I slightly overcooked the egg, but I'm otherwise very happy with lunch today. The vegetables came entirely from the garden, and the bread was home made.

I hope she doesn't mind the trackpad, as that looks annoying to replace. And I guess I should order an AZERTY keyboard now. And another SSD to replace the optical drive, so we can boot it into Linux for personal use.

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My wife's work will allow partial work from home when she goes back next month. And they're not supplying any equipment. And their IT department wants you to run windows. And they want to install things in your machine, presumably the usual corporate spyware.

So I bought a T440P with an upgraded screen, CPU, SSD, and 16GB of RAM. Those things are ridiculously good deals. Under 400€ shipped.

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computer science post 1970s is a complete embarrassment of an academic field. its funny that right wing dorks post endlessly about the sokal affair when you could pick a random CS paper from the 2010s and there is an 80% chance it will be either trite trivialities or complete horseshit

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A cute story about a boomer friend, since I see so much generational anger here ...

A Breton teenager in the 1970's played a traditional reed instrument (bombard) and knew celtic dance rhythms. When he heard Planxty's first album, he bought a one-way ferry ticket to Ireland.

I cannot imagine how that worked. He still speaks no English and butchers Irish beyond comprehension. But he taught Breton music, and learned to play the pipes to the point that he's a reference to some young Irish pipers.

Can your imagine that? No return ticket? No plan? Crazy folk-hippie madness...

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everyone uses duolingo, but there's also a free and more open couse for learning to speak, if not spell, languages!


it's a welsh thing, it started as a welsh course only (i can confirm it's very good!) but they now offer #welsh, #manx, #cornish, #spanish, #dutch and #latin!! which is pretty neat, right?


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This change in language enables the often unintended, funny innuendo.

The most famous example (which I've never seen) was the TV cookery demonstration by husband and wife team of Johnnie & Fanny Craddock. Johnnie's closing remarks became the stuff of legend:

"May all your doughnuts turn out like Fanny's."

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Right on, Shahid.


@shahidkamal: Investigation launched after black barrister mistaken for defendant three times in a day... “This is not the behaviour anyone should expect and certainly does not reflect our values.” It DOES reflect your values, that's why it happens! theguardian.com/law/2020/sep/2

We don't want you to launch dumb "diversity initiatives", they just alienate the people whose eyes we want to open. We just want you to stop being racist. We are good enough to do any job, stop being surprised when we are, that's all.

Ethnic minorities have been a fact of life in Britain, not for decades, but for centuries. I'd love to be able to stop banging on about this, it's embarrassing. I don't want you to notice me because I'm brown, but I don't want you to ignore me because I'm brown either. And you do

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good morning folks, nice to wake up to a sunny saturday morning ☀️

De La Soul - Sunshine


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Handibox is an accessibility tool that will allow Human-Computer interaction with people who have some degree of motor disability. Through #Handibox, users can carry out elementary activities such as using the Internet, writing emails, and more!

The team, Alejandro, Fabio, and Matias, seeks to integrate with other #accessibility applications in GNOME and are looking for guidance from the accessibility team. They also need community help precompiling libraries like dlib. #GNOMEChallenge

I was last at a hair salon in February. I've trimmed my hair twice since but not cut it.

I'm calling this look, Covid Folk Singer.

I know this is way too much wok for me. This is the cooking equivalent of lusting after a lamborghini that you'd just drive into a wall. But still

Did you know there are 8kW rounded induction cookers for firing a wok? 8000W!


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ENFIN une théorie du complot dans laquelle je peux croire 😄🤣

When Firefox for Android got the latest update, I noticed that most of my add-ons were removed. What I didn't immediately notice was that there are almost no add-ons available at all.

WTF, Mozilla. You have a rich set of add-ons, and that is one of your biggest strengths. Why would you throw that out? No one is going to rewrite their extension just for fecking Firefox Android!

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I recently went too far down a hole of listening to depressing folk songs. This is a very nice one I was listening to recently, but ... a bit heavy.

Mary Delaney, ‘What Put the Blood?’


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