in switzerland you aren't allowed to have a train with exactly 256 axles because of an integer overflow in the axle counting machine

i wish i could fix my software bugs by making it illegal to cause them

Nice website with images and text only written in toki pona! Including a toki pona lesson!

#tokipona #sitelenpona

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1998: IRC? lol anon, why don't you use ICQ instead, it's much better.
2002: IRC? lol anon, just install MSN, stop being such a nerd.
2006: IRC? lol anon, with Skype you can make phone calls for free.
2010: IRC? lol anon, Chat is all you need, everybody is there already.
2014: IRC? lol anon, you should try WhatsApp, you can even send voice messages.
2018: IRC? lol anon, that's prehistoric! you should checkout Discord and Slack, so much better.

It's actually true--a that provides a REPL isn't R6RS-compliant.

"With many technical standards, implementations that ignore any of the standard's absolute requirements would be severely crippled or unusable. With the R6RS, however, implementations that ignore the standard's absolute requirements become more usable than implementations that take those requirements seriously." --William Clinger

Will Clinger makes an excellent argument for adopting R7 and not looking back. "[I]t turns out that the R7RS can be implemented while preserving near-perfect backward compatibility with the R6RS standard... When this is done, as in Larceny v0.98, R6RS becomes a proper subset of R7RS Scheme." (h/t John Cowan)

14:46 on Friday March 13th, over the South Atlantic Ocean

@zig Er, “GNU's mix of freedom-respecting values and rigid top-down organization is pretty bizarre.”

More like ‘cathedral’, amirite?

There's been a big revival in interest in term-search recently. Coq has been looking for a better tactics system. Kanren and friends grew a meta-evaluator that can synthesize programs. The glorious fights about Scheme metaprogramming systems. Turnstile and Cur.

There's also smaller things like Typed Racket, which implies term search by its lack of support for type search.

I'm unusually optimistic about the next two decades.

"Terminal automation allowed the Gopher team to rip the doors off of every information silo on campus and beyond." Stories like this help us recognize that libre access to information is critical to both the history of the Internet and to its continued relevance. It's sad to think of the likely CFAA suits this work would trigger now. h/t @rain1

"You talk about deus ex machina, well, we're talking about deus *in* machina. You start by thinking there's a god in the box. And then you find there isn't anything in the box. *You* put the god in the box." --Lee Felsenstein

@tfb @erkin @emsenn Thus ad-hocness doth make cowards of us all
And thus the native hew of innovation
Is sicklied o're by the maintenance of cruft

“But efficiency may not be the main concern in all cases. In an era of Chromium being shipped to run the GUI for a clock app, I might use an alist for lookup and sleep soundly. :)” --me

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