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Playing around with Wolfram Alpha has taught me that there are some really nice alternative interpretations of units.

The temperature outside is 2.647×10-5 kiloelectronvolts per Boltzmann constant.


When I look at how Rust code is written these days I'm kinda worried. The level of hoops involved to support abstraction is so involved it rivals Haskell.

This is most likely a sign of a close-knit and active community, unfortunately. New ideas spread so quickly that those in the know adapt new styles immediately.

This isn't great for newbies.

There's an initiative towards "simple Haskell", advocating getting things done instead of abstraction wizardry. I hope Rust does the same.

The Big Screen by Overlanders (Atari ST, 1991)

The kind of effect you should not be able to achieve on this hardware. The fullscreen (no border) and syncscroll (moving the screen around without moving data in RAM) is achieved by sync code that races the beam and forces the video hardware to bug multiple times per scanline. The sound replay and color changes ("rasters") are also handled by the sync code.


Language design dilemma

APL tends to be quite terse, and that's a good thing. However, there are some forms that are annoying to express.

One such expression is the equivalent to Lisp (if X A B). In APL, you can do (A B)[X], i.e. construct an array of A and B and select the element based on X. This works because booleans are integers in APL. The problem with this form is that both A and B are evaluated.

In KAP, I have added the form if(X) { A } else { Y } which does the right thing. It's added as a syntax extension, which means that it's not technically part of the language itself.

The problem with that form is that it doesn't blend very well with the rest of the language when included in a single expression, here's an example from the day 4 solution to Advent of Code:

×/ ({fn ← validators[↑⍵[0]] ◊ if(fn≡⍬) { 1 } else { ⍞fn ↑⍵[1] } }⍤1) element

The way it's written disrupts the rest of the code and makes it seem a lot more complex than it really is.

Dyalog has a form X:A⋄B. However, if X is true, it will immediately return A from the function. It makes it more similar to if(X) return B; in C.

I'd like to find a nice syntax for conditional expressions that fits well with the nature of APL as a language. In the cases where it works well, the Dyalog style looks nice, but it's not general. I also cannot adopt the Dyalog syntax directly because I'm using the colon as a namespace separator.

@swansinflight heh you're the opposite of me then, dark themes in general are totally unusable for me.

The main reason I started my own instance in the first place was to patch in a proper light theme to Mastodon and make it the fucking default.

Look, one can actually write longer programs in KAP:

Of course, one could compress this down to just a handful of lines, but then it would be much less readable.

so the duel logs video about cards that have had the most errata

has both of the words "erratas" and "erratums" in it

oh my goddd

the fact that my fedi app doesn't display links properly makes for pretty good shitpost material

Is there a game similar to Sim City or Cities Skylines for Android? I'm looking for something which is not freemium. In other words, no pay to win.

I'm willing to pay money to get such a game, but it seems every single one (and there is a lot) resort to free to play because it makes them a lot if money when people want to play buy more land or whatever it is that they manage to get people to pay for.

I'm hoping there is a paid game that is hiding somewhere that isn't absolutely filled with free to play stuff.

@loke @ekaitz_zarraga Have you encountered the game Veloren? Looks quite professional, but the first sentence on its website is "Veloren is a multiplayer voxel RPG written in Rust." It seems absurd to advertise a game like that, but rustaceans seem to think everyone cares about the language more than the actual features.

How to X in Rust.
How to implement Y in Rust.

Come on! stop this!

crypto is short for "cryptography"

if you want a shorter word for "cryptocurrency", the word you are looking for is "ponzi"

Singapore has new COVID rules regarding restaurants starting today, the precise rules are in a comment in this thread. I just found the post quite funny.

I've been writing some solutions to Advent Of Code in KAP in order to demonstrate how their language works. It's also useful for me to actually solve some real problems with it. When designing a language it's easy to get stuck in theory rather than paying attention to how it can actually be used.

Here's the code:

I'll be happy to answer any questions you may have.

@freedcreative @redstarfish the point for me is that, like it happens with qubes os, if I control the OS I can control the app.

By instance , in Qubes I can start audacity without giving it network access: whatever they hope to do collecting informations, I don't care, no information will ever leave my computer.

If you have a proprietary OS , it can send back informations about you, regardless if the application is FOSS or not: .dll and libraries will always be malicious.


Wow. No new cases of COVID today in Singapore. This is the first time that happened since the delta spike started about 2 months ago.

Singapore has done a good job containing COVID. However, it's not all good news. I believe the strict measures taken to make sure that happens have caused a lot of mental health issues. I certainly can feel that myself, and see it in others. And there was some new statistics shown that the number of suicides have gone up by a huge amount. In fact, the number of suicides exceed the number of COVID deaths.

That said, I'm glad that I'm not in charge of the COVID response. Looking back, I think that pretty much every decision I would have taken would have been a bad one, resulting in more suffering than we see now.

Looking for an artist to design a logo

For some time I have been working on programming language, KAP, which is a derivative of APL. The implementation is open source, as all languages should be.

The project itself does not have a logo, and all programming languages should have a logo.

Now, I have exactly zero artistic skills, and I know there are artists here that could help me out.

I will of course pay for the effort, since I do not expect anyone to create a logo for a project they do not use for free. If you have an idea, then let me know about it and how much you want for the effort and I'm sure we can come to an agreement.

Just look at the project page and you'll see just how empty it seems without a logo:

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