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Did you know that "toot" sounds just like Russian word for "here"?

I'm Alexander Batischev a.k.a. Minoru; you might've seen me on GitHub: I've been dabbling in functional programming for 7 years now. Mostly Haskell, but interested to learn from other languages as well. Hobbies for when I'm AFK: reading, cycling, pretending to learn how to draw.


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After digging into Grammarly's privacy policy, this Reddit user decided to uninstall. Why? He found that Grammarly...

1. Collects everything you type into the browser w/the extension
2. Can store that data indefinitely
3. May share it with 3rd parties

Оказывается, мою альма-матер спроектировал один архитектор, а строил другой. Здание поликлиники изначально было общежитием. ДК создавался организацией, строившей кинотеатры. В проект второго корпуса были заложены особые требования по проводке, пожаробезопасности и вентиляции, а на крыше должны были быть гелиоустановки. В углу Поляны, на месте нынешних ларьков, должен был быть Дом творчества студентов.

В одном toot всё не перескажешь; (экс-)кпишники, смотрите лекцию:

I tried and failed to cultivate a sleeping schedule for as long as I can remember. Back in high school, it was already a challenge.

But now I finally had it. I knew when to hit the sack, how long to sleep, and now my body knew when to wake up. Without alarms. By itself.

All it took is figuring out the optimal sleep duration (thanks, sleep tracking!), and two months of keeping to schedule.

In return, I've been getting predictable energy levels every single day.

Awesome and empowering.


I woke up. Pressing the single button on my fitness tracker to snooze the alarm, I realized that the band wasn't vibrating. There was no alarm. Just then, the screen lit up with the current time. 7:25. Half an hour earlier than my Saturday alarm, but precisely on time for the workdays' one.

I *simply* woke up. By myself. No alarm.

Must have been a coincidence. It happens once in a while.

Next day, same thing: open my eyes, reach for snooze, realize there is no alarm sounding.


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#git tip: Since I just taught this to a couple of very surprised people, let me repeat it here just in case you didn't know: ``git checkout -`` works just like ``cd -``, and switches to the last branch/commit/whatever you had checked out, making switches forward and backward very easy.

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посмотрела советский мультик про винни пуха с английскими субтитрами и «это жжж неспроста» перевели просто замечательно

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#Rust gotcha: `u16::max_value as u64` does not show a warning or error, but is almost certainly not what you want.

At university, I finally learned how to dress differently enough not to look entirely boring (only slightly so).

In short, I didn't think about uniforms since finishing lyceum.

I'm not going anywhere with these bits of personal history. It's just something I got reminded of by this excellent blog post:

> If you think that someone doesn't look like a real hacker because of the clothes they wear, or the colour of their hair, GTFO.


In school, we had to wear uniforms, but it wasn't enforced much, and I think we only did it for special occasions. Later, in lyceum, it *was* enforced, and I wore a suit every day.

Wearing a suit never bothered me; in fact, my attitude was exactly like that of Zuckerberg's with his t-shirts: I was glad I don't have to think up a new dress every day.


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this made me lol so hard

basically this company used to offer fat bonuses for engineers inventing good patent ideas, and now it doesn’t, so their most inventive engineer is saying he “forgot” his latest innovation and will probably take it out the door with him 😂

folks there’s so many layers of problems going on; this is like an action movie to me

UX32VD is a nice machine, very serviceable, and nicely done (both externally and internally). The only exception is the way the keyboard is fixed to the chassis; replacing it turned out to be an ordeal:

2.15 is out! A slim release, mostly because 2.14.1 was published just a bit over a month ago. Tarballs are on the site:

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RT Nothing quite sums up the gentle fatalism of the #Irish psyche than replacing "Goodbye" with "Good luck"

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The bug is between 3.B.iii.d and 3.B.iii.e. Oh, printf debugging.

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Hey Fediverse, I think you gonna like this. "Classic Programming Paintings" blog re-titles, um, classic paintings with, well, programming in-jokes. This time around, they took a jab at social media:

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