This is a Template Haskell error. Is there a rule that says that if something has « template » in its name, the errors need to 3 pages long?

Never had an easier time finding what function's responsible for a memory leak^^

Sachez que vous ne pouvez pas tirer des lasers avec vos yeux sur votre photo de passeport.

Ce dessin trop bien sur la page du crowdfunding de PeerTube <3

Activités utiles et enrichissantes 

So that's a valid kind signature. I think I'm going too far into type-level wizardry territory^^

The litterature: a type checker might reject correct programs.

My type checker:

The problem I've profiled it on is the travelling salesman problem with ant colonies. Here's a profiling result for 280 cities, 10 ants and 10 runs. Guess which one is supposed to be the memory efficient one…

Sachez qu'il a existé un Bernard Délicieux. Sans doute un ancêtre du fameux critique gastronomique Gaspard Savoureux


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