@TheAspiringHacker @jmc Think about permutations. There are m^n ways to choose from a list of m things n times. For instance, there are 26^5 different 5-letter strings. A function between finite sets A and B chooses an element of B for each A. That is, it chooses from a list of b things a times. There are b^a ways to do this, so that’s how many possible functions there are.

Here's a digestible example of the practical benefit of type safety.

In this case of vs. , Rust bites the head off JavaScript because it forces you to check your pointers before you use them.


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Announcing a Koka and Madoko Homebrew tap 

Formalizing 100 famous theorems in Coq 

Why #functionalcafe? 

Hello! I'm trying out Mastodon for the first time. I've been at plus.google.com/+SeanLeather but Google announced it will shut down next year, so I thought I'd try something else. I tried Twitter a long time ago and didn't like it. So let's see how this experiment goes!

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