I spent basically the whole morning writing a single, long comment explaining how I expected to write my code.

One hour before lunch, I finally started coding.

First run before lunch, the first, simplest test failed.

On lunch, I realized what I did wrong. Note: that was one thing I didn't write in my comments.

Back after lunch, 1 hour to fix the code and fixing the test.

Since them, I'm probably 4 hours thinking and writing test cases and the whole thing is actually working. Also, I got time to refactor some stuff to simplify the main body.

finally got chromium to build inside minecraft so I can play WebGL Doom, anyway I can't find a job


I had a bunch of "we are looking for a X!" on LinkedIn with animated GIFs that were really annoying.

So I unfollowed just one recruiter and now... no more GIFs.

Weird how one can get so much crap and not realize it is coming from a single person.

Do you think you are a cool person? (For your own definition of 'cool', obvs.)

I think it should be acceptable grammar to end a question with a period if you don't actually want anyone to answer it

Reddit became a cesspool of content, but HackerNews is really trying to take over it and become the king of cesspool.

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BLM Board Member Bombed the Senate in the 1980s
(submitted by blmterrorist)

HackerNews. HackerNews never changes.

What if, in February, besides killing my WhatsApp account, I kill my Google account?

Sounds like a plan!

What the shit?

Trello is not finding any boards.

CodeCommit (AWS) is not finding any repositories.

Quero um RPG gaudério.

Uma das classes tem a habilidade "debreia".

Um jogador pode ser afetado com um "debuff" chamado "Falta de laço".

A primeira missão é "cagar a pau" o "cusco" que está atacando as "querências" durante a noite.

I want an RSS aggregator.
I want to be able to specify my RSS feeds in a config file.
It should output one plain text file per article.
One new output file should indicate whether a given article has been read or not.
I'm pretty sure nothing like this exists already?

My plan is to sync the files across devices with syncthing and have a client-only renderer. Maybe just output an html index file; I dunno; that's for later.

"All Star" but the whole lyrics is "They don't stop coming".

"All Star" but every time they say "the" it gets faster.

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