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There is an room on Matrix at

is the first programming language I am drawn to where I find the syntax displeasing. The features, speed, community, rate of innovation override my displeasure with it's aesthetic.

This gist is a great comparison of code written in F# compared to Python: Both, happily, are succinct and readable. With good editors, both have code completion. F# has the advantage of immutability, type safety, multi-core capable, faster, functional, etc. Python has a bigger, diverse and healthier ecosystem. Both great languages.

The JavaScript problem is well documented at: Hopefully webassemby can further progress solutions to the problem.

One of the things I really appreciate about web development in and most fp ecosystems is the desire to have or x fp lang on the server and the client. Acknowledgement of the JavaScript problem is the first step toward a solution.

After toying around with blog engines such as Fornax,, etc. I decided to stick with Nikola. I recently moved my meager Nikola blog from GitHub to Gitlab. It was mostly painless.

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This is a well done introductory discussion about F# - The Cynical Developer: Episode 49 - What is F#

This episode of the Functional Geekery podcast with Micheal Sperber may get you interested/excited about ConcurrentML and/or Hopac -

Firefox, I never left ye. Congrats on the renewed success:)