Normal people: "Am I the only one with [Some specific thing]?"

Devs: "I'm guessing someone already did a [some specific thing], can someone tell which library it is?"

Quer ajudar a

Estou tentando atualizar o Django da página de associados para a versão 2.2 — testes passando ✅

Mas preciso de gente testanto coisas manualmente. Se você quiser ajudar, pode ir colocando bugs aqui que vou acompanhando 💜

I was reading some old favourites from here and realized that there is a perfect place for MS Copilot:

Creating the damn "challenges" on job interviews.

Me: "Well, that's the third song in a row that I really enjoyed. Guess I'll have to buy the full discography, then."

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Seems I'm on a hot streak with Bandcamp.

Today's album, "The Digital Life of Xanye Quest" by Robots With Rayguns is also pretty damn good.

I still don't get the blue ord meme going around, but I'm pretty sure it will appear soon enough as "jorb (jeans orb)".

I should keep an score on "questions I answered by pointing to the official documentation".

You may remember that I was complaining about a guy asking help for some weird questions on the Python Telegram group, which had a pepe-le-frog-holding-a-rifle avatar.

He contacted me in private, and his avatar changed to pepe-le-frog-holding-a-shotgun-pointing-at-the-viewer.

Obviously, I still won't help him.

Me: "From the time I get in the office till 10am, I'm going to do experiments to improve our current stack."

Also me: Starts getting in the office 9:50am.

What I'm really curious is if it does proper Wayland scaling -- something VSCode does not and always look terrible in my external monitor.

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I really want to test JetBrains Fleet, even knowing that, sooner or later, I'll surely return to Vim.

Also, I found an issue with my graphs, which the code read correctly.

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Two days studying this damn protocol and in 1 hour of implementation ('cause I got tired of making ASCII graphs about each byte) and everything is reading just fine.

Someone suggested using Selenium to do page refreshes. :meowfacepalm:

("We write the rules" sounds more like it, but I had a brain fart.)

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Nothing screams "We do the rules" than hiring a product manager for an open source project.

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