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Did you know that "toot" sounds just like Russian word for "here"?

I'm Alexander Batischev a.k.a. Minoru; you might've seen me on GitHub: I've been dabbling in functional programming for 7 years now. Mostly Haskell, but interested to learn from other languages as well. Hobbies for when I'm AFK: reading, cycling, pretending to learn how to draw.


Forgot the static IP of an Orange Pi board :( #IPv6 to the rescue! List all IPv6-enabled devices on my LAN:

$ ping -I enp59s0 ff02::1

Then try SSHing one by one until I found the right one.

(I believe IPv4 is supposed to have the same thing with address, but no-one responded to me on that one.)

Interesting: I can't put comments after values in #systemd configs. I wrote this in /etc/systemd/logind.conf:

HandleLidSwitch=ignore # default: suspend

Restarted systemd-logind.service, and… no effect. It didn't start working until after I moved the comment onto a separate line.

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Mastodon always 'charges' you 23 characters for every URL you post. It doesn't matter if it is longer or shorter.
There is NO excuse for using URL shorteners which obfuscate your destination if you click - these usually go to fb or twitter, so I Never click them on purpose. They make my browser and I feel dirty.
Please tell your friends.

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If I lie on the right side of the couch, I'm working. If I lie on the left side, I'm off the clock.

It's important to create separate areas when working from home. 🙄

#Newsboat 2.19 is out, folks! We fixed a ton of bugs, so give the changelog a read. You can get everything from the site:

A #spam message asking a #Debian list if their systems are prepared for the remote workforce. #Priceless.

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Google wants us to remember Ignaz Philipp Semmelweis. It's a guy, hungarian doctor, who once though "Wait a second, you can't assit a birth with dirty hands, that's why mothers are dying" and told people to wash their hands.

They laughed at him and put him into an asylum where he died in 14 days. Because one guy who run his hospital wanted to hide death statistics before and after washing hands.

Oh, this was rendered as a quote because I prefaced each line with ">". Was going for something like 4chan-style third-person retelling of one's own idiocy.

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Realize you no longer have the computer where you installed #keybase
Search for the paper key, come up empty
Request account reset
Wait for 7 days (because Keybase doesn't reset immediately)
Reset account
Click "Create paper key"
Read their advice to keep the paper key in your wallet
Hold your breath, look into your wallet
Find your previous paper key


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Hey #plan9 people, I notice that what Unix called connect(), Plan9 calls dial():

Any idea why the function was renamed relative to Unix?

Manpage has nothing on this. The source (src/lib9/dial.c) too. VCS repo ( has dial() in the very first commit, dated December 2002.

Asking because I saw a call to net.Dial in some Go program, and wondered about the rename. I assume #Golang inherited that from Plan9.

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Okay, this is kinda cool. Since the elementary blog respects prefers-color-scheme, Ephemeral has a built-in color scheme toggle, and apps like Code have dark styles… I can make screenshots in blog posts do this. :D Gonna wrap it up in a little Jekyll include.

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An outstanding explanation of how root DNS, CDNs etc. manage to pick "closest server":

When started using , we fixed our lowest supported version. A year and a half later, here's how that worked out for us (from my perspective, at least):

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