Joe Marshall published two small pieces on early Lisp that show how McCarthy developed the first version of apply and eval (plus a small set of other basics) on top of β-reduction from lambda calculus and how this evolved from a buggy substitution version to call-by-value semantics. and @lisp

The screenshots of prerelease 5 of the nyxt 2 browser (implemented in Common Lisp) looks pretty nifty. They added a dashboard and the ability to "reduce buffers" -- if this means nothing to you: it means to show only parts of a webpage.

John Jacobsen optimizes a program by rewriting it in Common Lisp and can improve the speed by 300x:

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Initial web page for , the 13th European Symposium, is now live!

Oh, and another thing I really miss from Common is the possibility to just try to continue when you run into an exception.

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Tweet by Rainer Joswig (@RainerJoswig) on 5. Apr., 15:32
The latest CLISP from the Gitlab repository compiled under Ubuntu 18.04 on my brand new Nvidia Jetson nano 64bit ARM board without problems. CLISP was initially released 32 years ago.

Sometimes a little trolling on the internet can reveal quite some good information. E.g. a reddit thread about dying triggered somebody to link to this great overview list of things happening in the ecosystem: