Remember the outcry for Microsoft buying GitHub and developers (allegedly) leaving en masse? It didn't happen and GitHub is as a monopoly today as it was back then. Musk/Twitter is analogous. We need to make federated alternatives better than centralized ones. Outcry won't do it.

@zacchiro (first of all, I would like to apologise for essentially hijacking your post. I started writing a pretty short comment, which expanded into a post of its own. I'll keep it as a comment to you as context, but please be aware that it's not all a commentary on your position)

But the definition of "better" depends on the individual. I personally consider the fediverse to be infinitely better than Twitter or Facebook.

Your statement could be seen as an argument to make something better than Twitter for all current users of Twitter. I don't think that's possible, and even if it was, the result wouldn't be anything that the users of the fediverse would in any way shape or form enjoy.

Now, it may be that your argument is that the fediverse in its current incarnation shares the same problems as twitter.

If so, I might actually agree with you. It could be argued that the implementation of the fediverse where are are communicating right now (Mastodon, Pleroma, etc) has the same underlying flaw as Twitter: that someone who wishes to discuss retorcomputers ends up doing that on the same forum as someone who is spewing fascist BS. This works today because there is a certain unifying trait among the fediverse community (we tend to all hate fascist BS). However, if it grows too big, that may no longer be the case.

Discourse on the internet before the arrival of the large platforms that ends up being used by default by a large proportion of users was arguably a lot better. There was no overlap (or at least very little) between the people with different interests, and as such even if a discussion spiralled out of control it never got "viral" to involve people outside the community where the argument started.

Which brings us to possible solutions. It's easy for me to point out problems, mix that together with a bit of "it better better in the olden days" and call it a day. However, I really don't have a solution that I believe would fix this once and for all.

But, I enjoy being on the fediverse. I absolutely abhor being on twitter and FB. Thus, there is clearly something that this place does that the others do not. If anything, I'd like to see it being easier to create small communities. The local timeline is one such thing, but there should be more support for that. Unfortunately, the official Mastodon client doesn't even show the local timeline as far as I have been told.


@loke I agree that "a better social network" probably means different things to different people. I think that's actually an opportunity to have different systems and different communities that can interact via ActivityPub but don't have to.

The challenge, I guess, is to figure out effective ways (ie. that work for small communities / instances) to support or enforce (within their boundaries) their idea of how interactions should happen (moderation, blocking, but also highlighting etc.) @zacchiro

@schaueho @loke @zacchiro

In terms of #Fediverse "social network" has a different meaning. It's the network we weave together with many different apps and social relationships.


Re:Github. Good example of "better social network" are the various federation projects that'll liberate code forges such as @forgefriends, #ForgeFlux and #Gitea adding federation support.

Co-shared community is at

We'll create network effects across our universe 😃

The lack of a local feed is one thing that is breaking traditional fedi conventions, but there is also this.

< *off to tag you all in a post highlighting new darkPatterns adopted by the official Mastodon app that will produce groupThink and heard mentality*

@schaueho @loke @zacchiro

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