Ok, guys. I'm gonna tell you something bizarre. Something so retarded, it's mind-boggling! I swear! Are you ready? :meowPeek:

strdup() function isn't a part of the C standard :comfygeek:

The funniest fact about the C programming language is that the three most common C compilers (MSVC, GCC, and Clang) are not implemented in C :comfygeek:

When it comes to infosec, full and immediate disclosure is the only responsible way to act :comfygeek:

I’ll probably repost programming things from my main here to keep this account alive. Some of you may not be able to see that because our instance is blocked by many due to guilt by association. Looking at you, types.pl :meowXD:

Any way, if your instance blocks everyone left and right, it’s your problem. Not mine.

I always forget I have this account and instead post programming stuff on my main :comfygeek:


^ very useful service to allow downloads of artifacts from your repository without logging into github. for some fucking reason github wants people to log in to download

So, guys. Is OpenAPI already supported in Rust ecosystem? Or do I have to write clients manually like a total pleb? :comfythinkglare:

Does anyone use Xen these days for something fun other than Qubes?

Does any of you know a way to have CVE alerts in Slack?

Nix is shit. It just doesn't work as a build system for any project larger than hello world. And its users somehow resemble a weird cult that is trying to turn the whole world into Nix.

Fuck this shit.

What VSCode extension would you guys recommend for Erlang and Elixir development?

Wait, does VSCode really not support workspaces with more than one programming language involved? Or am I stupid?

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