I'm really really _really_ tired of getting into discussions with assholes.

(I'm also tired for other reasons, but I don't see the point of showing what's wrong in being an asshole to them, so I won't waste energy with them.)

Once I was called a "mini Hitler" because I told a group of people to stop talking down another group inside the current group.

Yesterday, the same person said "SJW are ruining everything" when he read about Python dropping "slave" and "master".

You know, in that light, it sounds really good to be a mini Hitler, 'cause, at least, I'm still better than THAT guy.

so now Cloudflare:
- hosts website's DNS
- reverse-proxies websites
- runs a DNS over HTTPS resolver
- runs an IPFS gateway

Is it just me, or are they positioning themselves to be able to MITM everything?

One day I'll nerd up enough to install and use zsh and i3, setting them up properly.

I freaking hate when some producer puts a "watermark" in a song on Spotify.

I'm looking at your "Group Therapy".

Geebuz fuck, all the trouble because Vagrant once added a NFS share on /etc/export and that path doesn't exist anymore.

You could be a bit more explanative, systemd.

Oh, and the links I shared last week about it? Yeah, they are saying "no changes" or "already enabled" and still no worky.

NFS shared folders was working fine last week; I let the machine shutdown due battery in the weekend and now I can't mount NFS shares anymore.

This is bulls.

Vagrant is being such a bitch these days (probably due some misconfiguration on my side, but still) that I'm seriously considering going full docker.

I know it's Monday and all, but I'm really pooped out -- and it's still 1pm.

In this episode of "Stream Processing is Driving Me Crazy":

All nodes decided to save every single checkpoint, filling all the disks. Our hero now tries to recover the cluster, cleaning up space, while Hadoop refuses to let him remove old files because it is in safe mode due lack of space.

"Inside Out" is complete different movie when you're drunk.

In what sense I'm talking about karma?

Let me just say I don't feel the need to buy wine for the whole weekend anymore.

(Not his exact words, but pretty close in sentiment.)

Guido's words of "This is settle. Want to complain, complain on Twitter" is one of the reasons I'd miss him being BDFL.

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