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The look of the White House Italian translator as Trump says President Mozzarella for the Italian President and says U.S. and Italy have been allies since Ancient Rome.

I wouldn’t be surprised if Blizzcon’s organizers quietly decide nobody needs a Q&A session this year.


Amnesty International: "Young people have the right to learn & talk about sex! But today Poland will vote on a bill which would make teaching or promoting sexuality education to under 18s a crime punishable with for up to 3 yrs in prison. Support people in Poland opposing this. amnesty.org/en/latest/news/201"

[#humanrights #news #bot]

Sadly, Switching.social was discontinued but, thanks to the efforts of @tobias, it is being reincarnated as Switching.software.

Follow here: @switchingsoftware

Site: switching.software/

Thank you, Tobias. And thank you to the original anonymous person who created and maintained it until now.

Modern software design philosophy: expend exactly zero effort on helping the user gain competence and mastery. Then, proclaim that users are idiots, and treat this as the core axiom of design process.

RMS pulls a serious power move (read: dick move), unilaterally appointing a maintainer to Guile without consulting the other co-maintainers or community, because the current co-maintainers disagree with him on governance lists.gnu.org/archive/html/gui

@kaniini The GPL only applies to the software used by people, not the people used by the software.
okay i can't do any more of this, but, again, if you do not like being exploited, don't let yourself be exploited:

1. don't contribute to 'open core' software projects

2. don't reassign your copyrights

3. carefully weigh the value you derive from contribution to a project against the possibility that any of the key players in the space may use your contribution to profit

4. if you don't feel happy about the way things are going in a project, walk.

i did it with Alpine. some say that was one of the stupidest decisions I've ever made, but my happiness is more important than Docker's bottom line.

All the #Meetup hate is justified..

Yet, I have didn’t see anyone talking about alternatives, whereas @Framasoft is literally building a free and open source alternative as we speak and they deserve every piece of attention and support for it possible.

Go ahead and take a look: joinmobilizon.org #mobilizon

PS: And put your money where your mouth is

Delighted to see that #DeleteFacebook is becoming a thing once again

Latest uBlock Origin Update Rejected from the Chrome Web Store. No time like the present to switch to Firefox.

software updates take 

aired fully today. the worst, very dangerous points made by this shit, as I think:
- "LGBT wants to legalize paedophilia"
- calling LGBT an ideology every single time
- displaying videos from BDSM March (not associated with LGBT in any way) to frighten the viewers
- "Pride March participants are paid for it and go to marches in many cities"

#LGBTinPL #plpol

For those who need it, I maintain a Gitea instance for my code needs.

If you're looking for a place to move, check it out code.playvicio.us/

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