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I'm Alexander Batischev AKA Minoru.

I write programs. My biggest claim to fame is Newsboat, but I also help maintain Hakyll, gettext-rs, and a bunch of other stuff. Haskell is the reason I'm on this instance, but my "working" language is C++. FLOSS is better than proprietary.

I read books. Sci-fi is my favourite genre, but I dabble in everything. I read in English, Russian, and Ukrainian (the latter two being my native languages). E-books are good, but DRM must go.

I'm also curious about space exploration, psychology, alternative energy, and the art of writing. Probably forgetting a bunch of minor interests there, but oh well.

Happy to be here ^_^

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Beware: my instance allows 2500 characters per toot, and I routinely reach that limit, especially in comments.

("Microblogging"? No, never heard of that term before. Is that like an essay but slightly shorter?)

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Full time #remoteworkers / #telecommuters, what's your arrangement?

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RT @Dinfire
Interpretive ringtone dance. Some of these are great.

TIL that QR codes have built-in error correction, so one can draw over them and still be able to scan the code. An example from Wikipedia is attached below:

I think all artists should know about this, so they can more seamlessly incorporate QR codes into their ! (as a watermark maybe?)

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There's a fairly new development in fedi software, that I haven't seen discussed by the people I follow here.

Akkoma is a hard fork from Pleroma, and is very much going its own way. To quote from the blog post announcing the project:

> Pleroma has ever been an uneasy alliance between “free speech” people and free software people, and as the project’s creator aligned more with the former group over time, it was only really a matter of time before something acted as a catalyst to break the alliance.

It's been a bit more than a month, and the project looks like it's going to do fine. It's distinguished by a focus on personal expression, better moderation/federation tools (to keep the gross bits of fedi at bay), and a focus on community instances as opposed to single-user instances.

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Привет, я Enka! #introductions

Однажды я взяла в руки крючок и не смогла остановится. С тех пор совершенствую мастерство вязания игрушек в стиле #amigurumi.

Также увлекаюсь вышиванием счетным крестом. В планах - освоить вышивание гладью и лепку из полимерной глины.

Надеюсь, моя работа подарит тебе хорошее настроение😉

P. S.: Сфинкс в свитере связан по МК Светланы Перцевой

is looking to add generics over const and async keywords: This could save us from e.g. writing separate async and non-async versions of the code, or at least hide the difference between a single name (to be disambiguated at compile time). Cool stuff!

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'made a cwappy font out of this picture someone posted on reddit:

Starting with 1.62.0, tests for gettext-rs crate segfault on x86_64-unknown-linux-musl because pthread_mutex_lock is missing from the binary. I failed to figure out why: If you're into this sort of thing, please lend me a hand!

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Historical moment:
First federated comment to a gitea instance from another instance:

We are 🤏 close to a fully federated ActivityPub based git platform. All we need is federated PRs and some level of control access to keep bots and trolls away from flooding the comments

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This year, will be from Friday the 2nd to Monday the 5th of September \o/ They had trouble finding organizers, so it's a bit later than usual.

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Would any free and open source software developers here be interested in a free "basics of Rust" online training course? Something like a four hour session on a Saturday or Sunday, or two sessions of two hours, one on Saturday and one the next day.

I do paid training on this, and this would be a way for me to help the FOSS development community, and also get practice, and a bit of advertising.

Respond if you'd join. Boosts welcome.

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If you need someone to tell you to step away from the phone or computer for a bit today, I’m here to do so.

Step back for a little while, recharge. If and when you feel like reengaging, it’ll all still be here.

Take care of your wonderful self.

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Readers complained the first edition of the book had no punctuation, so the second edition added a pile at the end so the reader could mix it in at their whim.

Minoru boosted Today's the solstice, so it's a good day to check in with yourself, and end the commitments you need to end – maybe by taking a break, or by rotating it on to someone else, or by sunsetting a project.

❓ Вы читали Регламент/ToS хотя бы одного сервиса, которым пользуетесь? Гуглопочта, банк, даже условия скидочной карты от магазина у дома — всё считается.

❓ А перечитываете время от времени?

❓ Если не перечитываете, то почему?

(Извините, вариант «Просто показать результаты» не уместился. Извините ×2 за ре-драфт — оказалось, что rf, в отличие от ru, бустит только если на него предварительно подписаться.)


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