Daniel Lopatin (aka Chuck Persons, Oneohtrix Point Never) made this amazing mixtape of slowed down/remixed pop songs in 2010. Had a huge impact on vaporwave. Track A3 is my fav (Too Little Too Late by JoJo) archive.org/details/svhscr_pro

If Hiccup excites you, check out this PR I wrote to migrate liquidz/clj-vimhelp from Hiccup 1.0 (bad) to Hiccup 2.0 (good) github.com/liquidz/clj-vimhelp

I'm trying to add support in Nuzzle for using Pygments to syntax highlight markdown code and I ran into a minor issue with html element wrapping. I want Pygments to be able to spit out an html fragment with line numbers but without a wrapping <pre> and <div> tags. I hope they accept my PR! github.com/pygments/pygments/i

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