A couple things I saw and thought "Mastodon will love this":

- Alias, a 3D-printed "parasite" that sits on top of your Amazon Echo or Google Home, feeding white noise into its mic until you say the wake word: bjoernkarmann.dk/project_alias

- The adminbook, a wonderfully ugly design for the ideal sysadmin notebook: m.habr.com/en/post/437912/


Remember folks, we must give huge multibillion-dollar multinational corporations every benefit of the doubt. Please make sure you use your limited time on Earth challenging individuals who call them out on human rights and social justice grounds. Together we can defeat the commies.

"The text of #Article13 and the EU Copyright Directive has just been finalised" /by @Senficon@twitter.com

1. Look up your representatives’ voting behavior at SaveYourInternet.eu

2. Call or visit your MEPs’ offices europarl.europa.eu/meps/en/hom


ActivityPub is an enabling technology. It enables alternatives to existing capitalist platforms. Social media is the most obvious application, but 2019 is going to see the beginning of federated alternatives to gaming platforms. software development, and economic organization. This is critical infrastructure for revolutionary dual power structures to offer viable economic alternatives to capitalism and political alternatives to hierarchical organizations

According to the EU Commission, “…Google and Facebook are being rewarded financially for all their hard work in producing amazing software, clever algorithms and exciting designs…”

On a scale of zero to zero, how much trust do you have that this institution will protect your human rights in the digital/networked age?


So with your feedback, there are two features I have to work on for #Fedilab:

- #Peertube: allow videos to be run in background with a media controller in the top bar. And I will add the ability to create your Playlist.

- #GNUSocial and #friendica implement groups feature.

Even if it were practical for implementers never to provoke an error and thus to provide an idyllic world from which error had been banished, that design would still have a major drawback because the goal of a program is not so much to avoid committing errors but rather to fulfil its duty. – Christian Queinnec "Lisp in Small Pieces"


>I found during my ten years in Plan9 it was the most usable OS I have experienced in my 35 years of computing. My only problem with it is every other platform is now ruined because I gnash my teeth and say "would have been easy in Plan9".


Everything you've heard about how amazing Plan 9 is, is more true than you can imagine

Nobody tells you that professional software engineering is 98% figuring out make your build and tooling work, and 2% actually designing and writing code.

the matrix.org homeserver is struggling thanks to all the traffic surrounding Riot 1.0 release - we're at almost double ambient traffic. working on a fix.

BREAKING: the police have started arresting children for standing up for their future.

We just want justice. This is wrong.

#RebelForLife #ClimateJusticeNow

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