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To get a more normal stateful and mutatable repl from Racket:


or just set
(compile-enforce-module-constants )

$ cat owo.rkt

(define (start)
(thread (lambda ()
(let loop ()
(sleep 2)

(define (say-something)
(display "owo"))

$ racket
Welcome to Racket v7.0.
> ,require-reloadable "owo.rkt"
; requiring "owo.rkt"
> ,enter "owo.rkt"
"owo.rkt"> (start)
"owo.rkt"> owo
(define (say-something) (display "UwU"))
"owo.rkt"> UwU

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After two weeks of vacation, it took me almost the whole work day today to get through my emails.

I was all excited about digging in to the Go runtime to implement delimited continuations; instead I'll be spending the next good chunk of time debugging end user problems and helping clients get their designs into production. If I'm lucky there'll be some fun bugfixes/enhancements needed in my code.

So, upsetting the core Go developers will have to wait...

"So Thomas, how do you *really* feel about Dawkins?"

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If you think that conjecture through a bit, it doesn't make sense. People don't have their color displays turned down so low their night vision kicks in; do any phone displays go low enough? ; besides, they want to see colour.

It's just disproven "evolutionary psychology" nonsense from the 70's, which appeals to Dawkins loving libertarian SV types. And a lot of post hoc justification.
@amiloradovsky @selfcare

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Pretty damn funny. If it was true then, and I'm doubtful, it sure isn't now.

Also, I guess that was supposed to sound *un*appealing?

Why does subscribing to a federated blog on Mastodon just show me the title and a Twitter-like card, when there's a post? What the hell is that about?

That's another thing Pleroma does much better ... It like actually includes the post, because of course you should.

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Kennt jemand eine MS Surface Alternative, die mit Linux gut klar kommt?

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What made the 1960s CDC6600 supercomputer fast?

Conclusion: The answer is simple, it used high-speed switching BJTs.

> Forget all the “clever” tricks like baker clamp, feedthrough capacitor or bleeding resistor. They just add to component count without addressing the root cause.

> Unfortunately, true bipolar high-speed switching transistors seem to be a dying breed, with the MMBT/PMBT2369 being (almost) the last of its kind.

#retrocomputing #electronics

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Being tired is not a badge of honor. It doesn't make you more worthy, it just means you're tired.

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Agda vs. Coq vs. Idris

TL;DR: If you care about proofs much more than about code, use Coq. Use Idris if you have a very good reason to use Idris specifically. Otherwise, use Agda.

Sweet, a hint of pungency, a bit of funk, very enjoyable. Better than most camembert or brie from cheese vendors (to say nothing of grocery store cheese). The one pictured above I'm going to let age a bit longer in my refrigerator. I expect the results to be great.


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