— How are you doing?
— I’m miserable, thanks for asking 🙂

hello, lurk! we're the media archaeology lab. we're a community space and hands-on collection of media technologies at the university of colorado. we are gonna keep local only for a bit while we get used to things, but wanted to say hello and thanks to @rra for inviting us. #introduction

Why are you here?

I just realized that functional.cafe has a 2500 characters limit instead of the standard 500. IMO that should have been stablished by the protocol, I’m too old for the fediverse’s freedom

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My take on Mastodon so far is that it has so many features, and the iOS app lags behind the web enough, that I’m confused and I don’t think I can convince my non-techie friends to join it ☹️

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I’m complaining again 

So I can complain here and you can scroll without having to read my crap? 🤯

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