Here's a hot catch. A huge piece of code in Haskell looks ugly without proper maintenance and regular refactoring just like a huge piece of code would in any other language.

It seems that autoPatchelfHook in NixOS isn't really compatible with electron apps.

This electron app downloads its own copy of 7zip for build. Wtf?

ERROR:com.github.bleakgrey.tootle@exe/src/API/NotificationType.c:210:tootle_notification_type_from_string: code should not be reached
Bail out! ERROR:com.github.bleakgrey.tootle@exe/src/API/NotificationType.c:210:tootle_notification_type_from_string: code should not be reached
[1] 12266 abort (core dumped) com.github.bleakgrey.tootle

ok, I guess?

Electron is cancer. Reproducible builds? What reproducible builds?

Can anyone link me the best way to package an electron app for NixOS?

me: cd ~/devel/hs/ghc; nix-shell
nix: starts downloading and building texlive packages

We are now at the point where someone can write and complete a fully featured, multi-processor, internet-enabled, graphical operating system in one or two years, but a web browser would take over 5 years and requires several big corporations pumping essentially millions of dollars of work-hours into the project to keep up with the w3c.

Here's a serious question, boys. Is it even possible to implement Peano arithmetics in Kotlin's type system? I have a feeling there's a clever trick, but I can't imagine how one could do it.

I've had a pleasure of explaining Haskell+Parsec code to Ruby developers today.

This evening's entertainment has been to write a parser in Idris 2 for Idris 2 that parses the Idris 2 parser. Yo, as they say, dawg.

Sweet drama around The Study on the effect of programming languages on software defects.

This is How Science Happens • Hillel Wayne

Most of haskell packages in NixOS unstable are suddenly broken.

Fuck! I wrote a reply, but it exceeded 500 symbols. I'll probably move away from this instance in the near future. Sorry, lads.

Miranda is finally open source. Better late than never, right?

I know at least one company that had it so bad with Scala+Cats, it turned out easier for them just to scrap the whole project and reimplement it in Haskell from scratch.

So, for the love of god, why?

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Almost every project using those libraries that I have seen devolved into a terrible mess of the base language code style mixed with half-assed Haskell. Performance of these ugly abominations is questionable at best. Maintainability is beyond being just bad, as for working on a project like that one not only would need to hire someone proficient in the base language but also proficient in Haskell.

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