for years "mods are asleep" has been a joke relic from the forum days but the fediverse brings us to an era where the mods can let you know that they're awake by boosting your "mods are asleep" joke and then you can scold them to go to bed because you know their timezone and this isn't healthy

Just wanted to say, #Nextcloud supporting #ActivityPub is huge, because installing Nextcloud is way easy, you basically run a snap package and are done. So lots more folks can self-host!

So my main takeaway from the tumblr debacle is that people are still expecting corporations to behave like they're their friends. And they're not.

Communities are built out of individuals coming together, not imposed on them from above.

With any luck recent events will see people switching back towards early-internet style sub-Dunbar number ad hoc communities. I remain hopeful.

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#TheFediverse is the name for a group of federated sites that use the #ActivityPub technical standard to talk to each other (including #Mastodon, #Pleroma, #PeerTube, #FunkWhale, #WriteFreely and many others).

#TheFederation means sites that use the Diaspora standard to talk to each other (most notably #Diaspora itself).

Some sites belong to both, and the definitions have shifted over time as new standards have been adopted. As the phrase goes, your mileage may vary.


The whole "caring about things is uncool" South Park phenomenon is entirely the result of the fact that caring about things opens you up to to both extreme sadness and extreme joy, both of which are too risky under late capitalism, wherein you must sell your entire future to an employer and not ask too many questions. It is easier to hollow out your own humanity by not caring about anything then to actually be a vulnerable person.

Company A makes a product used by 60% of the world.

This, rightly, worries people. When Company C’s product (used by 3% of the world) switches to using the core of Company A’s product folks suggest people use Company B’s product (used by 5% of the world).

Plot twist: Company B gets ~all its money (hundreds of millions of $) from Company A.

Welcome to the sewer of monopoly, institutional corruption and surveillance capitalism we lovingly call The Web circa 2018.


this is always true, but especially now.
encrypt. everything.
don't trust random companies. encrypt things yourself. put encrypted files on encrypted cloud services you run. use end to end encryption. and if it's something you can't risk the government seeing, consider deleting it.
this isn't going to stop, it's going to get worse and worse. even if you're not in australia, this can affect you. end to end encryption can't be decrypted by companies, so they're unable to comply with government requests for decryption. use it where you can, and do the really private stuff offline where you can.
stay safe 💜

Anandtech posted a screenshot as part of their Edge going to Chromium article, that shows even their own staff block their ads

Without adblock there's massive ads on both sides of the page and one at the top of the sidebar

a DEC Alpha running NetBSD just made it to 4 years of uptime.

"Welcome to Magic School. Here is your schedule."
"Thanks! But..."
"This is just 'Ethics' and 'Human rights' and things like that."
"Correct, that's the first year curriculum."
"Do we have to learn all this?"
"Of course! What do you think this is, software engineering?"
#MicroFiction #TootFic #SmallStories

@Pyretta kaniini absolutely doesn't tolerate pedos, but you can't take a free software license and add "also if you're a pedo you can't use this" because it honestly probably invalidates the whole license and has exactly 0 legal power
@kaniini @selea @jalcine
And free software freedom 0 says that they can use the software for whatever they want, and the developers can't be blamed for it.

This drama is like the developers are responsible for what the users do with the software.

Hey hey we’re at the meet-up tonight - come say hi #redecentralize

If you have a problem with another user, please report them and explain the problem instead of encouraging other users to dogpile them. This isn't Tumblr or Twitter; there are actual moderators here who will try to handle disputes.

Ne pozabit.
Programje mora biti svobodno.
To je naša moralna dolžnost.

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