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@victorhck Y aquí DEBO mencionar que el maestro Tito Puente le hizo una adaptación a mambo! (Y del compás de 5/4 original al 4/4 de la música afrocubana)

In the last few days I made some substantial advancements in my understanding of the so called continuations in Guile

Continuations have been elusive for years

FIRST @neetx suggested me this course (that can be interesting for more scheme features) and particularly this lecture about the continuations passing style

In this course a version of map is shown written in continuation passing style

I didn't understand it so I followed the SICP advice for when you don't understand a piece of code

I made the substitutions of the labda calculus by hand

So the lecture is here

and my work with the manual substitutions is here

BUT the course doesn't illustrate the relationship between cps and the usage of call/cc

So I found another video where an example of usage of call/cc is shown for implementing a cooperative concurrency system

This one

I didn't watch it all yet but the example is very effective and made me do a real breakthrough in understanding

Why din't I do this investigation earlier ?

Because I was discouraged

Thank you again @neetx

Very nice (if slightly soporifc) video intro to combinatorial game theory via Hackenbush.

@hugoestr La enseñanza en España, al menos donde yo vivo, es un desastre. Exámenes en intervalos de tiempo cortos, memorizárselo corriendo, vomitarlo en un papel y después no acordarse absolutamente de nada al día siguiente. Lo más parecido a una borrachera. Por no hablar que en bastantes comunidades (la mía incluida) los chavales estudian la mayoría de las asignaturas en su supuesto "idioma materno" pero que hace décadas que ya no lo es, pero a los del chiringuito político les interesa que sea así. Ya lo decía Stevenson : "Por cada lord Macaulay que escapa de las distinciones académicas con las facultades intactas, hay una mayoría de chicos que pagan tan caras las medallas que después no les queda pólvora, ingresan en el mundo en quiebra".

I don't think I've ever seen a list of books in which so few authors sound familiar to me:

I hadn't noticed. One person had the same problem as me. I'll try it tomorrow.

Does anyone know how to solve this?

I have ruby 3.0.2 and ruby-rake 13.0.6. I guess I should install older versions. The program was made in 2004.

One clue. I need rake -- Ruby make too. I have never used that in my life.

I want to try to install a program and I need this. if you guess, but it's a tough one: I've never heard of this program before.

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