Came to work earlier today so I could do a few extra hours to compensate for the fewer hours I did previous days but heck, I'm freaking tired and unfocused already.

I'm getting a certain "Jean-Michel Jarre" feeling out of this Galaxy Hunter.

Also, remember to run tests before pushing changes to the repository, to avoid letting the CI show everyone that you didn't run the tests.

Remember kids: Always protect your main git branches, like "master" and "develop".

("Ionic is native 'cause the documentation says so" is the most idiotic argument ever.)

*sigh* Not getting into discussion with people who wnat to believe their programming language/framework is perfect.

"Centenário de Nelson Gonçalves é celebrado em musical no Rio"

Um cara machista, que colocava todas as mulheres como putas e/ou manipuladoras não deveria NUNCA ser celebrado, de qualquer forma.

You know, now I'm interested in this new Hellboy movie.

Why is nobody saying anything about Peter Parker appearing as Spider-Noir in the Spiderman 2 trailer?

Had to cancel the Rust in POA MeetUp 'cause I couldn't find a place and only one person saying he was going.

Oh, also, got to make some changes in the blog theme and a new widget and now it looks like converting those GitBooks to Zola will be really cool.

(I should blog how I did it, don't I?)

Got my Hacktoberfest tshirt.

Got stickers.

Got my brand new credit card, which the company is trying to deliver since mid-December.

I'd count this as a good day.

The biggest problem I had with the latest Spiderman trailer is the final song: Now I have the classic theme song stuck in my head.

So I did a "Forget this site" on Firefox "Most Visited" bookmark and it removed all cookies of that site and logged me out.

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