holy cow I'll need multiple pages for that

gonna be my first calligraphy triptych or something

annnnnnd first two bugs introduced

I have no Ctrl+Z here though, so I'll just keep on pretty printing

there is absolutely nothing better than the feeling of placing seven closing parens in a row

woop, indenting Lisp is hard - let me have another try at this page tomorrow, I'm calling it a day for tonight

@phoe @thomasfuchs Coding should be called so(u)rcery! You basically cast spells on (silicon) crystals to make “magic” happen.

@remaster @thomasfuchs we basically put lightning inside a rock so we can make it think for us

how non-magical is that

@remaster @phoe and usually it comes with some evil side effect that you don’t yet know about

@thomasfuchs @remaster so does being struck by lightning

programming has its risks yanno

@phoe going to tell my children this is the magna carta etc

@phoe "I've stolen the source code to your lisp-based product, and to prove it, here is the last line


@eludom @phoe I hope not, that would be a terribly programmed program. Unless your C programs end in }}}}}}}}}}}}}}}}}}}}}}}}}}}}}}}}

hmm what if you "stitched" them together like embroidery, knots? just an idea, it'd be decorative

@epilys yes, there will be extra decoration and illumination once they are done. including some ways of tying them together side by side.

@phoe this is so far one of my favourite somewhat-long-running threads on fedi.

Thank you.

@rysiek @phoe agreed, this makes me happy in a weird way

i wonder what other forms of visual art would work with source code as the subject

@phoe I can't tell if it's cursed or blessed but it's definitely something for an exposition

You ARE truly powerful. I'm an actual trained professional cartoonist, well-acqainted with Speedball "B" and "C" nibs from his youth, and have never in my life been able successfully invoke the Spell Of Halfway-Decent Calligraphy.

I'm lucky that my dialogue/narrative lettering style is passable. Never mind Ye Olde Englishe; I'm thankful I can even letter like Charles M. Schulz.

@phoe ping if you do make something, he'll probably appreciate it. UwU

@aphyr so I made something and I think I am supposed to ping you because @csepp told me to

see the full thread for all photos

@celeste you'll have a chance soon - I'm making this one for the next European Lisp Symposium's charity fundraiser and there will be the original for auction + prints available

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