Statements dreamed up by the utterly deranged :comfyderp:

Imagine trying to top up JavaScript's ridiculousness and winning!

Or this:
> (eq 'a 'b) is false.
> (eq 'a 'a) is true.
> (eq 3 3) might be true or false, depending on the implementation.

In what universe 3 and 3 might not be equal by any metric imaginable? Common Lisp is truly a cursed language.

Daily reminder that emacs is crap.

I updated some fonts and my emacs started hanging on almost every GUI operation. Remembering the ancient wisdom that "when in doubt and don't know what's going on, use strace", I found that emacs basically goes into a font checking loop every time I hit a button. No, it doesn't even try to open that font. Just checks that it is there. Removing the font fixed the issue, but I really have to ask.


For crying out loud, implementing a Make-like build system for Haskell in Haskell with Haskell eDSL scripts is such an awful idea. I'm looking at you, Shake. It's hard to use. It's hard to debug. It's just pure cancer.

Take a look at this. Can you understand why this build failed? Neither can I! What exactly doesn't exist? Why did that exception arise? What is even going on here? I have no clue.

What am I doing with my life?

On a related note, is there a library with these things that's not called singletons?

It's very annoying that [Maybe] isn't a type-level list but [Maybe, Either Int] is.

TypeApplications is one of the best things that have ever happened to Haskell!

So, I'm playing around with various GC settings for GHC RTS, and this thing is quite weird. I'd expect that the maximum performance would be if the nursery size is equal to my CPU cache size (15M), but clearly this is not the case. I'm wondering what's going on here. Perhaps, GHC allocator parameters should be tweaked further?

The code I used for benchmark is this raytracer

This is where Rust sucks sweaty donkey balls. All I needed was to add another crate as a dependency, but it doesn't say anywhere what crate that is, neither anything does point to it. The issue[1] on github is more than a year old meanwhile. And the one in the compiler message is four years old.


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