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Beware: my instance allows 2500 characters per toot, and I routinely reach that limit, especially in comments.

("Microblogging"? No, never heard of that term before. Is that like an essay but slightly shorter?)

Oversleeping is the worst. I hate it when my brain feels like a potato. Got some cleaning and chores done though, so that's a plus. Sup fedi?

Surprisingly good day today:

Steps in the right direction.

There's a series on YouTube called Tally Ho. It's about the namesake wooden yacht, which was built in 1909, won some races, had a long working life, but fell into disrepair and was this close from getting scraped when a young British boatbuilder took it upon himself to restore it.

Or rather "rebuild it", because by that time, only a skeleton remained.

I'm not a sailor nor a boatbuilder, and I don't know the first thing about woodworking. And yet, it was pure joy to see how the old structure was gradually renewed, how some parts were re-done to fix the damage that the boat sustained over the years, and how constant hard work can really chip away at a daunting project like this.

The 100th episode recaps the previous four years of work: If you enjoy it even a tiny bit, chances are you'll enjoy the previous 50 hours of episodes too.

This series is the most inspiring and satisfying thing I've watched on YouTube in the last few years. Give it a try.

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RETRO COMMUNITY, please retweet. If anybody can be in Houston this weekend there's a 'computer museum' that's liquidating everything they have. Almost everything is pre-Y2K including some DEC stuff and what looks like AS/400 equipment. Listing: @Foone

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Hey, #Fediverse, do you use (say, at least once per week) any Mozilla products?

Context: some people are claiming "nobody uses Mozilla's products anymore". I'd like to see if that's actually true.

I'm reading Tanenbaum's Computer Architecture, and the microcode for swap just blew my mind. Such a careful dance between asking for data and doing something else while waiting for it to arrive! Much nicer than nop which wastes a cycle :)

I can only imagine the feeling engineers get when they manage to design such things for real-world architectures.

Feed entries from now link to the corresponding packdeps page, not the Hackage page. I personally find this very convenient, hope others like it as well!

Yay, Nauka reached orbit! 🚀 Now 8 days of wait until the docking with ISS.

На прошлых выходных прошёл ICFPC — трёхдневное соревнование по программированию с очень сложной, классной задачей. Вот мой отчёт:

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For the next seven days, you can join “Intermediate Competitive but Friendly Programming Club” with this link:

We plan to host an ICFPC practice event some time in Q1 2022 using some great task of the past.

cc @minoru

If you never wrote acceptance tests before, today might be a good day to start: Subplot, a new tool in that space, looks for its first brave users

The key difference from Cucumber is that Subplot produces an HTML or PDF document which non-programmers can read and understand. You can actually show it to your users, and they might be able to give you feedback.

I tried Subplot earlier in a new small project, and even though the authors claim it's "alpha-quality software", I didn't actually run into any big problems: I just wrote some project-specific bindings (in Python, but Rust and Bash are on the horizon!), and used those bindings to write tests. It's all pretty easy to do. I also liked how it immediately made me think in terms of the interface, not implementation (as unit and integrations tests do).

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paved my way into English, so I never noticed how unnatural "if … then … else …" sounds. But Eric Fischer did, and found out where the "else" came from: What a fascinating dive into history!

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An opportunity for Golang devs to work on a great FOSS project with funding: Bringing Gitea to the Fediverse with ActivityPub support and the ForgeFed protocol

#golang #gitea #fediverse #activitypub #forgefed #gofed #fedeproxy #foss

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Dear #foss developers, you encounter an open source project and feel enticed to check out their community. Discord is mentioned as the only place where the discussions take place.

Your reaction?

A - Great, I already have an account anyway.
B - Ok, I'd be willing to join if the project is interesting enough.
C - Not ok, I will not be part of those discussions.
D - Other (see comment)

Boosts appreciated (research for blog post).

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Today is July 4. Take time to remember that the United States is no longer a collection of British colonies. And that Britain is no longer a northern outpost of the Roman Empire. And that Rome is no longer a loose confederacy of semi-nomadic tribes that fled south from Germanic tribes in the Caucus Mountains. And that all the Caucasoid tribes migrated north from the original Africans after evolving from early hominids when a geological rift altered leeward weather patterns. It makes me so proud.

I closed two issues and opened four new ones. I'm not doing this "software development" thing correctly, am I?

Half-fixed a bug, but already found two more. I don't have a good feeling about this.

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