My friends asked me whether they should use Rust. And I said ”don’t”. 😹

I don’t think it is necessary for web programmers who work on transforming SQL to JSON and JSON to SQL, with their complex business rules, without handling interprocess/thread communications, without need to avoid GC latency, without other data structures beside list and map.

every machine is a smoke machine if you operate it badly

Just finished configuring Firefox and Chromium for my disposable VM's in Qubes OS.

It's a lot of work to create a baseline browser configuration that is reasonably private. Even Firefox defaults to share usage information.

Okay, time to crank up some Skinny Puppy and FLA and make the words.


Selection (aka clipboard) protocol has been merged into #mcclim \o/ 3m agony is finally over.

Features include: selection translators, arbitrary selection boxes and x11 integration.


@loke @thegibson @georgieboy

We're a small island and we have an inferiority complex. Sometimes we have to compensate.

I'll take and raise you 1992. Write HTML like it's 1992, if you must write it at all.

Very nice view from the restaurant. A pity the food isn't as good.

I'm using a laptop with a 2k screen, and in order to make text a bit larger so that it's reasable, I've set the text size in the KDE settings a bit higher. This works in most applications, but Firefox seems to ignore it.

Is there a way to get Firefox to use a large font size for all sites? (i.e. like a default zoom level)

It's kind of annoying having to use Chromium.

Great article about Uber.

One thing I don't understand is why they keep being described as a tech company. They have tools mobile application, but so do everybody else.

I particularly like this quote about how Uber claims they provide flexibility to workers who want to be in control of their time: "Some drivers may have been initially attracted by Uber’s false claims about driver pay, but near-minimum-wage work is not a lifestyle choice."

Some time ago I saw an ad for Uber (in Sweden if I'm not mistaken). The message was that they are helping reduce congestion.

Can anyone help find any rational reasoning why increased use of ridesharing would reduce congestion? If I take my own car, it'll only be on the road for that trip, but a taxi needs to return or drive around looking for the next job.

It'll reduce the need for parking lots, but that's the one benefit I can see.

I was just about to send a somewhat aggressive message pointing out other's aggressive behaviour here.

Then I realised that I'd just be adding even more bad behaviour, so I decided not to.

This will have to suffice as a request to people to think about what they post, and if you believe that that people will answer aggressively to it, then perhaps that means you're aggressive yourself.

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