Nothing makes me angrier than corporatized asshats gaslighting open source. Fuck that shit. Fuck that fucking shit.


@sir As much as I share your anger towards redefining the term "open source", holy fuck, you *do* get aggressive when you get angry. And that I don't want to share.

@phoe these are bad actors knowingly attacking something I hold dear. I have devoted my entire life to open source.

@sir I understand and I commend you for that. And, frankly, this kind of passionate devotion is something I admire.

At the same time, since I'm already completely frank, telling someone to eat a bag of dicks is 100% refined aggression, in my opinion.

@phoe I'm venting here on Mastodon. I haven't said anything to that effect to the person involved.

Ok, but not that much as others would do
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