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Hey #schemers !
How do you use your #REPL in your development workflow ?
Any media (blog, vidéo, ...) to see it in action ?
#guile #scheme

Only ~400€ left to reach the optimum goal where we translate the contents to English!


Please #boost and help us fund an accessible technical knowledge-base

Este Ruiz Castillo daba para una buena película.

> As someone once said, “you exit a monad like you exit a building on fire: by running”
-- GNU Guix documentation - The store monad, Retrieved 24 of February 2020

Vaya título, nunca lo había visto. Tengo que ver si lo encuentro por internet:

Leyendo sobre became he encontrado una cosa graciosa del español:
Bruce Banner became Hulk.
Bruce Banner se convirtió en Hulk.

and God became man.
Y Dios se hizo hombre.

@spectrumgomas a workaround proper propagator code, is the event-sourcing approach (AFAIK).

No estoy seguro, pero subsumir yo juraría que es la primera vez que lo leo en mi vida:

So I made a CrowdFunding campaign and I got the necessary funds in he first 24h.


Now for the optimum goal!


@fanta @Pietre De todas formas dudo mucho que no haya plan de pensiones, los que se ponen como energúmenos por un simple champú siempre tienen plan de pensiones.

pk is the best damned print debugging tool I've ever used (esp in conjunction with smartparens / paredit) and it's just this undocumented feature in Guile. But now I port it to every lisp I use.

Explanation in next message!

New blogpost: Vats and Propagators: towards a global brain

Largely some scifi-sounding notes to self about how to make our networks more intelligent, but figured I'd write them down in case others found it interesting.

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