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Did you know that "toot" sounds just like Russian word for "here"?

I'm Alexander Batischev a.k.a. Minoru; you might've seen me on GitHub: I've been dabbling in functional programming for 7 years now. Mostly Haskell, but interested to learn from other languages as well. Hobbies for when I'm AFK: reading, cycling, pretending to learn how to draw.


> Несмотря на все проблемы современного образования и критику вузов, из 10 преподавателей вам наверняка попадется хотя бы один, который даст вам «путевку в жизнь».

Подпишусь под каждым словом.

(Цитата взята из )

Hey Internet, just so you know (as my searches indicate that you don't): on PC 2, amber Ethernet LED blinks when port is in 10 MBit/s mode, and glows steadily when in 100 or 1000 Mbit/s mode.

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You know how there's a tradition of shops in Turkey offering customers a cup of tea, regardless of the shop's purpose? Like, you could be buying a washing machine and the clerk would bring you some tea as you browse the catalogue.
Well, I ordered SATA cables online and it came with an envelope containing the invoice, as well as a single-use teabag and a little packet of sugar.

It took me some time to figure out how to turn an note into *either* a "question-answer" card or a "question with type-in answer" card. Here's how I ended up doing that:

Okay, so this was an over-reaction: the TV does stop responding 12 minutes after it has been turned off.

This isn't something that could be implemented accidentally. I wonder why this feature exists.

Packet sniffing is still on my TODO list, though.

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Do you have extra Microsoft Rewards points from accidentally searching Bing? You can redeem them as donations to Wikipedia, 1000 points for $1.

Looks like frontend was the wrong thing to try and run on an PC 2: while I was darting between pages, it heat up to 100C and shut down.

Will investigate removing the top cover of the (official) case to open up the hole above GPIO pins. Maybe I'll even buy a small radiator to help this thing make it through load spikes.

Interestingly though, the CPU was only 40% utilized. `apt update` utilizes 100% at the end, but never heated up the board this much.

My SmartTV is so smart it responds to ICMP pings even when turned off. Lovely.

Guess I just found a device to practice on when studying network packet capture.

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RT @fredwilson
"It’s not a fair fight, but it is one, oddly, that the small guy can compete. It might seem ludicrous – DuckDuckGo has 78 employees and Google 114,096 – but often the outcome is the same. For the majority of your searches David, it turns out, is just as good as Goliath."

Day 1: degrade router into a switch, plug it into a residence gateway.

Day 2: find out that has a built-in SNTP client. Wonder why it can't reach servers.

Day 3: figure it just needs a route. Add a static one pointing to the gateway. Scratch head over it not working still.

Day 4: realise that to send UDP packets, the switch has to have an IP address. Enable DHCP client, SNTP works right away.

Why is it so much fun to be obtuse?

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Okay, so here's a problem with DuckDuckGo Smarter Encryption that never happened with HTTPS Everywhere: I got redirected to https:// when connecting to

192.168.anything.anything addresses are for private networks. These can *never* appear on the Internet. Adding them to a public database like Smarter Encryption is meaningless and, as in my case, breaks someone's private network.

At least they got a whitelist, so I disabled the redirect easily.

Will report this as a bug, later.

> I am happy with the hardware situation. I can easily carry both of my laptops in one hand. They are cheap and very reliable, and literally a million times better than the computer I shared at school.
> Unfortunately, software is only about a hundred times better. We still have a long long way to go to make the software for the dream setup.

—Douglas Crockford (JSON, "JavaScript: The Good Parts") in

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Offer men you know hugs. Create an environment where they feel safe accepting. Support men in creating an environment where they aren't so starved for contact and empathy that they misread any openness to their calm emotional expression as flirting. #InternationalMensDay

Just noticed that one of my certificates wasn't renewed. Running manually, I got "new-authz error: {"type":"urn:acme:error:badNonce","detail":"JWS has no anti-replay nonce","status": 400}".

Turns out I just needed a slightly newer version of

DuckDuckGo Smarter Encryption is essentially EFF's HTTPS Everywhere done better. Its checks are better automated by a company that already crawls the whole Internet.

It's bundled with some other privacy-related stuff, too. Haven't caused any inconvenience to me yet, but I've only been using it for three hours.

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Today, we're proud to share more on DuckDuckGo Smarter Encryption:
-How it can make 80% of website connections encrypted (HTTPS)
-How Pinterest is using it on their site
-How the code behind it is open source
-How it works!

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happy to partner with @github on this — the most active projects under the Arctic once and *all* projects continuously archived in @swheritage !

I finally understood the purpose behind std::invoke in ++: it's to replace the scary `object.*member_ptr` syntax. (I only actually used this syntax once, and I wish I knew of std::invoke back then—might've made the code a bit more approachable).

Insight due to

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