• you don't have to be good at something, as long as it's fun
  • it's okay to be a beginner
  • there''s always something to learn
  • if you are not enjoying an activity, you can quit. I give you permission!

Apparently, working on Saturday (which was actually ok), and getting desperate about work stuff on Monday made my brain as smart as scrambled eggs.

If you're asking a question, maybe be prepared to accept the answer?

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Video poll:

I have two working states:

"Fucked up" and "Can breath".

Meetup: "The local AWS Meetup is meeting online."

Me: "Well, since we are using AWS more consistently, maybe I should join in."

AWS Meetup: "We are going to use Google Meet."

Me: "Ok, not going to this meeting."

Also, some joke about a pet rock that's actually an "opposition pet" and say "Fuck you", followed by some human name.

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PPS: I just hope that now that people jumped in to see if they could help cleaning the bullshit, they realize the amount of manure I had to deal in the first place.

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Me, early morning: "Not in the mood to continue refactoring my toy project, I guess I'll just write some blog posts."

Me, the whole day, non stop: trying to clean up a fuck up I did last month.

(Either it is just a feeling or my eyes are shaking in the same rhythm as the rest of my body.)

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I pretty much would like to write it in Rust, but I still haven't found an ORM that made me happy so far.

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I'm seriously thinking about creating our own bug/issue tracker, although it wouldn't be only a bug tracker, but also a CRM of sorts.

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