TIL that there is a clojure-lsp project that tries to build support for the generic language-server protocol that editors like VSCode are using. Maybe I should take a look at Emacs' lsp-mode, I guess?


Fantastic talk by mourjo on "Building resilient services in Clojure" on day 2 at today. He uploaded the slides already:

Today the re:Clojure 2020 conference is happening, a free and on-line conference for all things .

See you in the virtual hallways. @clojure

The results of the clojureD survey are in. Apparently, most would want to have a real-world conference, so the team will look into organizing something for summer 21. Good news!

Details on clojured.de/

Railway oriented programming in . ROP is a style in which you want to chain multiple functions but want a single track to catch any errors happening. My main issue with this is that all too often you want more flexibility than just a single unified error handling.


(the Berlin conference on ) is running a survey to figure out what people would prefer for a 2021 summer edition. Please boost!

(Note: I'm not affiliated with the conference, I just think it's great.)

Dan Lebrero summarizes Zach Tellman's "Elements of Clojure" book (danlebrero.com/2020/08/12/elem)

I agree with this one-sentence summary of the book: "There are some elements of Clojure on the book, but most of the content covered is universal to any language." I should probably follow up with my impressions of the book, but I'm not sure I have the energy to do it.

This is a course on the foundations of computational linguistics, using :
From what I can see from a quick glance from the table of content, it contains a lot of stuff, from formal languages over bag-of-word approaches to Markov chains, but is not addressing more high-level aspects of CL, like semantics or discourse.


After a very long time, I wrote a blog post with some content: How to download content from a ClojureScript application. Enjoy.


"Monads and transducers are literally 100% the same" -- only that, of course, they are not, but the way they are getting discussed is the same.


"superv.async is a Clojure(Script) library that extends core.async with error handling and includes a number of convenience functions and macros."


clojureD 2020 videos are online! FilmkameraPartyknaller
Sorry that it took us so long this time. Enttäuschtes Gesicht
To make up for lost time, we released all videos in a bulk instead of one per day.
safe and sound and have some fun watching


John Jacobsen optimizes a program by rewriting it in Common Lisp and can improve the speed by 300x: zerolib.com/from-elegance-to-s

ClojureD's call for proposals for the 2020 edition is open until end of October, cf. clojured.de/call-for-proposals

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