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HOOLLLLLY SHHIIIIIIT I finally understood something fundamental about lighting that I was missing for years.
It has crazy implications:
-Andrew Loomis tutorials about light are wrong.
-And so are 90% of "grey ball" tutorial that don't incorporate a real-life reference.



Saw Escher's Reptiles used as a slide to illustrate knowledge transfer of best practices between generations of developers. Seems very apt.

We get some book learning. Then we escape into the real world, and grow. But then we try to pass our knowledge down, and it gets flattened in the process, losing all the nuance of reality. And so it goes.

@ekaitz_zarraga Como una vez mencionaste que no instalarías Racket porque casi ocupa 500 MB... Al menos en Manjaro lo he ido a instalar y hay la opción minimal sin el IDE y ocupa mucho menos. ¿En tu distribución no hay esta opción?

Película de hoy

Naves misteriosas.
Ecologismo radical, robots deprimidos y un protagonista similar al resplandor....peli de verano donde las haya

Yo Manjaro por eso solo no lo desinstalo. Estoy demasiado contento con él.

Cornell has been teaching #Ocaml in CS3110 for ten years.

Here is the online textbook:

Looks very nice and accessible.

Les Éléments de l'Art Arabe,

Lots of plates of pretty geometric girih patterns, from an 1879 book by Jules Bourgoin. Via a comment at

Cuando Trump llegó a la presidencia no me podía creer como había logrado llegar hasta ahí ese personaje, y ahora sin embargo creo que hasta va a ganar también las siguientes elecciones.

I am organizing a coding competition where you have to build a static blog generator with a mystery feature (that will be revealed little by little in the next few months).

We have already one sponsor and are actively looking for other sponsors to reward the participants 🥇 🥈 🥉 (goodies, cloud credits, books...).


Boost appreciated!

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