I saw this “YC S19 is hiring” post. I'm not really interested in working for a startup, but I was curious as to what they mean when they say they want to make Chrome faster.

Looking at the ad, it turns out that they want to make it use “10 times less memory” by streaming it.

Wait what? I know “streaming” is all the rage these days, but really? This is what Citrix has been doing for decades. It's not making Chrome faster, nor is it making it use less memory. Just moving it to a remote machine.

Not only are they reinventing something that has been available since, well, the beginning of computing. They're trying to sell it as an improvement, when what they're really doing is asking users to hand over not only their browsing history, but every single interaction to a company.

Yeah, even if I was interested in working for a startup, this is not sometimes I'd ever want to support. Neither as an employee, nor do I want to be a customer of this company.

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What’s terrifying is that this is both completely ridiculous and actually kind of makes sense.

Not only is chrome a bloated monstrosity but it’s also a a festering pit of security vulnerabilities, so it’d make a lot of sense to run it in a separate computer that can’t access your data.

(Of course, a cheap nettop on your desk is probably a better way to do this.)

@loke but is not that even HDD swap is faster than an average internet speed anyway?
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