Related: It is a programming group, not some random "people in this place" kind of group.

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Random person, in a group with 5k+ people: "Good morning and God bless your work."

I'm really holding myself to not replying "God doesn't exist" 'cause I know the channel will explode.

If we combine our Twitter and Mastodon followers, less than 23% are here on Mastodon.

If you think free software tools should be favored, to build free software tools, you can act:

1. Unfollow everything you can on Twitter (you could also suspend your account for one year, to try).

2. Follow us here and follow as many mastodon accounts you can.

It could be a very strong signals to developers if they realize that they have more followers on Mastodon than on Twitter.

You know, I'm really enjoying writing this document. It contains every single thing I learnt/used in this job.

It's basically my work knowledge base.

And now I'm seriously considering starting one in the new job.

Which fediverse software do you use, boost for scale.

Have you ever been caught talking to yourself? #poll

The worst thing about vim is how not-vim everything else is

How favorable are you about blockchain, crypto, and decentralization?

That's a fucking loaded question, StackOverflow.

I'm all for decentralization, but I'm completely against the other two. You don't need crypto for decentralization!

One thing, though: I started it as a "here, new developer, things you may need to know before jumping into those projects", but the feedback was to add more things for people that will manage the systems (and that may not be developers), so I guess the content doesn't have a proper focus group, which annoys the hell out of me.

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Follow a few directions, added a few more information in my "Leaving the Company" document and now it sits on 27 pages.

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Me: "Well, I think Lobsters would be a less aggressive reddit."

Link on Lobsters, shared by bot: Makes wild jokes about crypto, including "crypto is eco friendly; it generates high quantities of CO2 and what do you think trees breath?"

Lobsters: "Link removed"

(I'd prefer a "Fast animations" options, though. They are not overboard or anything, but continuously fading in and out is annoying.)

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Not saying "bad animation! bad!", but it feels tiring waiting for the animation while checking the options in the settings.

Fortunately, you can disable animations altogether.

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First impression: GNOME 42 went a little bit overboard in the animation part...

RPM Fusion prevents upgrading to Fedora 36 :(

Welp, time to uninstall RPM Fusion (I can install it back again later).

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What's the width of your tab key?

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