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@kingu_platypus_gidora As I mentioned before, these kinds of comments were made every time a new music style showed up:

Even back in the 1920's the older generation was shocked at what the younger generation was listening to. This repeated again and again, with Rock, then Metal, etc.

However, in the 90's it is my belief that we reached peak noise. Once you have things like Merzbow, where do you go from there?

I'm certainly not a huge fan of some of the music my kids are listening to, but I'd never say "that's not music, it's just noise" just the generations before mine did.

The Electron framework is such a waste. One web browser per opened Electron program? It makes me angry.

The desktop version of Signal eats up hundreds of megabytes and a lot of CPU power to basically show text messages.

Back in the office for the first time in quite some time. It actually feels pretty nice.

What is the best way to have secure unattended file sharing?

I have a fileserver on my network that holds a number of video files. I also have a mediaserver (running Emby) which mounts the fileserver using NFS.

Now, I treat my home network as being insecure, and therefore I want to make sure all traffic is authenticated and encrypted. For this purpose, I'm using NFS with Kerberos authentication.

I've created a boot script on the mediaserver that runs kinit -k -t file.keytab username@DOMAIN, and then a cronjob that re-runs this every hour. This ensures that it is able to access the fileserver using krb5p security.

Is there a better way to get secure filesharing like this? Perhaps using Samba instead? I'd like to avoid having a script reauthenticate on a regular basis. It feels quite fragile to me.

I just set of a Matrix server on my domain. It was fun, but what should I do with it?

Death Metal band and song names are sometimes feeling like they are part of an inside joke. I mean, right now I'm listening to "Abyss of the wicked" by Decomposition of Entrails.

Best bands for listening while working:

  • Embrace Your Punishment.
  • Dying Fetus.
  • Napalm Death.
  • Merzbow.
  • Bolt Thrower.

re: Programming 


One tiny aspect I want to rant about is the marketing phrase "cross platform"

It only works on 64bit systems that can run Chrome.

You know what did portable development better? JVM.

I wanted people to stop making crappy Java apps, but now that we have electron... Please, please use java again, I promise I won't complain anymore!

I haven't had this in a while. Up until recently restaurants were closed for dine in and only had takeaway. This stuff doesn't taste very good unless you eat it right away.

this song is seven minutes of dudes goin complete ham on their instruments it's a joy to listen to

Is anyone available for some remote part-time work (sysadmin)

A relative of mine is running a small company and needs someone to help them do some work managing a few cloud instances (setting up VM's, installing software), as well as managing their Office 365 service.

The amount of work is a few hours per week, but they want the person to be able to answer quickly (within a few hours) within work hours (Singapore time, UTC+8).

If anyone is interested, please let me know and I'll forward the contact information.

I implemented parallelism by default in KAP. Now an operation that used to take less than one second now takes about 20 seconds. But at least it's using 16 cores instead of one.

Wow. It's funded. It looked bad for a while there but for some reason things came together in the end. Was it mentioned somewhere so it got some more visibility? @viTekiM

I've managed to get my new tab page neat and clean, but like you I get that garbage sometimes. It doesn't happen all the time though which quite honestly makes it worse.

I just got an email saying Bountysource has reverted back to the old terms of use. Sounds like a reasonable thing to do, since the new ones were absolutely ridiculous and basically amounted to stealing the money from the projects.

Is there some article or something I can read that explains what happened? Those new terms of service was so bad that there must have been a lot if complaints.

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