It seems that, by @hntooter results, Rust is really popular these days.

(I do understand that the person doing it so really needs/wants an answer, but spamming everywhere is not the answer.)

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Not because you shouldn't look for an answer, but what if I answer you on Telegram? Will you go back and post the answer on StackOverflow, so the it is not lost in time?

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I think it is really silly when people post a question on StackOverflow and then start spamming groups on Telegram/Twitter/Whatever asking "Can you help me with this?"

Really hard to get out of the covers this morning (it is freaking cold here).

... although I'm not that naive to not believe that some people still want that the validation is heavy and requires lots of computing just so small players can't get in.

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On the other hand, maybe with such famous person saying this, people will look for ways to reduce the work needed to validate bitcoin.

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It's quite funny to see the bitcoin people going from

"Fuck yeah, Elon!"


"Fuck you, Elon!"

In a matter of days.

(Oh, the loops and hops we do so we don't have to talk to people, asking which font they used in their code screenshot...)

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Is there a service where you upload a screenshot of some text and it tells you which fonts it is using?

I know it is Wednesday, but it is kinda sad that there will be no new episodes of Invincible this Friday.


All this time fighting Github Docker Registry and the Github Actions say to use the ECS Registry.


Now, the other side: Make an AWS account that can check updates on that package and update ECS accordingly.

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After 1 1/2 days, I finally managed to make a Github Action to create a Docker image and push it to Github Packages.

Building wheels for collected packages: numpy
Building wheel for numpy (PEP 517): started
Building wheel for numpy (PEP 517): still running...

Whoever put that "still running..." message there: You're the real MVP.

Ok, what the stupid thing I did with my Docker image that it is using 780Mb (when the initial versions was only 110Mb)?

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