950s:

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@liw Yes, that's done more frequently than I'd like to admit. My wife has an expression she says to me whenever I get stuck on a decision, "You can't steer a ship that's not in motion."

1. Removed a few obvious inefficiencies from the code.
2. Ran a for loop in the shell to confirm that run-time decreases.
3. Started drawing up a pull request, decided to double-check the data.

And now:
- first "optimization" isn't;
- turns out noise in measurements increased with each optimization;
- I have no idea if I should be looking at median, average, 95th percentile, or what. (Thankfully, they're consistent)

Should've went with "it's half a second faster on my machine".

If the only things you know about atomic variables are that they exist and what operations you can perform in your favourite language, read this: I cherish those posts that are right on the edge of my understanding - they're comfortable to read, yet teach me something new.

(Examples are in , but the idea is clear and universal).

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