*gazing into 100 lines long SQL query*

SQL must die. Not relational databases, just SQL as a language. It's a piece trash flavoured trash that becomes unreadable as soon as you need to pull data from more than two tables and filter it a bit.

We decided to rename master branches in our repos too. The main branch will be now called slave_owner.

I'm going to convince our small team to switch from git to svn. And also from Haskell to Java. Did I forget anything?

I found three implementation of polymorphic typechecked variants on Hackage. And all three suck in various ways. Which one should I start fixing and adopt? I've no idea.

I forced an AI to read the x86 reference manual alongside 1000 programs to produce a program on its own. This is the result.

$ ./a.out
Segmentation fault (core dumped)

I feel like I actually need at least a terabyte drive to use nix for bulding stuff. Otherwise I'm out of space every few days.

My favorite thing about emacs is how it completely freezes and dies when trying to open and format 200k lines of JSON, while VS Code can open that with no issues whatsoever.

This old dump of parentheses needs to die.

By the way, calling stack install directly worked just fine, so I replaced 600 lines of Haskell with 2 (two!) lines of Bash. I call this enough success.

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For crying out loud, implementing a Make-like build system for Haskell in Haskell with Haskell eDSL scripts is such an awful idea. I'm looking at you, Shake. It's hard to use. It's hard to debug. It's just pure cancer.

Take a look at this. Can you understand why this build failed? Neither can I! What exactly doesn't exist? Why did that exception arise? What is even going on here? I have no clue.

I hate that every time when I join on Freenode, I realize personally know at least a dozen people actively talking there.

After re-reading this [1], I have a feeling that emacs would be better off without RMS. The same way Vim development really kicked off with Neovim. Having an old autistic dork as a project lead has never led to any success.

[1]: lwn.net/Articles/819452/

I love when people just dump all source code in a project into a single directory and call it a day. What could be better than seeing a directory with 220 .c and .h files?

"Did you read the doc" and the doc being horribly out of date. Name a more iconic duo

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