Oh wow! β€œHeroes” is available on Amazon Prime!

Time to get pissed with the end of season 1 onwards again!

(Why concatenate in f-strings? 1. The logging Formatter seems to use the f-string format [but, again, it doesn't]; 2. I want to align both values, not each one individually.)

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I'm really trying to do something stupid in Python (concatenate strings inside an f-string) that actually words in normal Python, but not in the logging module.

And that makes me a sad panda.

If you want to look at something that's not coding for Hacktoberfest, I can suggest:

  • If you found a good Rust library/application that's not in "Awesome Rust", add it there: to github.com/rust-unofficial/awe;
  • If you learnt something new in Rust and it is not in Rust by Example, write a bit about it (there is some coding, but it is small and on topic, and the text can be really short): github.com/rust-lang/rust-by-e
  • If you just want to read some Rust code, you can translate "Rust by Example" to your native language.


Remember that if you open PRs starting tomorrow, it will count for the event.

Sucks to use a language with no issues, but oh well... πŸ˜¬β€‹

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Hold on, there really isn't any Rust projects with issues marked for Hacktoberfest?

I don't believe it.

Well, I may have ranted last night, but the fact is, after fighting all those updates, it seems No Man's Sky is running with better FPS now.

I wonder how long I'll still take this kind of bullshit and get a gaming console and forget about PC gaming.

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Tries to play No Man's Sky.
New update.
Install update, get nagging screen about Drivers.
Ignore warning.
Launch game.
Black screen.
Try to update NVidia drivers.
Update reaches 50% and goes to 0 kbps.
Get angry.
Closes NVidia Experience.
Opens again.
Download is stuck.
Get more angry.
Restart computer.

and OBVIOUSLY there was a Windows update screwing my bandwidth.

How do I stop my brain from going from "how to fix this" to "this is how I'm going to refactor this"?

Maybe we need to force people to read (and understand) the Zen of Python before coding in Python.

Every time I see someone joining our Python group on Telegram, I worry that they will ask us to solve their uni problem...

Sent: 08/aug.

Reached Brazil post office: 25/aug

Passed customs: 31/aug

Sent to city distribution center: 02/sep

Sent to local distribution center: 03/sep

Not reached distribution center: 28/sep

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