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Playing around with Wolfram Alpha has taught me that there are some really nice alternative interpretations of units.

The temperature outside is 2.647×10-5 kiloelectronvolts per Boltzmann constant.


On the flight to Paris, I watched a few episodes of Ultraman. It's cheesy, it's silly but, I might be a fan?

Not a very interesting view, but at least it is my first time out of the country since March 2020.

I have some travelling planned soon. It's the first trip outside the country (which, as you may know, is smaller than most cities so I really haven't been anywhere in about 2.5 years).

I'm actually feeling travel jitters. I thought I was over that, but I guess all it takes is a few years of isolation and leaving the comfortable feels really weird.

With one episode left in the new Star Trek series, I have to say that overall this thing has been very good. I wonder if Scotty is going to appear in the second season.

Do you ever look at your own code, that you have written using your very own fingers, and is just baffled that the damn thing works?

The kind of code that if someone asked you to do it again, you'd shake your head and say, no, that sounds like a horrible job.

Well, the main parser code for my programming language is such a thing. The discussion in a separate thread about code comments made me think of this code, and I'm not sure I could easily explain it to anyone even if I added comments.

If anyone wants to have a look, here it is.

Above anything else, the first thing I was into with Lisp was the lack of boilerplate. I could just get right into coding.

I tried to tell others about this but they weren’t into it, because unlike me, they actually like code. They like explicitness, they like verbosity, they like type annotations, they like churning out SLOC like there’s no tomorrow.

They love boilerplate so much so that they’ve now made an AI to write it for them.

Wow. Since the most recent crash the bitcoin price has been extremely stable at 20k. More stable than I think it's been in a long time.

There is no way that's natural. The value is kept artificially high, probably using wash trades. I've seen previous analyses of this looking into what's going on, although this was a few years ago. I'd like to see a more recent analysis.

The word #Unicode meant something different in 1957.

It seems that UNICODE was a high-level language roughly contemporaneous with FORTRAN. The syntax is a bit more like the later COBOL.

You may call me stupid, but I didn't realise until just now that the term subscripting of arrays comes from the mathematical convention of the writing indexes in subscript after the the variable.

I was casually reading some documentation on how to compile Fortran programs on an 1130, as one does, where they mentioned array subscripting and I suddenly realised it. How could I have missed this all this time?

Weird. Thus article claims that EV costs are 82% higher than petrol cars in Singapore.

I wonder how they arrived at that number. The cars themselves are more expensive, but everything else is cheaper. Fuel costs are about 1/5 of petrol (and that's based on what I calculated prior to the recent increases in petrol cost), and service costs are also lower.

What the actual fuck. I've heard that Swedish healthcare has deteriorated, but this is fucking ridiculous.

If you don't speak Swedish, Google translate does a decent job with it, but it fails to translate the most important word in the entire article: "Grytlock" meaning the lid of a cooking pot.

how to get favs on fedi

- post cat pictures
- complain about microsoft stuff

I have learned a lot about elliptic curves today. Now I think I can explain at least some of the basics of the maths. At least to the extent that it's used in cryptography.

What's going on? Why is bitcoin price still hovering just above 20k? It's obviously caused by market manipulation, but I would have hoped these people were running out of resources soon.

Come on, can we please see it drop to a price that is closer to its actual value (0).

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