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Julio Biason @juliobiason@functional.cafe

update: I went to the kitchen, there was a pot full of coffee and I took a big cup, just out of spite.

Hey, wanna guess who thought "I shouldn't, but I'll get a cup of coffee" and, after going to the kitchen, found the coffee pot empty AGAIN?

My reaction when my CEO brought some news today about my project:


Oh, hey, guess who misspelled "Parquet" a lot of times a few days ago?

This will bug me for a long while ('cause I over analyze why someone would call me something like that), but I'm not going to answer.

So, apparently, I'm a "mini-Hitler", according to some random in another telegram group...

(Now, if I just could remember the name of the website I used to generate the first one...)

I really need to replace that banner image. Scala is not my beach anymore (as we say around these lands).

The whole discussion started due Guido resignation of BDFL -- a position that he held, as pointed by some, in a very good manner, contrary to most BDFLs around here -- and Linus is the most prominent example of a BDFL which is almost the exactly opposite of Guido leadership.

(And that happened in our Python telegram group and I had to call out for being off-topic.)

"But Linux has several layers and lots of hierarchy..."

It doesn't mean the hierarchy itself doesn't have their blind spots -- specially when people that could be the ones covering the blind spots are scared to join because the top level talks aggressively to the "lower levels". The ones going up the hierarchy could also have the same blind spots -- and that's why they are going up, not because they are actually good at spotting the blind spots.

Thing is: Even if Linus is a developer for longer than I can walk standing, it doesn't mean he doesn't have his "bling spots" (I do have mine, even when I don't know about them).

If, by his actions or words, he scares people who would like to help, he becomes "dumber" 'cause there will be no one in his blind spots.

Me: "When a BDFL is aggressive like Linus, you end up scaring junior devs 'cause they see "hey, you have been here for this long and still write shit" and they think "this is not for me".

They: "That's why you have different levels and such"

Dude, that's NOT what I'm talking about.

I'm not running jshell in a fucking ARM, macOS.

$ file /usr/bin/jshell
/usr/bin/jshell: Mach-O universal binary with 2 architectures:
/usr/bin/jshell (for architecture x86_64): Mach-O 64-bit executable x86_64
/usr/bin/jshell (for architecture i386): Mach-O executable i386
$ jshell
Unable to locate an executable at "/System/Library/Frameworks/JavaVM.framework/Versions/Current/bin/jshell" (-1)

On another note, reminded by the PSF:

Python, the language, *IS* awesome. A long time I read it was weird how it could be a language with so few characters and still be so expressive.

I still haven't found a language in which you can understand how any code works[1] as Python.

All that is the result of Guido guiding the language. And that shows how the guy is awesome.

[1] Well, mostly.

(Also, because... FUCK, Brett did a presentation THIS YEAR about being burned out by the community -- EXACTLY one of the points Guido mentioned in his mail.)

(I read replies from people I know: Tim Petters, Raymond Hettinger and, obviously, Brett Cannon -- which I mistype his name previously. Brett was the most outspoken of the three, so that's why I mentioned his name).