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The Plait language syntactically resembles the plai language, which is based on racket, but the type system is close to that of ML.

Yesterday was the 100th anniversary of the criminal partition of Ireland.

It created the Orange statelet, and condemned the Republic to a Catholic semi-theocracy with most of the nation's Protestants and the most industrialized parts of its working class behind the border in the North.

It was also a trial run for the British partition-and-massacre decolonization strategy later used elsewhere, particularly in India.

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If anyone in my timeline gets ahold of one of those pinebook pros I would be interested to hear your review of it.

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Spanish justice & democracy, eh?

For organising a referendum the following Catalan political leaders have received these jail sentences:

* Oriol Junqueras: 13 years
* Raül Romeva: 12 years
* Jordi Turull: 12 years
* Dolors Bassa: 12 years
* Carme Forcadell: 11.5 years
* Joaquim Forn: 10.5 years
* Josep Rull: 10.5 years
* Jordi Cuixart: 9 years
* Jordi Sànchez: 9 years

It is a disgrace. Even worse is the almost complete silence from the EU.

#Catalunya #Catalonia #democracy #Spain

It seems the Android-killing-termux thing is an exaggeration. But they certainly aren't making things easier for Termux.

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France and Italy are fighting over who owns ravioli/ravioles.


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@praveen @kannan @bady @mujeebcpy @ranjithsiji Very cool! I tried Scribus out again recently and remarked to a colleague that it seemed to be just good enough now for Real publishing work.

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#Janayugam Malayalam newspaper is switching to GNU/Linux with #Scribus. Possibly first daily in the world to run on 100% #FreeSoftware. Thanks to awesome work by @kannan @bady @mujeebcpy @ranjithsiji Hussain KH and Ashokan mash.

Is it just me, or are American liberals trying to outdo conservatives by being even more hysterical and bloodthirsty in their anti-China bashing? This can't end well.

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Latest uBlock Origin Update Rejected from the Chrome Web Store. No time like the present to switch to Firefox.

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Great news for #scheme, Gambit (one of the fastest) has some good #R7RS news.

No more spoiler, check it out

By the way there is an event around #canada related to it. Check the mailing list or gitter for infos

#dev #programming

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The Cutest Oscilloscope Ever Made

If you thought your handheld digital oscilloscope was the most transportable of your signal analyzing tools, then you’re in for a surprise. This oscilloscope made by [Mark Omo] measures only one square inch, with the ma…

Original tweet :

I learned two jigs tonight. One I just didn't know before, and have no idea what it's called (will need to do some research tomorrow). The other I know but didn't know how to play, and can't think of the name. Maybe it'll come to me tomorrow.

So no links tonight!

The problem with good jigs is I just find them infectious dance music. Can't. Stop. Moving. Tomorrow is going to be a day for lots of tea and coffee.

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french, plurals, magick 

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