For example, Steve Klabnik thread (on Birdsite) about Amazon involvement in Rust appeared in HN:

One commenter asked why everybody was nervous with Mozilla being the single supporter of the language, and someone else mentioned "drop project, stop funding, etc".

That's not the only issue with a single supporter company.


Those are not even the greatest problem with a single supporter.

Let's take the early days of go: Community asking for a proper dependency management and nothing coming from the authors. Why? 'Cause Google uses a monorepo with everything they need, including external repos. Why would you need dependency management when everything you need is right there.

The community started to get ballistic till G lang management decided to finally listen to the community and worked on a solution.

So far things are going dandy with management and community, but what if G needs something that's not something the community wants?

Sure, that could happen with more than one supporter too, but it is damn hard to steer things in a direction when you have resistance. So you have to play nice and not screw things for others to move forward.

Also, there was a comment

OpenSource politics is sometimes the worst.

Dude have never seen what corporate politics are like, apparently.

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