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That horse running in post apocalyptic America uses Clojure:
GNU Guile advances one position in TIOBE.

It took all day, but it functions just fine.

It's hacky, and not-so-intuitive, but I'm happy with how smoothly it's going (considering who's writing it)

@aurora voy lento pero seguro, he llegado a la boda de Melissa Agretti.

@aurora voy lento pero seguro, he llegado a la boda de Melissa Agretti.

A stained glass window of a Latin square ( will be removed from Cambridge U. ( because it honors prominent eugenicist R. A. Fisher (

The window visualizes a nice piece of mathematics, with a long history that surprisingly originates in Korea (predating Euler) but in context among windows celebrating Cambridge luminaries it could not be separated from Fisher's racist history, so it's sad but I think it's the right decision.

I also searched for c# books with chapters about graph theory, but I found nothing.

Change of plans. I'm going to see java.The best graph theory books I've found are in java. Wish me luck.

Discovering Dennis Ritchie's lost dissertation:, via

Ritchie's doctoral committee signed off in 1968, but the Harvard Library wanted a bound copy and he was unwilling to pay the binding costs so he never officially received his Ph.D.

According to the post, the thesis defines a simple model of computation characterizing primitive recursion, within which one can prove that the complexity and growth rates of primitive recursive functions are equal.

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