What is the point of C and C++ standards if nobody fully implements them?

Quite funny how centralized software repos turned into a disaster for software packaging in the linux world. More and more projects use docker nowadays. Not because docker is good, but because everything else sucks.

Also, I'm thinking about migrating this account to another instance. I'll keep you posted.

Honestly, not having a proper REPL is a huge problem for Rust.

Hey guys!

Does anyone have "Verified Functional Programming in Agda" by Aaron Stump in PDF? I remember a draft being released for free, but the link from reddit is dead.

Anyone who suggests using or subdividing doesn't understand the real world Internet. Those addresses would be unusable for decades. We still have devices that don't speak CIDR, and that's 25 years old.

Add IPv6 and be done with it. #sysadmin

Scientists have shown that physical fitness is associated with better brain structure and brain functioning in young adults. Increasing fitness levels may lead to improved cognitive ability, such as memory and problem solving, as well as improved.... - redd.it/d2nwve

I'm also quite puzzled about why nobody has yet proposed porting Idris or Agda record syntax as a language extension to Haskell.

I just cannot state this enough. Lens in is a solution to a problem that shouldn't exist in the first place.

Software testing — heuristic search for the invariants violation.

Do you want drama? Here's some.


TL;DR a popular JS library will display paid ads right in your terminal when you run your code.

The function implementation is quite simple.

singleton :: a -> [a]
singleton x = [x]

That's it. Surprisingly, a lot of people don't like this because there are other "better ways" of doing to same thing, and this caused a long and not very healthy discussion. I'm not entirely sure what to think of it, really.


If you want a perfect example of bikeshedding, look no further than Libraries mailing list. Specifically, the recent singleton thread.

A bit of background first. In Haskell, almost every container library has an idiomatic function called singleton, which takes a value and returns a container with that single value in it. With the only exception being plain simple lists.

About a week ago it was proposed to fix this gap by adding the singleton function for lists.


freezes if I start multi-line mode in Intero repl. Heh...

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