Oh crap, I'm seeing gray banding when watching this CGI animation. It could be in the original, could be an artifact of the DVD transfer, could be something strange the Blu-ray player is doing with the DVD, or could be something the TV is doing (almost certainly not, it's 7 years old and I turned all processing off).

Now I'm worried for my anime DVDs
... I sure hope Cowboys Bebop played as before!

The good news: it's Thomas the Tank Engine, and the toddler doesn't mind the banding 😂


Here we are, all thinking that JavaScript was going to become the ultimate language, and yet the the future will show that the real danger was Python

Thing I learnt recently: At night, I should eat lightly, otherwise I'll get an upset stomach in the middle of the night.

Thing I still do: Eat heavily at night.

Interesting to see the Linux kernel team trying to keep other OS's relevant by scoring an own-goal with ZFS.

I'm still lusting after that Korg MS-20 mini, and still wishing I had the time/space to build an MS-20-alike. And a mono/poly while I'm at it.

And for the record, I might just say "fuck it" and build a mixer with little arm boards if I need to ...

@hund please boost this to your Linux folks for better coverage, if you don't mind 😀

Talking to a colleague today about what would keep me from moving full-time to Linux. The biggest thing is Audio Hijack and Rogue Amoeba apps in general.

Does anyone know of something we don't know about for Linux? The ability to treat the OS sound subsystem like a studio mixing board is just so great.

Old Shakira lead to old Morcheeba. Because I'm a trigger hippie.

Mastodon isn't big on hashtags (at least in my timeline) but this sucks. Other than my next-to-last post, the only thing I see for is social.jesuislibre.net/@tuxico

Imma go get a glass or three of wine and put on her Unplugged.

The sort of thing I'm thinking about while comforting a toddler with chicken pox (varicelle).

Thoughts on a 2 year old album:

How did we get from Un Poco de Amor to Me Enamoré?

Amarillo is her being the Shakira I fell for back in 1996.

La Bicicleta is pretty great. Black M did a really great job on Comme Moi. I'm happy that was one of the European singles. North Americans got a much crappier version of that song. I should find out who was on that one in Latin America.

Quiero is still my favorite song of hers. Obtenir Un Sí is a close second.

fan for 23 years now, wow

Une vue buziness du Mont-Saint-Michel ? Tu prends GoogleMap.

Une vue documentaire sans parti-pris ? Tu prends OpenStreetMap.

Et en plus, sur #OSM, tu vois où sont les incontournables toilettes tant recherchées sur les sites touristiques 🙂


« Try instead to be as clear as you can, without hiding important details in either magic or noise. »

This probably summarizes all advice I have to give in either programming (Lisp or ML or Smalltalk or Assembler) or electronics. I'll try not to think too hard about the implications of that ;)

The one that's hard to read is "The Art if Linear Electronics" and may be the best of the bunch.

Making space on the bookshelves at home. These are going to the office bookshelf. If any sound interesting, I very, very highly recommended them all!

Now I'll be dreaming of a horrible alternate history where the assumption tactic is quadratic in most cases!


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