So let me get this straight:

Github scanned a bunch of open source projects.

They trained an AI with it.

They basically ignored the licenses and tried to shove a "because we are basically copying GPL code, it doesn't mean the result is GPL".

And now they are charging for it?

Guess it really it is time to call it "Microsoft Github", then?

The thread on birdsite is hilarious/sad:

There are a good number of people asking if it will be free for educators.

Why the fuck someone teaching a language would need something to automatically create code in that language?!?

More hilarious/sad comments:

"Will it be free for students?"

My child, you're learning to code and you want free access to something that writes code for you? What's the point of learning to code, then? Just how to write the perfect comment for the someone/something complete the code for you?

Ok, serious question now:

MS Github scanned whole repositories to train Copilot. Trying to move your code to another service (say, Gitlab) won't delete what it already learnt from your open source project.

But will MS Github still scan new repositories? Or will it find it "done" and now just learn from active, paying users?

@juliobiason i am sure if it is free to anyone it'll come with shackles you have to put on to use it.

@juliobiason My suspicion is that it will be ongoing scanning.

Still wondering about the GPL though. I'd love a SFLC discovery phase to determine how MS is using the code and if the whole codebase could be considered GPL-tainted by incorporating GPL code. That would be utterly fascinating in a world where I had money to throw at this legal exercise.

@craigmaloney @juliobiason If they continue training perhaps people could try to poison the model using appropriately crafted git repositories?

@craigmaloney @juliobiason The FSF did a call out for reports on the matter. I don't know the progress on it.

@juliobiason Just waiting for the first case to go to court when Copilot replicates someone's code line for line

Hoping for an anti-MS asskicking, fearing a boomer judge making a bullshit decision

MS will try to figure out a way to get the case heard in the district of East Texas, which is the least technically knowledgeable federal court in the US

@amberage I hope it gets heard by the Northern District of California. The federal judge there had programmed in BASIC and applied those principles to the Android vs Java API case

@trebach @juliobiason in an ideal world, cases would HAVE to be heard by judges with knowledge on the matter... *sigh*

@juliobiason why would they only scan repos hosted on their own service? Google or Bing wouldn't get very far with that strategy, would they.

@batalanto @juliobiason oh wow, so as not to bury the lede there: is a CIA front (IQT is the CIA's investment arm)

@tfb @juliobiason I vaguely recall IQT funding the Tor project, and that those funds were threatened for some reason. I’d not heard a link to Gitlab though.

@batalanto @juliobiason It's referenced in that link of yours, and a superficial search finds Gitlab happily describing collaboration with IQT in their own press releases

@batalanto @juliobiason

plus often even if you have your code elsewhere, someone will fork it to GitHub.

@batalanto @juliobiason

So... of these two git Masters, we can either serve the one who is preditory, founded on fraud and ignores Supreme Court indictments, or the one that assassinates foreign leaders, fixes 3rd World elections, publishes maps and stats, and hands out free LSD?

Hmmm... :thaenkin:

@teledyn @juliobiason Boycott both. There are many alternatives mentioned one level up in that repo.

> Why the fuck someone teaching a language would need something to automatically create code in that language?!?

No doubt these are the kinda of people who love the .NET Framework

Ironically also maintained by #Microsoft lol

@juliobiason you could write your own code unassisted and then have this look at the code you've written independently and then have this tool provide alternative solutions, or hint at resources that might help you in the future. Kinda like a teacher. A teacher is also capable to do your homework for you, but that wouldn't really help you learning.

@juliobiason You should have been calling it MS Github the instant MS bought Github.

@juliobiason This is why Microsoft love open source. They can grift on it.

The value which their getting from selling access to Autopilot is value which they didn't create, coming mostly from unpaid volunteer developers.

The loophole is that copyright only covers exact copies. In general, it doesn't cover remixes.

@bob Which generally, I'd consider a valuable loophole!

But still... Whole issue with punching down vs up... Charging money for work that other people did? I love capitalism /s

@juliobiason There is a reason why I'm more and more uncomfortable with Github, I wouldn't be surprised that their Terms of Service basically allows them to ignore the GPL:

This is also why anti-capitalist licences posted on github is pure bullshit.
@juliobiason That said: "This license does not grant GitHub the right to sell Your Content. "

So in the case of CoPilot, I think you could try suing them for commercial exploitation.
@lanodan @juliobiason lmao, sure thing you will win against M$, when even USA lost
@xue @juliobiason Well if not against MS then against the organisations that are using CoPilot.
@lanodan @juliobiason kinda ironic, but sounds like something that must have eventually happen

@juliobiason “Because we are copying proprietary code, it doesn’t mean the result is proprietary.”

Try doing that and see what happens..

@maddiefuzz @juliobiason reverse engineering should be legal, especially in the face of forced obsolescence.

@juliobiason copyleft is okay unless it's like AGPL since copilot is a service.
Neither is being commercial (FSF supports selling free software), unless they copied noncommercial code too.

Problems are possibility of GH using mentioned exceptions and I don't think it mentioned used projects.

@sadmin @juliobiason What’s mindblowing is not what MS is doing. It’s how many the #FOSS projects still today continue to willfully empower #Microsoft by hosting their projects on #Github, and forcing all users into MS’s walled garden just to file a bug report. The people theoretically on the side of software freedom ignore the 10s/100s of public forges¹.


Question; Is there a Git solution with a Fediverse-approach? I.e. many instances looking like one, and instance admins can strengthen and weaken the collaboration across instances and so on...

@juliobiason @sadmin

@niclas @batalanto @juliobiason I also had this thought when reading the thread. And yes, there's a protocol in the making. Have a look at @forgefed

@sadmin @forgefed @juliobiason I’m glad you answered his question because I didn’t even see the question (I’m probably on an instance that blocks Your msg appeard like a new post with no prior thread. I actually had to visit your post on in order to see the thread pieced back together.

@batalanto @sadmin @juliobiason I am considering leaving GitHub. Any alternatives that are compliant with GNU LibreJS?

@nantucketebooks @juliobiason @sadmin The far right column of the forge comparison list ( indicates FOSS forges with an “n”, so I would try those. I’m not sure if they pass the LibreJS test but if not then it would mean they’ve not properly tagged their JS as free (not that it’s non-free).

@juliobiason Anybody seen a way to opt-out one's open source projects from being scraped for Copilot?

@juliobiason plenty of things on GitHub have no license and this aren't open source. I'm guessing ms isn't fussed about people suing?

@juliobiason how can we make use of this type of behavior being pushed as acceptable? first thought is something like, doing the same against microsoft with microsoft code, but microsoft code isn't worth using to inspire an AI. next thought is something like, train an AI with other copyrighted material, but that won't really hurt microsoft unless someone can think of a more creative use.

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