Forecast: "It's going to rain the whole day!"

Me: "We'll, I'll drink some beers with friends late night, so it's ok not go with my motorbike and take an Uber."

Friends: "Not feeling well, can we change for next week?"

Weather: "You know, I'm not going to rain anymore."


In the end, the RPi 4B that I bought didn't had the 4Gb model anymore, so I'm getting an 8Gb model now.

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So I bought something through Amazon (ok, sue me).

The shop contacted me via WhatsApp.

They said "Hi Julio. How's going?"

W. T. F.

Oh, heck.

The guy that burned our Python group with PyLadies appeared in the Rust channel.

I was almost falling asleep on my chair, but then I ate an alfajor and took two sips of my coffee, and now I have a restless leg and I'm tapping my desk and keyboard non-stop.

Na boa? Tá na hora de tirar aquele passaporte italiano...


Once more the northeast region is saving Brazil from the obscurantism.


Onyx mais votado, Mourão de senador, Van Hetarden deputado federal...

Fechar a porra desse estado.

I propose banning all advertising as an energy saving measure

gtk-rs question 

Is there a way to create a MenuModel in code that doesn't totally suck? I'm looking at the MenuModelExt API and it doesn't look like I'm supposed to use it directly...?
But I'm also not using a UI designer so.... ?


[ #gtk4 #gtk_rs #rust ]

Além da "colinha" com os números de quem votar, tenho que fazer uma "colinha" com os números que eu quero que não ganhem e desapareçam da política por um tempo.

Ah é, lei seca no domingo.

Lembrar de passar no super no meio da semana pra encher a geladeira.

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