I really need to find a way to easily edit my /etc/hosts enabling/disabling domains to my local machine.

(Dev machine, system uses domain to figure out data, multi-tenant-style, yadda, yadda, yadda...)

What if Bansky is actually Daft Punk, and they just killed the band to have more time doing graffiti?

I mean, have you ever seen Bansky in a Daft Punk concert?

The more I use Mastodon the more I realize it really is an improved twitter.

✅ Spoiler Tags
✅ 500 chars for _true_ micro-blogging
✅ Federated (twitter is now talking about it lol, too late)
✅ Client sign-in process is stupid easy (using tootle on linux)

All in all I can say damn. This is a great network! #mastodon #federated #social

Highlight of the day: Getting out of the family Whatsapp group due an annoying aunt that keeps protecting our genocidal president after my sister -- whose relationship is not one of the best ones -- also left and seeing her message saying "See how this asshole unites people?"

And I laughed.

git push --all --force Push the content to the server with all possible force.

Textual versions of memes should follow the "Tamarian" format.

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There is this person asking for help on a Telegram group, using a Pepe The Frog avatar.

And I'm completely refusing to help this person, just due that.

I never seen a project that create that many conflicts in Git.

I'm probably doing something really stupid there.

I still want to listen "We Will Rock You" in the original Klingon.

President Jair Bolsonaro tells Brazilians to "stop whining" about Covid as deaths spike
bbc.in/3kYDAhX #news #worldnews

Get. Those. Tunes.
Support the artists!

Is it Bandcamp Friday? Yes it is!

Sometimes I wish my XPS didn't cost me a kidney and an eye, so I could look at a System76 Lemur Pro without feeling guilty.

Guess I'll have to bring back "daily links" and, if any one of them gets more than one paragraph, they will get their own "Commented Link".

Hey guys, just a little update: this still hasn't changed.

Somewhat, I managed to delete a playlist (automatic playlist, fortunately) on Rhythmbox.

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