So, guys. Is OpenAPI already supported in Rust ecosystem? Or do I have to write clients manually like a total pleb? :comfythinkglare:

@minoru that way you could group your follows into the more interesting and the less interesting.

Like, I read several people just for memes and they aren't those whom I'd wanna see in my timeline all the time.

@dimpase if they rename it to Le Coq, it would be even funnier :comfyxd:

@amiloradovsky @nik it doesn’t. But these vertical and centralized entities are the most successful.

@amiloradovsky @nik HarmonyOS is developed by Huawei. No better than Google in this regard.
Look, developing desktop operating system is hard and expensive and requires A WHOLE LOT of people to cooperate. Without some structure and funding you won’t be able to do this any way.

@amiloradovsky @nik theoretically? Yes. In practice, probably no. Xen is an entirely different beast than a general purpose OS. Check out HarmonyOS or Fuchsia if you want a microkernel-based Linux replacement.

@amiloradovsky @nik separation of powers is important for security reasons. Also it has a lot smaller attack surface.

@amiloradovsky @nik no, it’s not. You may think of Xen is an OS for other OS. But it’s still a lot simpler than full-blown operating systems.

@amiloradovsky @nik no, the hypervisor is loaded by grub. And then it starts dom0 for drivers and configuration if needed.

@amiloradovsky @nik there is a special os called dom0, but it's needed for configuration and drivers. Technically, you could turn it off after you're done with configuration without shutting other VMs down. It's just another VM with special privileges.

@amiloradovsky @nik Xen doesn't need a host os, it works without one. Though having it can use Linux or BSD as a "slave" kernel for its drivers.

@amiloradovsky @nik you may actually think of Xen as of a somewhat successful example of exokernels

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