me writing programming tools: we need to make it easier to code! liberate the code! make it accessible to all!

me debugging someone else's code: you should need to train for 10 years before you can even touch a text editor, and we need a central guild body that randomly audits members, and if your code quality is bad enough you are immediately executed

i've just read one of the best #storytelling formats i've ever seen. it's an interactive comic, and it's about #SpacedRepetition:

you may like it, @mx_psi 😉

Estaba yo pensando qué curioso que en español digamos «me suena a chino» y que en inglés sea «it's all Greek to me» y he encontrado este gráfico genial sobre los estereotipos de lenguas incomprensibles, según países :) La info completa está en este post

Hoy en mi blog, la tercera entrega sobre programación en elisp... qué cansino me estoy poniendo

I don't know if HPC# is going be a success or if it's a Vala-harakiri.

On the topic of reading, I am reading “An Introduction to Functional Programming Through Lambda Calculus” by Greg Michaelson again. It is one of my favorites.

At the rate I'm going, I'm doing the bouncing ball in a couple of years. 😍😍😍

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