@LunaDragofelis@mastodon.social @lynnesbian @00dani Same in Sweden (well, at least when I used to live there, it's been a while).

I think that's because wifi sounds really ugly when pronounced in Swedish (as it is in German, I think?)

@loke @LunaDragofelis @lynnesbian @00dani

I think it's wifi in english because the acronym wlan isn't actually shorter when pronounced (double-yoo-lan). In German it's pronounced "veh-lan", while the pronounciation of wifi would be ambigous (why-feigh vs vee-fee)


@guenther @LunaDragofelis@mastodon.social @lynnesbian @00dani Yes. Same in Swedish. In Swedish v and w are pronounced the same (ve). So ve-lan is a nice thing to say.

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