I miss the days when "hackathon" meant "come hack with us on any project of your choosing, just come and chill and hack" not "exploitive free labor."

Also I'm just going to beat Google to death if it keeps returning pages without terms that I searched for.

Searching for all the terms I searched for should be the default, not requiring some combination of quotation marks, plus signs, and a 'verbatim' option that doesn't work.

Latest uBlock Origin Update Rejected from the Chrome Web Store. No time like the present to switch to Firefox.

The ground looks like European autumn,while the trees are tropical. This is why anyone with a garden needs to constantly clear dead leaves all the time here.

Why AM/PM is a bad idea:

- It's more complicated.
- Is 12:00 PM in the morning or evening? I don't know.
- 12:00 PM followed by 12:01 AM, WTF?
- Which date does 12:00 PM belong to?

Benefits of 24-hour clock:

- Simple, hours run from 00 to 23.
- 12:00 is noon.
- 00:00 is midnight of the subsequent day
- 24:00 is the exact same time, but on the previous day

Thus, it's obvious what point in time I'm referring to when I say 7'th Oct 00:00.

Now, let's fix DST.

Why is the JS community constantly trying to solve problems that have already been solved. And when they finally solve them, they throw away the solution and start over again, because it's important to not have a stable system.

I wonder if anyone made the same diagram for Android development. It should look very similar.

Another federversal generation poll. Please boost.

I am from the /x/ generation:

Ramsey Nasser — قلب

قلب is a programming language exploring the role of human culture in coding. Code is written entirely in Arabic, highlighting cultural biases of computer science and challenging the assumptions we make about programming. It is implemented as a tree-walking language interpreter in JavaScript.


#code #arabic #bias

I kind of like Keybase, but seriously, something needs to be done about Electron. Requiring that for the client is terrible. If I just start it on my laptop, power consumption goes up significantly (by several watts). That's not acceptable.

Because of this, I only start Keybase on my laptop when I need it, and then explicitly kill it afterwards.

If should be completely unacceptable to deliver applications that are built on Electron with no proper alternatives.

I posted this before, but it deserves a reshare. Interesting notice I found in a carpark here.

So finally it has been confirmed that consent has to be explicitly provided to place cookies in a browser.


This is a nice article showing an example of how Common Lisp can be really fast, while still having the flexibility of an dynamic language with a REPL.


@loke @Wolf480pl I just installed it yesterday and was too absorbed in playing Code Vein, so I haven't really had time to start troubleshooting it though

Still getting used to the idea that Pretty Hate Machine came out before most of you were born. Fuck.

People are understandably upset about #Microsoft removing the option to not sign in into their cloud if you' happen to install #Windows while connected to the internet, but sadly and somewhat predictably, I see a lot of commenters making excuses for why they still cannot switch to #Linux, non working WiFI, audio - things not valid for a decade - instead people seem to be looking at #Apple.

#Apple that increasingly relies on services, lets contractors listen in on Siri conversations etc.

The European Lisp Symposium for 2020 has been announced: April 27th - 28th, Zürich, Switzerland

Hope to see you there! #lisp

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