I am the grit in your gears, I am the impedence in your amplifier. I am the capacitance in your FET.

I am building a type checker in your macro expander.

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@tfb Sure. A lot of academics think strong typing is awesome because it lets them write complex thesis papers.

In real production code, typing is sand in the gears.

Raspbian should really have ngspice, arduino-ide, and kicad installed by default.

=> 1

Time for a third bit of coffee.


Even in my darkest dreams, I'll never approach the level of pure, unmitigated evil of the person who made this unhygienic implementation of syntax-rules.

Yes, really, unhygienic syntax-rules. Truly a master course in trolling.

Missy Elliott claims that Supa Dupa Fly came out 22 years ago. That cannot be true. Here's my proof: youtu.be/hHcyJPTTn9w

That song is too funky and futuristic to be more than 20 years old.

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@zig The main repository, I guess, is where the bug/issue-tracking and discussions/mailing lists live. Otherwise, pushing to and checking for MRs/PRs on all of them isn't really a big deal.
If independence is your priority, then Framagit and SourceHut are the favorites, depending on your aesthetics. If the priority is visibility, then GitHub, followed by GitLab.com, that's understandable too.

Feeling nostalgic for the Paris, Oakland, and Seattle of 25-30 years ago. If that wasn't obvious. And feeling stuck trying to figure out where this maudit Scheme code is not obeying its contracts. Wish I had dependant types here.

Shabazz Palaces, "Recollections of the wraith"


Ishmael Butler y'all

"Gunbeat Falls"


Homeboy putting down like he's been doing since Digable Planets and Cherrywine.

"Since C.A.Y.A."


Ol Dirty Bastard ft E-40 and MC Eight, "Shimmy Shimmy Ya, Studio Ton remix"

It don't get more funky than this.


10 dB engineers don't exist. If you think you're a 10x engineer, you're so wrong you're not even using the right units.

I am a republican who is neither nationalist, nor républicain, nor Republican, certainly not Catholic, and certainly not capitalist. An atheist but not laïque. Green and red and starry plow.

Fuck your 14 juillet, double fuck your 4 July, and I will continue sending money to fund defense against your 12th night.

Tweet from @pigworker

@pigworker: The canonical examples are "fish" (<><) and "chips" (<>>), sliding the abacus beads respectively all to the left and all to the right.

Or "hard to port!" and "hard to starboard!", if you prefer.

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i miss the incredible computer literacy we used to practice democratically by being able to click on every button and menu item on a computer program

where does the user interface of ipads and phones lead now? to advertisements and microtransactions

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I like that conditional control flow is implemented as a method ‘itTrue:ifFalse:’ on the Boolean class. 🤯 The method’s comment suggests it’s optimised away, but I really appreciate this kind of axiomatic purity in a language.

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@ben Ah, I see they're using the lessons learned on Stack Exchange: you can shit on new users all you want, because in the end either of two things will happen: they'll leave, or they'll become old users and enforce the structure themselves.
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