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Playing around with Wolfram Alpha has taught me that there are some really nice alternative interpretations of units.

The temperature outside is 2.647×10-5 kiloelectronvolts per Boltzmann constant.


feeling burned out enough to say "my job is to attempt to mitigate the consequences of decisions that I previously recommended against"

Microsoft Word is a great example of a program that makes it easy to do the wrong thing, while almost hiding the correct action.

And then every single word processor and similar tool has copied that behaviour.

Remember Word Perfect? Yeah, I looked at it recently and it seems to actually do this correctly.

Dessa två meningar är inte riktigt kompatibla tycker jag:

Under åren har det varit många protester och krav har ställts på Tanums kommun om att ta bort skrotbåtarna. Men inget hände förrän det tillkom ytterligare båtar för några år sedan.


Det var då jag fotograferade båtvraken och kontaktade media och sedan blev det fart på Tanums kommun. Och jag tycker kommunen har skött det här väldigt snabbt och bra, säger han.

It's European Day of Languages!

We have a wealth of languages in the EU, and today we celebrate them all. 🇪🇺

Here are some historical, some quirky and some fun takes on EU languages from our 👇


Message to banks: If you use the word "wealth" in your marketing, I am very unlikely to want to be your customer.

I'm pretty middle-class, but apparently not the target for their marketing.

For people in the US, it's now possible to get Singapore style food there without travelling to Singapore.

The guy who runs it is pretty famous here, and I assume it's going to be authentic. Pricy, but probably not out of the ordinary by US standards.

And now I notice that enabling virtio-scsi causes data corruption in the VM. Great.

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So I was having) seeing terrible IO performance in my VM's running in Virtualbox on FreeBSD. Turns out the solution was simple, just change the device type of the network card and disk to iovirt instead of emulated hardware.

All of a sudden all performance problems went away.

What's this Furrycane people are talking about these days?

I need to replace my router. I'm currently using an Ubiquity Edgerouter Pro, but it has some limitations that I cannot fix without new hardware.

I have a pretty complicated configuration where I have multiple networks (VLAN's for the DMZ as well as a VPN provider to get exit points in different countries), native IPv6, and a detailed firewall configuration. I've also set up DoH on the router side (running arbitrary Linux code on the router is really useful).

I've also nicely set everything up with the router and other hardware wall-mounted next to the fibre endpoint.

I'm really not looking forward to reconfiguring all of this. I don't even know what hardware/software I could use.

Something is clearly wrong with my network setup (I've configured a separate DMZ on my home network where this is running):

$ git clone
Cloning into 'array'...
remote: Enumerating objects: 12372, done.
remote: Counting objects: 100% (12372/12372), done.
remote: Compressing objects: 100% (3236/3236), done.
Receiving objects: 12% (1562/12372), 15.01 MiB | 15.00 KiB/s

MS Teams only works fully with Chrome. It doesn't even work correctly with Chromium. Thanks Microsoft.

You know that you're old when you see a picture of someone and you ask yourself "wait a minute, I know that person", and then you realise you haven't spoken to that person in over 2 decades and the person in the photo wasn't even born then.

I just want got an external drive enclosure that I will use to keep my media on. It will eventually be connected to a Freebsd machine that I haven't purchased yet.

In the meantime, I'll connect it to my Linux workstation to copy everything on to the drives. Has anyone set up ZFS on Linux and later mounted the same drives on Freebsd? Are there any potential issues I should look out for?

Are you a parent of a (in your own opinion) gifted child? Then this video is for you:

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