It blows my mind to think Prince recorded Bob George in 1987. It sounds like it should be 10 years newer than that (and got sampled like hell in the mid 90s).

Picking up a meme from Twitter: I thing the most Gen X thing I ever did was do my laundry in a laundromat/taqueria/cafe with board games, and slipping out to the parking lot to buy bootleg Mob Music mix CDs.

(Goodman Oakland used to be the place)

Grande classique de la chanson enfantine, les paroles de ce soir sont: c'est pipi c'est caca 😂

I'm considering looking into refinement types a bit more. The whole thing where the SMT solver does the heavy lifting instead of requiring you to write out proofs *might* be interesting to some of my users.

Anyone know of any refinement system where failed type checks are reported in a human-friendly or at least non-hostile manner?

Some old-style fun that doesn't require any processor trickery: attach to a process with gdb, dlopen your own .so, from there call dlsym to get symbols from the process itself. Lots of good fun to be had that way.

Back in the good/bad old days of personal computing, the lack of memory protection allowed all manner of cool extensions, where you could just mess with the internals of the system or other processes.

Since it turns out we don't really have the memory protection we thought we did, it would be cute to try to bring those ideas back. Modern SW architecture and memory randomization probably makes that no fun, but a boy can dream.

Legend has it that Douglas Engelbart invented the mouse in 1968.

But did you know that German television manufacturer Telefunken released a "rolling-ball" device just a few months earlier?

From a technical perspective it actually closely resembles the kind of mouse that we ended up using until the late 90s.

The German patent office declined a patent due to a "lack of inventive step".

Sinusitis and otitis. A hell of a combination: can't concentrate, bored, can't think well, can't sleep. I can't wait for those antibiotics to do their work.

And all praise to Fleming and Domagk!

Are you not feeling motivated to go outside for a healthy walk? How about downloading the application StreetComplete from @fdroidorg and start helping out OpenStreetMap by adding missing data about the places around you!

I started today and it made my daily walks a lot more fun! It also motivates me to walk even more and visit new places that I wouldn't visit otherwise. :)

#OpenStreetMap #OpenData #Fdroid

Sad about the actress, but: I couldn't bear to watch Twin Peaks after Fire Walk With Me. My wife watched the first TV series with me and loved it. Anyone think it's worth searching out the revival?

"I'm improving my hygiene" is not something I expected to tell anyone at age 40. But goodness, there's a lot of defmacro I need to eventually deal with. Not so much in LOC as in number of subsystems that try to implement local isolation.

It's going to be a lot of strawberries and raspberries this year.

Back home, little boy in the garden, plants doing well, Prince on the radio, can't get better than this 😄

This is a very nice read about extensibility of #OCaml modules. It's worth reading even if you're not into OCaml (but other programming languages)!

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