@welshpixie this one has strong avocado energy

I like that

@Seferi Are you sure that someone requested it or added it themself to the F-Droid repositories?

@Mastodon @fdroidorg


@rysiek at first moment I thought that ugh and ffs and jekyll are all unix command line programs of some sort

Minor update: I'll be posting on from now on and boosting it from here sometimes. Feel free to give me a watch over there.

re: vaporeon copypasta 

@Curator One valid answer I can think of is, "a considerable amount of money, plus whatever's left of my soul".

Which doesn't even hurt once you have no soul left.

re: vaporeon copypasta 

@Curator a commission, yes, but not for someone on Masto :D

vaporeon copypasta 

@Curator doing shitpostful calligraphy, here's a WIP photo

We're seeing a pretty huge influx of new users right now. In 'normal times' we get maaaaybe 10 new users a day. We've had 300 in the past four hours.

If you'd like to help with server costs, we take donations at Patreon and Liberapay:

Anything at all is massively welcome - this is an entirely community-funded instance run by myself and a few mods in our spare time. <3

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