First, they came for FPOTUS and I said nothing, because I am not FPOTUS and did not illegally hoard classified nuclear secrets which were planted by the FBI and declassified by my mind powers. Is that how it works?

/me sees "Google Pushing RCS" headline.


"Oh, not _that_ RCS. I'm old now."

Apple: We are uncompromising on thin bezels. Here's a notch; use all the pretty surface.

Also Apple: Stage manager.

You can make the world better.
Use "x86_64" and "aarch64" instead of
"amd64" and "arm64".
I'm begging you.
The eyes of humanity thank you.

2022 Stack Overflow developer survey + correlation/causation confusion =>

to maximize salary, need to be
- writing Clojure
- using TextMate
- deploying to colos
- on chef-managed servers
- with storage in AWS DynamoDB

Seen on Discord: "eMACS [is] like Neovim from what I know. It's a different language doing the samething like Vim does."

I'm trying Real Hard Right Now to not be _that_guy_ but 🤯

It took a few years of practice, but I write all my notes in 128-bit AES now, encode them myself.
That's a block cypher. BLOCKS!
Such Zettelkasten, many networked thought, very wow
...can't understand what I wrote after 2 weeks, so better than popular graph-oriented note systems.

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