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Migrant Urges Germans, Austrians To Give Refugees "Their Homes and Money"
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We have another #Librem5 progress report for everyone.

"Designing the scope of the Librem 5’s communication apps" by @feeef, our Director of Creative

In my opinion, two of the most exciting projects are Fable ( for web browser scripting and Zen Protocol ( which is a blockchain for creating financial instruments. Fable has been heavily developed for years now and works really well when combined with the Elmish( model, view, update architecture. Another interesting aspect of Zen Protocol is that it uses F* ( to prove smart contracts.

For the first time in as far as I can remember, over the weekend, I missed Makes me a bit sad as I have good memories from that conference. For those that are interested, the session videos are linked to from the web site

I am baller at mining zen with my cpu on the zen protocol testnet. If only zen mainnet mining was so easy.

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Regarding python transfer of power, I choose anarchy.

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This is the Logary GitHub issue that discussed the licensing issue: Logary is a logging library often used by Suave systems. Logary was created by one of the Suave creators.

So SafeStack ( ) no longer recommends Suave ( ). Oh well. Suave library development will carry on. Here's the announcement: Fundamentally, I believe this is a spat over how dependent the F# community should be on Microsoft developed technology. My view is that Suave wants a healthy, independent community that as much as possible uses F# community developed technology.

I've been rocking the solarized light of late. There must be something in the air. I have been a solarized dark person for years.

Many thanks to Tamizh Vendan for making his exploration of Hopac public. "New Blog Post: Concurrent Programming in using Hopac - Part 4"

Hopac'ify all the things.

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Rust + WebAssembly Show more

An awesome new blog post from DemystifyFP on running parallel jobs (light weight threads) with Hopac (concurrent ML in )

There is an room on Matrix at

@seanlinsley @scitesy now that is much better;) Why can't it be like slag?

is the first programming language I am drawn to where I find the syntax displeasing. The features, speed, community, rate of innovation override my displeasure with it's aesthetic.