Talk about nonsense article. Let's see if I get this straight: Companies like Uber has created the "gig economy" and the only way they could do that was by using a technology that they are actually not using. A technology which has not actually been used for anything at all.

Got it. Makes perfect sense apparently.

@tom79 if I click on a thread, and then scroll all the way up and reload, the initial message is reloaded and I'm back at the bottom of the thread.

Would it be possible to keep it on top in this case?

What is the worst syntax feature of any language you've used?

You could install Windows 95 using 15 floppy disks. People thought that was pretty ridiculous.

Meanwhile if you want to put the Slack installer on floppies, you'll need about 50-55 of them.

"f(x,y); - the perfect syntax", "(f x y) - too many parentheses"

Lately I had some fun with optimizing REGION-CONTAINS-POSITION-P predicate for polygons.

Results are not so bad if you ask me (3.5x speed improvement from algorithm change - see the picture, 4x-7x speedup when we check the bounding rectangle first.

On the picture: Benchmarking tool written in #McCLIM to benchmark the library itself. #lisp

So I think I can say it now. I have only tried a limited selection of games ( with zero overlap ), but I think I enjoy playing #PSVita more than I enjoy playing #3DS. ( #PSP was probably even more enjoyable, but I haven't played it in a few years. )

@loke I'd say it's worth the trouble of getting an emulator working, although it's not the greatest game ever. the GameCube versions are probably a bit better

Sadly the game doesn't run with Steam Play on Linux. According to the web site that tracks compatibility, it seems to start for a lot of people (with problem later) but for me it just exits immediately.

Pretty decent speed when downloading from Steam.

NIST's answer to the question "do you need a blockchain?"

tl;dr: usually no, use a database instead

This is ridiculous. The X1 Carbon as of a few years ago supported 32 GB RAM. Now you can't get it with more than 8. This machine has actually become worse.

I need to get a new laptop. Does anyone have a recommendation for a light and thin laptop that can accept 32 GB RAM and that has a high resolution screen?

Apparently the version I uploaded had problems on certain Linux distributions with old libraries. I've updated the appimage so that it contains the latest versions of those libs.

If anyone tries it, please let me know if you had any problems, since I have only tried it on my machine so far.

I have mentioned my project to implement a client for Maxima using CLIM. I have now created an appimage that should run on most Linux machines simply by making the file executable and run it. If anyone wants to test, it can be downloaded here:

Note that it's very buggy, and it's easy to get it to crash, but basic functionality works. Some example videos here:

Christmas decorations are up. To be fair, it's been up for a while now.

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