We have three half-assed duplicating data collection and analysis systems. I'm pushing to merge them into one that covers all needs.

This is huge, boys! In IPv4, TTL field actually means the number of seconds, not hops.

My God! -container is fucking awesome! I love those dudes. Srsly.

Whoever came up with GOPATH is mentally retarded.

Oh shit! Now google show this blog the first when searching for poptrie implementation in . I guess I really have to start working on it.

tfw when somebody seriously brings up the Num instance for functions.

Any reason to use ghc-mod instead of intero for development?

My favorite thing when writing stuff in C/C++: writing a simple main() that only prints out a hello message, hiding an actual main function somewhere else, and invoking it with __attribute__((constructor)).


One of my favorites from the daily wtf, actually. Comments are worth reading as well.

My C++ has become a bit rusty (pun intended), so I'm looking for an open source C++ project to work on. Any suggestions?

nix-sandbox plugin for emacs works out of the box. I'm really relieved. Otherwise writing stuff in C++ would quickly turn into a nightmare.

Are there any interesting open source projects written in that use either cats or scalaz?

Idea: C++, but the template metaprogramming and static introspection are formalized by dependent type theory

There is package manager in , but portage is absent from nixpkgs. How come?

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