I'm really bored. Let's go—laptop stickers thread! Boost for reach. :^)

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GNU Recutils, Tips on Git, Simple COBOL Code, Paying for Open Source, Contributing to Open Source, Dealing With Boring Stuff, Accessibility, 12 Not So Great Steps For Great Code, Culture Tests, Microsoft Marketing.

Sweet, now this

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Earth's magnetic field is weakening over South America, creating a hazard zone for low-orbiting satellites. It's a sign of little-understood changes happening in our planet's core. esa.int/Applications/Observing

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Interesting fact: The word scientist did not exist before 1833. Before this, scientists were referred to as natural philosophers.

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Owning Your Data, Latency in Async Python, eBay Port Scanning, Rust Macros, Rust Tests, Rust Project Organization, Going Remote, Shapes of Code, Public Domain vs Copyright, Libre vs Open.

Let's start this weird work week in which I don't have any projects to work on.

Nobody gives a shit if you know how to code, run servers and administrate systems.

What you do with those skills is what makes people pay attention.

The coding interview’s main function is not finding qualified people but to make getting a dev job so costly devs will avoid looking for another job

Things that should exist.

Triple A game, but actually innovative.

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