Even the nicest trails are quickly becoming a mess during a thunderstorm. Tested for you yesterday.

Q: How dirty can you get while riding a bike, on a scale from 1-10?
A: Yes.

@schaueho Looks nice (and not too bad, dirt wise 🙂 )

What kinds of trails are you riding?


@loke This was on the Badisch Moon Rising (trailguide.net/1551), which is in-between a cross-country and downhill trail. Freiburg has quite a number of downhill trails, so far I'm focussing on the easy ones. I guess I'm too old to fly over table tops or going full speed over large drops.

@schaueho @loke Let's join and found club. The too old for reckless downhill crew or something. 😁

@tsdh @schaueho I may actually be older than you and I'm not really reckless, but I do ride enough yo have some crashes oftentimes enough. 😁

@loke @schaueho I'm 41 (and my profile pic is probably ten years younger) and sadly don't come to riding very often but when I do, I fall as much as I can. 😉

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