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Did you know that "toot" sounds just like Russian word for "here"?

I'm Alexander Batischev a.k.a. Minoru; you might've seen me on GitHub: I've been dabbling in functional programming for 7 years now. Mostly Haskell, but interested to learn from other languages as well. Hobbies for when I'm AFK: reading, cycling, pretending to learn how to draw.


An old thought-provoking post on how software developers perceive FLOSS scene these days:

It doesn't give answers, but IMHO correctly identifies the problem: most newcomers view FLOSS as an ideology rather than a set of licenses, and care about following the ideology more than nitpicking on license terms.

I used to have multiple decks with similar, yet different, data: one deck for English-to-Russian word translations, another for English-to-English word explanations, yet another for English idioms. Each deck only required a dozen reviews per day, so I felt I should bunch them up and randomize the order.

I put everything into a single deck, and that was a mistake. It means that looking at the card during review, I can no longer tell what's required of me. Am I supposed to translate the word? Am I supposed to explain it? If the question is "to have too much work to do", should I respond with an adjective "overwhelmed", or should I recall the idiom "to have too much on one's plate"?

Luckily I had different card types for each deck, so I'm splitting all this mess back into multiple decks now. Live and learn!

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Hello, Fosstodon!

I'm a hobbyist programmer and open-source enthusiast interested in situated, artisanal, and home-cooked software. I've prepared a bunch of inspiring links [1] that describe what does it mean for me.

My programming experience is mostly #fsharp on .NET platform (yay, it's open-source and cross-platform tech now), but I'm also fascinated by #ocaml and #rust.

I am glad to be among you!


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People often sound very confident, especially online, even when they're incorrect. Avoid the trap of confusing someone's confidence with them knowing of what they speak.

Someone needed to check out a branch named "origin", but git checkout origin resulted in a detached HEAD pointing at master's tip. "Surprising" doesn't even begin to describe it!

I Googled to no avail, so I figured it out myself, and now put the answer onto the Internet:

@mdallastella Thanks for keeping alive!

(Context: SSL certificate expired yesterday, it was a scary day and a half.)

Is ( dead? I've got a report that they removed a user's feeds a year ago. I see they updated the copyright on the site for 2020, but their code repo is not updated since November 2018.

Please boost, I need to know if I can remove the support from .

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I don’t understand why a `git log -p` on a merge commit doesn’t show the conflict resolution diff. Where do the conflict resolution changes go after a merge? To me, they seem to disappear magically.

Released 2.20.1 just now. It fixes four regressions, so it's a good idea to upgrade.

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If you're a developer and not an english native speaker, which language do you use for your development tools?

Please don't answer if you're a native english speaker, not to bias the results. Boosts appreciated :)

#translation #internationalization #i18n

2.20 is out now, check it out: It's a /#terminal /#rss reader that I maintain.

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Learned about text/enriched today after spying it in someone’s .muttrc. Imagine! A safe subset of HTML for mail! All that could have been…

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each time i hear about rss, it's considered both irreversibly dead and becoming more and more popular

schrödinger's technology

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Every HTTP request library needs to support connection timeout, response timeout, etc. to prevent app from hanging in poor network conditions. Merely an "abandoned" request could still sit wait forever, wasting memory.

Except in async #Rust, which has an interesting model: when you stop polling a Future and drop it, it explicitly aborts everything it has been doing. So if the app gives up on the request, it will get cleaned up automatically even if it was stuck. No need for special timeout API.

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The POP3 support in @k9mail is bad 😢 I'm putting on some band-aids now. But I'm pretty sure we'll remove support for it in the future.

If you're using a POP3 account with K-9 Mail, now is a good time to switch to IMAP or to start looking for a different email app.

Whoa, RouterOS 7beta6+ has hardware offloading for Layer 3 (on CRS317-1G-16S+):

It can route to/from bridge, and between VLANs. Also can blackhole traffic at wire speed. That's so-o cool! I thought is content with staying in CPU-router space, but apparently they have their eyes on a bigger game.

There are a couple more tidbits in June newsletter, but nothing that piqued my interest as much as L3 HW offload:

I was a bit surprised to learn that I can't install Linux into an ARM QEMU VM the same way as I would install it into a x86 VM. But this tutorial saved me:

It might look a bit complicated, but it's really not. Just a fancy startup followed by a usual installer followed by a fancy workaround for booting.

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i think you should teach those who wanna learn (not just set up and forget) and build a healthy community where those who don't have the skills can trust those who do. giving them a false sense of agency just doesn't work. you have to trust a lot of people in order to live a normal life anyway.

ofc that's none of my business as long as i don't work in vps support, which i hope i never will. so this is just a (possibly bad) opinion.

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hot take: if you wanna put the user in control, trying to make self-hosting easy is pointless. you could write an easy to follow guide, you could make a friendly script that sets everything up. but then *you* are in control, not your users. it's relative in any case as no one knows the whole software/hardware stack in depth, but if you set something up using a script, you usually can't even edit configs (e. g. following articles written by other people) and not break anything.

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