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@juliobiason I believe that's on violation of the GDPR.

The GDPR email from TravisCI should be the standard for every GDPR email:

It starts with the usual "This is a GDPR email" and then, after the first paragraph, in bold letters:

Travis CI is GDPR Compliant

That's ALL people need to know. Learn, other sites.

"We updated our privacy policy. Now it says that we moved your data to USA, so we don't need to conform to GDPR. Everything else is still the same, we capture everything you do.

Click here to accept."

Why the companies updating their privacy policy to conform to GDPR don't tell *exactly* what they changed instead of "We changed our PP, click here."?


On Gitlab, cookies from "ads.linkedin.com" are "Strictly Necessary" and can't be disabled!

I just started reading the "Privacy Policy" of TimeCamp and HOLY SHIT!


"TimeCamp does not give, share or sell your private data and personal contact information to anyone." is one of the first things in this.

Related: I need another service to register the time I spent doing stuff (work stuff, home stuff, game stuff, writing stuff, etc). Any suggestions?

One good side effect of GDPR is that now I'm reading all the EULAs every site put in front of me.

For example, I just found out that I can't use Toggl because it's intended for business, not individuals.

Time to cancel my account.

Nvm that, I declared the function to return Some[String], not Option[String]...


Scala docs: "Instances of Option are either an instance of scala.Some or the object None."

[error] /vagrant/src/main/project/parser/MetricsParser.scala:226: type mismatch;
[error] found : None.type
[error] required: Some[String]
[error] None

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Amazon confirms that Echo device secretly shared user’s private audio t.co/NLd38qwsM6 by @samred
- arstechnica

I hope the others can "get" where I'm going for:

A "symbol" is a pointer to something a computer cares about, not humans. We had a discussion about "if this constant is a string, why not compare the string directly?" Well, because we care about the *symbol* (the constant) not its *value*.

The translation thing is that we should, internally, never *ever* generate messages, only in the view -- and the API should return codes so interface could provide their own translation.

Also, I'm being a complete dick when people don't think how error messages will be translated.

... a dick for a good reason, I hope.