@pureevil All this is either the release of a tension accumulated for decades, or something about the opinion dynamics in the information age.

@amiloradovsky @pureevil Or both.

An Aspie shouldn't go out advertising his Black Cat Circus in the middle of a witchhunt.

There are damn good reasons you don't want Dude organizing things, but if it has to do with cats....

@tfb @pureevil I haven't really followed the RMS story very closely, because of a lot of other negative stuff happening and going to happen IRL, but it really feels rather nasty, especially given my rather positive view of FSF & GNU in the last years. Feels like I was fooled again, by one side or another.

@amiloradovsky @pureevil RMS is/was a complete asshole.

Partly I'm sure due to Aspbergers, partly from just being a asshole.

Then there's women not wanting to be treated like shit (I heard about keeping potted plants to keep away RMS from hitting on you every 5 minutes, 20 years ago).

Then there's the Feminist witchhunt in the US.

Then there's the question of accommodating someone like RMS and helping him interact with other humans.

And yeah, it's a shit show.

@tfb they've been effectively stagnating for years. There's only a handful of GNU products in wide use nowadays and even those are struggling to stay relevant. Ultimately, GNU is in the same place it had been 20 years ago while the world had leaped forward.

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