I really really don't want to work, I just want to sing and play music.

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#PasMieux #NotFaux

Je découvre la vie des vrais gens avec mes 10 petits doigts !

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OK, let's try this too:

I'm looking for a job outside of Russia, Belarus, and Ukraine.

I'm looking to do:
- CAD s/w development
- system s/w development (as userland as kernel)
- embedded s/w development
- formal and functional verification, if all the sources are available

I have:
- 3+ years of professional work experience, mostly writing embedded C and SystemVerilog
- four years of study at various universities, but no degree
- a few small dated personal projects in various languages

I don't have:
- a finished degree
- a work permit (you'd have to help me with that)

DM me for the resume.
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Do any of you know what programmer types mean by 'post-modern'? I've seen the term used quite a bit over the last year or so, in contexts where it makes no sense to me (no deconstruction or self-reference or particular irony, etc etc)

The latest sighting that inspired the post is github.com/helix-editor/helix which confusingly describes itself as a post-modern modal text editor. My inner Derrida is confused.

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dnf -y upgrade && reboot now

Touchpoint stops working
panic reboot

Everything is fine

That's how my morning is going

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An almost polar opposite attitude among some Irish teenage girls. I couldn't tell where they were from by their speech, it was all fake London accents.

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Saw a group of Irish tourists wearing shirts that say "🇮🇪 Irish not English 🚫🇬🇧" not 10 minutes after seeing some maple leaf bedecked tourists.

It's funny the similarities between how Canadians and Irish act when abroad (and I guess the reasons are pretty obvious)

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"Por favor no alimente a los cocodrilos con sus hijos, sin importar cuán mal se porten"

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my boyfriend wont stop calling me “tony pizza”

I, (F21) and my boyfriend (M21) currently live together and have been together about 4 months. To explain why we are living together at the 4 month mark, we started out as roommates but then started dating. | have to say my bf has never been good at pet names. Some early ones were “little stubbster” and “sour meat”. One of my nicknames for him, in comparison, is, “little bird”. Anyway about two weeks ago he starts calling me tony pizza. This doesn’t even make sense and he uses it more often than my actual name. He is obsessed. It honestly bothers me that he can’t even bother to find a somewhat nice nickname for me. | have had a couple of conversations with him about it but he says he just can't think of anything better. What do i do? Is this going to become a bigger problem or should i even address it? i hate being tony pizza.

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AI images 

Patron Saint of Clicking Links Online

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the queen and bishop first got their modern moves in valencia c. 15th century (during, incidentally, the reign of isabella i) and spread from there on out. this variation of chess was pejoratively called 'madwoman's chess' (italian schacchi alla rabiosa) in what is one of the earliest anti-woke gamer moments in the historical record

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