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> online discussion about memory safe languages
> 'um actually it's possible to write non-leaky code in C, you just need to be careful'

every time.

"A buggy security check isn't normally considered a type error, but only because not many people use languages with type systems that solve that problem."

This article is great



How do I make pylint see modules in virtualenv? No, pylint-venv doesn't seem to work.


I'm sorry, but whoever came up with this is retarded beyond any hope.

I'm too spoiled by Haskell tooling. After using stack everything else just seems not good enough.

Every time I see unwrap() in Rust code, I begin wondering what was the point of inventing a new language if its benefits aren't used.

Typical development blog post about database engines is like this.

We tried $KEWL_DATABASE_X and then switched to $AWESOME_DATABASE_Y, but they both were too slow with big datasets, so we moved to PostgreSQL altogether and things are fine now.

"Former Mozilla exec: Google has sabotaged Firefox for years"


I mean, I think it's obvious at this point that while the chrome team seems to have good intentions, the company around it is a sleazy, immoral ad company. Being an engineer doesn't make you immune to the policies and incentives of the toxic company you work for.

It's no secret I've been reading up on #seL4 for the past few weeks — expect a post series (likely over on Plume) with a brief overview of seL4, seL4 vs #Mach comparison, and some thoughts of what this could mean for a Hurd-like kernel built on top of seL4.

Obligatory disclaimer: I'm not an expert in either Mach, seL4, Hurd or microkernels in general, I'm just exploring them and writing down my notes.

Say what you want about Snoyman, but stackage is just totally awesome. I terribly miss having a curated set of libraries I can rely on in other languages.

Abusing partial functions, using fail in Monad, type-blindness, hardcoded transformer stack. It's all there.

Norman from @genode wrote a post on Genodians.org about C++ and SPARK.

“By regarding C++ and SPARK as a continuum rather than an black-and-white decision, we can use SPARK at places where we regard formal verification as most valuable while not restricting Genode components to be entirely static.”

Thank you for the Muen reference! I hope our application of “social pressure” was always done in a well-spirited way 😄


Kleisli will finally have a monad instance. At last!

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