@c0debabe @spectrumgomas and let's not forget the countless of "why are you even trying to do it this way, just do <irrelevant thing that isnt what you need nor answers the question>" or the surprisingly common "we just dont do that."

Oh, yeah. Some colleagues of mine once looked up, if you could make variables immutable in Python. And the highest response on StackOverflow was that you should just not change the value.

Thanks, I mean, why did we even have that question when the answer is so simple?
@c0debabe @spectrumgomas

Stack Exchange 

re: Stack Exchange, Terran horribleness, capitalism, this is why you don't incorporate your project into a forprofit 

@spectrumgomas stackoverflow has refused to update their "Ask a Question" page to make it clear that the goal is collaboratively building an artifact that will be useful to others, NOT helping a single person in particular

The worst part about this is that they think they're saving people's time, when really it wastes so much time of so many people, because of course the same happens on questions that show up at the top of the search results.

@spectrumgomas I once asked how to X without Y. The comment said just do Y. I expanded my question why Y doesn't work. Got an answer using Y. Added a quote from the man page that says "don't do Y". I felt like nobody was reading my question.

@spectrumgomas ah yes a method not the same as my own...how pitiful you are.

like i love SO but how much higher do u have to point ur nose bro

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