I took a 30 day trial of Jetbrains Rider for development. The intellisense responsiveness is refreshingly impressive. I am still evaluating Rider and switching between VS Code...Leaning toward Rider.

I almost got LineageOs installed in my old Android phone. I am very close.

Another good episode of the Garbage podcast is out, Robot uprising: garbage.fm/episodes/46

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Resource Polymorphism

"[…] This is a proposal to extend the language with destructors, move semantics, and resource polymorphism, to improve its safety, efficiency, interoperability, and expressiveness. It builds on the ownership-and-borrowing models of systems programming languages (Cyclone, C++11, Rust) and on linear types in functional programming (Linear Lisp, Clean, Alms). […]"


So far so good on listening/watching this video about F* -> Verified Effectful Programming in F* - Catalin Hritcu: youtube.com/watch?v=SPCko8ACB0

Listening to the latest Garbage podcast, New fixes (OpenBSD) for old laptops: garbage.fm/episodes/45

Sadly the OpenBSD puffy cap/hat is no longer sold at the OpenBSD store. That coffee mug looks nice though. openbsdstore.com/cgi-bin/live/

If you would like to learn more about the to JavaScript technology called the FableCompiler go to: m.youtube.com/channel/UC6m70Jy The Fable community just concluded a conference in Berlin. Soon there will be talks up about Elmish - the Fable way of integrating Elm architecture and React

It feels good to go to my first user group meeting of the year. It has been a long time.

This looks like a great way to learn and other interesting programming languages from the wizard Dave Thomas on YouTube at m.youtube.com/watch?v=pwTGFn5w

It is sad to see so many dead user group accounts littered across the bird site. My local group lasted 2-3 months before folding. I guess F# will be an internet phenomenon.

I was glad to be able to listen to the OpenBSD themed technology podcast Garbage again garbage.fm/episodes/43 It’s back!

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Visual Studio for Linux just got bumped to third most requested customer feature, and it's within spitting distance of second. visualstudio.uservoice.com/for

Exercism students by language: Python: 19117, C#: 4273, : 1038, : 469 Mentors by lang: Python: 54, C#: 9, : 7, : 2 Maintainers by lang: Python: 3, C#: 3, : 2, : 0

I am finding alpine Linux to be a great environment for and . Owl and all of its dependencies even seem to be available.

@thfr Thank you for porting Mono to All of your work is appreciated by many including me.

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