I unapologetically use Maybe (NonEmpty a) instead of [a] in many cases. And my coworkers hate me for this.

Every time I try to love Common Lisp, it slaps me on the face with a huge club and leaves me bleeding. Truly cursed language.

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Statements dreamed up by the utterly deranged :comfyderp:

Imagine trying to top up JavaScript's ridiculousness and winning!

Or this:
> (eq 'a 'b) is false.
> (eq 'a 'a) is true.
> (eq 3 3) might be true or false, depending on the implementation.

In what universe 3 and 3 might not be equal by any metric imaginable? Common Lisp is truly a cursed language.

Going through old programming papers is fun.


The subset of x86 binary code that resembles english text is Turing complete. And it’s possible to write shellcode in it.

Although I suppose someone could argue that instance Monoid m => Monoid (Either m) would be lawful, but it just adds headache without much benefit to the cause.

There already are too many lawful instances in Haskell that shouldn't really exist. instance Foldable (a,) is one of those. Or maybe Foldable itself is just bad design, I don't know.

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That last one doesn't work for all Monads, for one it doesn't work with Either, but I still managed to find people using it.

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Which one makes more sense for you and why?

whenJust :: Applicative f => Maybe a -> (a -> f ()) -> f ()


whenJust :: (Applicative f, Monoid m) => Maybe a -> (a -> f m) -> f m


whenJust :: Monoid m => Maybe a -> (a -> m) -> m

lol no generics language still has no generics. We are safe, boys!

Ok, guys. I'm gonna tell you something bizarre. Something so retarded, it's mind-boggling! I swear! Are you ready? :meowPeek:

strdup() function isn't a part of the C standard :comfygeek:

The funniest fact about the C programming language is that the three most common C compilers (MSVC, GCC, and Clang) are not implemented in C :comfygeek:

When it comes to infosec, full and immediate disclosure is the only responsible way to act :comfygeek:

I’ll probably repost programming things from my main here to keep this account alive. Some of you may not be able to see that because our instance is blocked by many due to guilt by association. Looking at you, types.pl :meowXD:

Any way, if your instance blocks everyone left and right, it’s your problem. Not mine.

I always forget I have this account and instead post programming stuff on my main :comfygeek:


^ very useful service to allow downloads of artifacts from your repository without logging into github. for some fucking reason github wants people to log in to download
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