Deja-Knuth: The feeling that you figured out that algorithm before.

Also, I have this weird idea about making things in different commits and show them in a "presentation-like" format, so people can keep up with our way of thinking about solving the problem, but I haven't found anything close to it.

I could write my own solution, but I'm out of the loop of JS for some time already, so it's another thing I'll have to do -- and remember that I still can't keep up my blog and the meetup blog... :/

Thing is, for a while, I did create a blog for our Meetup, in which I wanted to share the links we talked in the Meetup, show our solution for the Exercism problem and all that.

Unfortunately, I barely have time to keep my own blog, so I'm not sure how to maintain two different blogs.

(... which could point to something I need to change in my presentation, but that's a rambling for another time.)

It's the second time that showing how "to code" (so to speak) in Rust can make people interested in the language itself. I can speak a lot about safety and performance and show snippets of code, but seeing a problem being solved actually brings more interest to the language than anything else.

Two days ago I did my "Why You MUST Learn Rust" presentation again, but this time in our "Rust in POA" Meetup (Where "POA" is the acronym for "Porto Alegre"). Besides that, we solved another Exercism problem in the Rust track.

Interesting to note is that when I asked if the hosting company found it interesting, the answer was: "Yes, and <One Person> got really interested when we showed code".

Huginn is a system for building agents that perform automated tasks for you online.


Tried the GDPR data export from Spotify. By default, you get like 6 JSON files with almost nothing. After many emails and complaining and a month of waiting, I got a 250MB archive with basically EVERY INTERACTION I ever did with any Spotify client, all my searches. Everything.

(Brain is working weirdly fine; after all, I managed to remember that "inconspicuous" exists.)

Bad night of sleep and today we have a party for the end of the year in the company.

Thinking about skipping it, even if people will call me anti-social, even if I explain the shitty night.

Peer pressure surely is a bitch, but it can be more inconspicuous than we think.

To be clear, Twitter is looking to probably off-load the need to handle cenorship and general abuse management to individual people and regions versus having to handle it themselves. That’s one of the bigger things I’m reading from the CTO and Jack so far. (

Making the Fediverse more resistant to embrace, extend, extinguish 

Welcome to Sourcedome! Two PRs enter, one merge leaves!

For one, why the fuck would we trust Twitter with anything, especially after they changed their terms of service to rob people.

And the fact the corporate folks are pushing it so hard is a HUGE red flag.

Let's not get into the entitlement of them believing they are a hub of tech innovation without having earned one iota of that rep.


It just seems like a corporate cash grab, but with shittier tools.

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