Just came across an article which explains the architecture pattern of an API gateway pretty well.

Zato Blog: What is an API gateway?

Converted an old app of mine to Python3 via 2to3, which I had postponed for years. Finally, with moving to a new machine last year, the thing broke, so this was on my list for quite a while now.

It turned out to be much easier than I had expected. I needed to get rid of a dependency to pysqlite as it's now part of the standard distribution and had to look a little bit into how to create wheels instead of eggs, but that was it. I didn't had to touch a single line of real code.

Leo Zovic: Error Handling In Context Managers langnostic.inaimathi.ca/posts/

That's a nice discussion of unwind-protect in the context of with-resource macros, also showing how to achieve something similar in . The Python try/catch approach would also work in Clojure. But note that it is substantially less powerful than CL's handler/restart system.

Using emscripten and WebAsm to run in the browser for data science. What a horrible abomination of technology. github.com/iodide-project/pyod