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it's friday, almost quitting time

time to post some disco

Kitty Grant - Glad to Know You

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I really want to support artists and that's why I'm only listening to songs I buy on Bandcamp.

But sometimes one really need to listen to Kraftwerk.

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Programming is the only profession where you go from "I'm so great at this!" to "Hopefully nobody notices my incompetence" every ten minutes.
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The English have 'king' and 'queen' so they can sing the same patriotic songs without difficulties due to matching syllables and similar phonetics.
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's implementation is so bad that it almost cancels out any advantages it meant to offer, even over init scripts.
It feels like the design of every particular detail has been chosen to fuck with the users, the more the better. — As long as the main idea stays attractive, the UX improvements may be dismissed as bike shedding, compared to the BIG THINGS~
To recap: it's very in the spirit of moving fast and breaking things, and I don't approve that.

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people say that free software is too hard to use, but what about what they picture as the alternative??

whatsapp will not send PNG images, and neither will it let you record video on, say, whatsapp web. it also won’t let you start video conversations without a facebook account. it will also not let you record video to send as a message on whatsapp web. also, you need to have your phone on in order to use whatsapp web.

on top of these lack of features, it also hocks your metadata to private corporations for money. it is also owned by the psychotic mark zuckerberg and the silicon valley corporation facebook.

i have sometimes been accused of ‘punching downwards’, ie. abusing the people i claim to want to help, by being anti-silicon valley, but doesn’t this judge too quickly? i am constantly installing free software on my community’s computers, and giving free tech support and guidance.

wouldn’t you rather trust a community of volunteers, like the BSD and GNU crowd, than a silicon valley IT corporation boss?

Käsespätzle is as good as mac and cheese is bad.

I regret this MacBook Pro I got for work. It's so much worse than the 5 year old machine it replaced. Windows or not, I should have gotten a PC.

This shu cha has a wonderful whiskey taste to it. It feels illicit to be drinking it at 9 in the morning!

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After more than 35 years of programming (yikes!) I wish I could make fewer off-by-one errors.

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Nix is shit. It just doesn't work as a build system for any project larger than hello world. And its users somehow resemble a weird cult that is trying to turn the whole world into Nix.

Fuck this shit.

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January Update!

- Announcing #PinePhone @mobian CE

- #PinePhone keyboard progress update

- #PinebookPro and #PineTab production news

- #PineTalk podcast in Feb

- New #PINE64 website is now up

- #PineTime software news

- Red #Pinecil & firmware update

and much more!

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ireland, state/religious abuse of women and children 

@kiki Argh I hate this meme
The church(es?) created a society of hatred and oppression, and then set themselves up as the "place of last resort" once stoning and burning became socially unacceptable.
And we're meant to be happy that they offered people a 'refuge' after setting them up to need one?

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Ce meme retrouvé au fond de mon tel, en souvenir de ce temps lointain où nous pouvions encore sortir de chez nous, parler avec des gens des belles choses de la vie...

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RISC-V Comes to the BeagleBoard Ecosystem with Upcoming BeagleV SBC

The Beagle V, a RISC-V-based single board computer from a collaboration between BeagleBoard and Seeed Studios aims to be “The First Affordable RISC-V Computer Designed to Run Linux”. RI…

Original tweet :

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