Just installed a new computer. I only ever got about half this download speed in Steam with my old one. That suggests that the weakest link used to be my computer and not my Internet connection.

Not only are they reinventing something that has been available since, well, the beginning of computing. They're trying to sell it as an improvement, when what they're really doing is asking users to hand over not only their browsing history, but every single interaction to a company.

Yeah, even if I was interested in working for a startup, this is not sometimes I'd ever want to support. Neither as an employee, nor do I want to be a customer of this company.

I saw this “YC S19 is hiring” post. I'm not really interested in working for a startup, but I was curious as to what they mean when they say they want to make Chrome faster.

Looking at the ad, it turns out that they want to make it use “10 times less memory” by streaming it.

Wait what? I know “streaming” is all the rage these days, but really? This is what Citrix has been doing for decades. It's not making Chrome faster, nor is it making it use less memory. Just moving it to a remote machine.

A map from the 1600s on South-East Asia that contains one of the first references to a local term for westerners: 'Ang Moh'.

"[T]he Selden Map [...] was rediscovered in 2008 by a scholar after it had been forgotten and buried in the archives for centuries. It is the only Ming Dynasty map of this size and scale that covers South-east Asia."

#Singapore #History #SouthEastAsia #Maps


Watching a review on Star Wars Fallen Order. I've just watched the first part so far, but so far he's exactly summarising my experience with it.

I haven't enjoyed Star Wars since the original movies, and everything since then has been bad. This game is the first time I've actually enjoyed Star Wars since then, and I can thoroughly recommend this game. Do give it a try even if you've been disappointed with the modern Star Wars movies and games.


I think the three R's (Reduce, Reuse, Recycle) are missing a critical fourth R. (Reduce, Reuse, Repair, Recycle)

@NinahMarie guilty...I’ve been idle myself and I find only bots lately.

Following so I can boost my verse folks

Almost everyone I’m following here has been idle for ages too. Who to follow?

The constant desire for the GNOME developers to remove useful features never cease to amaze me.

In the latest version, you can no longer set a solid colour as background. You can only choose images.

Seriously? You can even see it in the screenshot here, so it's not just me that's doing something wrong: help.gnome.org/misc/release-no

the designer could have avoided the problem by using colors.

Colors tend to override spacing.

How can I disable auto-correct in the Gmail editor?

This feature is the worst ever, and may very well be what pushes me over the edge and start paying the outrageous amounts of money Protonmail wants.

@loke Looks like a Clouded Monitor (Varanus nebulosus), looking for food in the undergrowth.

The #NatGeo #documentary "City of Innovation: #Singapore" is up on #YouTube, spotlighting some of the country's modern innovators and technologies


i'm anti-vax because it's unholy to have machine code instructions that are 56 bytes long

@loke @kragen @bugaevc @yojimbo I'm going to sketch the basics out and slap it on my gitlab.com account. Maybe something interesting will come out of it.

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