mastodon.el users,

if any of you are willing to test out the latest update at i would be very grateful! i just merged a large update into main, and our plan is to get the new version into melpa soon.

i also have an awful internet connection which makes testing things like slow performance when interacting with the server difficult; it's always awful for me. :)

poss things to test out:

- uploading attachments and posting them
- enabling image-caching (customize option)
- bookmarking toots
- the usual (un)follow, (un)block, (un)mute
- mastodon-tl--enable-notify-user-posts (+ disable) = the bell in web interface
- autocompletion of user mentions when composing a toot
- enabling and using custom emojis (with emojify; mastodon-toot--enable-custom-emoji)

there will likely be issues, but i have been using the updated version for a good while now.

#mastodon #emacs

Britisches Gericht kippt Auslieferungsverbot für #Assange

Der Umgang mit dem „Fall Julian Assange“ durch Justizbehörden in Schweden u UK stärkt nicht das Vertrauen in den #Rechtsstaat

#Whistleblower als Verräter und #Journalisten als Kriminelle einzustufen unterminiert unser Verständnis von Menschenrechten

Was hilft? Öffentliche Diskussion solcher Missstände und Anprangern von staatlichem Fehlverhalten

@steinarb @emacsen I'm using restclient.el all the time. It's fantastic!

Mit einfachen Mitteln können Android- und iOS-Nutzer Werbung, Tracker und Co. systemweit (in allen Apps) loswerden.

Bitte teilen. 🧙‍♂️

#Android #iOS #Tracking #Werbung

@steinarb But that's nothing new, isn't it? And the only thing working for stuff like java where class and file must have the same name, so moves/copies without changes in the file's contents aren't possible.

Am I the only one who would like to have the fediverse timelines reversed so that I would scroll downwards? Then I'd scroll in the direction I'm reading and see the beginning of a post first.


@schaueho I agree with many points he makes, especially about concentration. I don't have many days where I can work without interruptions for longer than, say, two or three hours (unless I do it in my spare time rather than (home)office hours). And most of the meetings I have to attend could really be just mails or be cancelled completely.

Must read by the creator of dogecoin 👇👇👇
RT @ummjackson
I am often asked if I will “return to cryptocurrency” or begin regularly sharing my thoughts on the topic again. My answer is a wholehearted “no”, but to avoid repeating myself I figure it might be worthwhile briefly explaining why here…

@urusan Any kind of stew. The more often reheated the better.

re: IMAP command line question 

@kensanata @penguin42 @dredmorbius
Another toolset (I use and can recommend) is mbsync and mu/mu4e. It's also maildir-based.

Starting #slime on #emacs to connect to #sbcl finishes with this message in the echo area:

Connected. Detlev, this could be the start of a beautiful program.

This feels like a message from a different place and time when hacking was still mostly fun...

Today is a meeting on the channel discussing if all GNU channels move (and if so, where to move, e.g. libera or oftc or something else).


Treffender hätte man den Abi-Jahrgang 2021 nicht umschreiben können:


My experience says that once the feel they have mastered this walking thing, they prefer being carried around again.

@loke @schaueho
Back in university, we've had a graph library ( which allowed modeling the domain of interest as UML class diagrams and then provided a graph datastructure for it (either dynamically or by generating code). You could then build your app on top of that (usually by simply using the code rather than by extending the generated classes), you could query those graphs or transform them (e.g., in terms of graph pattern matching, model transformations, or bidirectional transformations).

One querying and transformation approach was/is FunnyQT ( which I've developed in Clojure as part of my PhD. Great fun!

Ah, good old times. We've had a lot success with that approach, e.g., for software analysis an abstract syntax graphs in re-engineering projects.

That said, I haven't seen almost any UML since I'm in the industry and when I've seen a bit, it had nothing to do with the reality anymore.

ob man sich zu dem Thema öffentlich äußern soll. Ich denke, so geht es vielen. Und da wird es dann ja schon gefährlich, wenn Menschen, die für Offenheit, Inklusion, Safe Spaces und Code of Conducts etc. stehen ein Klima schaffen, in dem progressive und liberale Menschen wie du und ich sich scheuen, frei ihre Meinung zu äußern. @dzu - 2/2

Ich würde vielleicht nicht von einer konzertierten Aktion ausgehen, aber ich denke schon, dass sich viele aus ganz anderen Gründen dankend an den Zug mit anhängen.

Mich hat schockiert, wie viele Leute, von denen ich eine gute Meinung hatte (und grundsätzlich immer noch habe) und denen ich im Fedi oder Twitter folge, sofort an der Verbreitung der Vorwürfe mitgemacht haben. Wenn man in so einer Blase ist, überlegt man sich schon zweimal, - 1/2

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