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Elias Mårtenson @loke@functional.cafe

What local youtubers do you watch that might not be known outside your country? I just watched this one here in Singapore, that was quite funny. youtu.be/k0m8-KYmvgU

Poll question: do you listen to the lyrics of music you're listening to?

I rarely do. I can listen to a song many times and I might be able to tell you a few words of the chorus but that's pretty much it. I really prefer that as I find lyrics to be somewhat distracting.

I've heard people tell me that they can't avoid listening to lyrics. I've noted that I end up hearing them more if the lyrics are in Swedish, so perhaps it has something to do with what your native language is?

Podcasts needs to stop making it so hard to find the RSS feeds.
Also: Soundcloud and iTunes are annoying.

No biking today. My dropper post broke on my last ride and now I have to get a new one. That'll be several hundred dollars.

Here's what I have been working on. My Maxima client application now has the ability to take notes, and copy equations from the interactions into the document.


Out on my mountain bike, but stuck in a shelter waiting for the rain to stop.

Already when we were in our 20's some friends and I concluded that being a Milk Farmer is probably a much more relaxing and easy job than computers.

I mean, how difficult could it be? You plant the milk trees and wait for them to grow.

oh no no no no no no

that's my now default panic reaction to all O HAI WE UPDATED YOUR USER EXPERIENCE messages

Don't make it "more modern"! Make it GOOD! But you won't, will you? You'll make it modern.


please don't turn evil Wordpress please don't turn evil please don't turn

Here's a recording of my talk at Hackers on Planet Earth about many of thr awesome things you can do with Qubes OS: the operating system that can protect you even if you get hacked livestream.com/internetsociety

As a resident of California I was always jealous of how few vector balls it took to depict the various national flags of Northern Europe.

Has anyone worked on Keybase integration for Emacs?

how the fuck did France come up with a keyboard layout so bad (AZERTY) it makes it really hard to type their own language?

Me: funny meme lol
> 0 favorites

Me: Are0h big poo poo head
> 5000 favorites

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After working for weeks on a new feature (optimised scrolling in McCLIM), I created a pull request on Github, and wait for it to be merged.

The next day, a maintainer quickly tests the code and points out some visual artefacts.

Looking at the code again, I realised that the entire concept behind the idea is fundamentally broken, the reviewers problems possibly, but not necessarily related to this flaw.

At this point I reverted the entire feature.

reasons to use Alpine Linux:

• get to use Linux without using GNU, and then be a smartass to everyone who corrects you by saying "GNU/Linux"

• to be continued