I just would like to, one day, read replies on Twitter and see no

  • Racism-Target harassment
  • Name calling
  • Whataboutism

Holy macaroni, I installed a bunch of stupid shit on this laptop.

And I'm only seeing it now 'cause I'm upgrading the whole system.

Programming in 2020:

Can't wait to boot up my APPLE to open up my MICROSOFT text editor and GOOGLE for solutions to FACEBOOK's technical debt in my MICROSOFT repository so I can deploy to AMAZON and I'll pay GOOGLE and FACEBOOK for the privilege of getting site traffic to show my visitors ads.


Fedora 33 was released today, but kwin (part of KDE) is still listed as 5.19.

Is that right? Shouldn't it be 5.20?

That's the good thing about virtualenvs: If they get messed up, you just kill it and create a new one.

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$ python3.8
Python 3.9.0 (default, Oct 6 2020, 00:00:00)

Dammit Fedora!

That's why I'm going to write my own WebDAV server. With blackjack and hookers.

The service that calls this is set to run after each start:

(snippet from snap.nextcloud.nextcloud-fixer.service):

After=snap-nextcloud-24074.mount network.target snapd.apparmor.service
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Ok, let's see:

Snap install puts those files in /snap/nextcloud/current/fixes/existing-install.

There are 6 scripts there:

  • 1_upgrade.sh
  • 2_update-apps.sh
  • 3_add-missing-indices.sh
  • 4_add-missing-columns.sh
  • 5_regenerate-assets.sh
  • 99_notify_admins.sh
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(Specially since I think this is the thing that is freezing my NextCloud from time to time.)

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"fixes" is a list of "fixes" that should be run after the install.

One of them is "update".

Honestly, it makes no sense to keep running this in a cron-like fashion.

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Wait, why there is a systemd service called "nextcloud-fixer"? Why does this needs to be a service?

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