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Michał "phoe" Herda @phoe@functional.cafe

Mastodon isn’t perfect but it’s some kind of evidence of human willingness to try to patch things up, at scale.

That’s not nothing.

Happy Friday, folks.

I’m glad your here and exist with me. It’s more fun together.

Useful keyboard shortcuts for the web client that aren't documented in the panel yet, courtesy of @Gargron:

gb -> blocked accounts
gd -> direct messages
gf -> favourites,
gh -> home,
gl -> local timeline,
gn -> notifications,
gs -> getting started panel,
gt -> federated timeline
gm -> muted users,
gp -> pinned toots,
gu -> your profile

I can’t believe the biggest mastodon instance, Twitter, got banned from the fediverse

Just remember, the way federation works means that your posts end up on other servers, once sent, there is no unsending them from where ever they end up.

Hey, what's up? We can proudly announce to you that pmOS is now up on mastodon!

@kaniini @starbreaker @Beauford_Hammersham you're right. It's not really about "brands". We should not let "brand" become a thought-terminating cliché that serves as a pejorative term for any kind of company. The concern here, I think, is the insertion of posts from companies with a negative reputation or even a neutral reputation (but don't reflect the values of the community) into a network and a context intended for _personal_ social communication for advertising purposes.

I've seen a bunch of posts about clients for mastodon but haven't seen any love for the lovingly brutal brutaldon (brutaldon.online/about) made by the inimitable @gcupc, so consider this post some love for brutaldon, and give it a try if you're interested

How can I find a #plume instance to host my writings ?

@switchingsocial it's not OK to suggest people replace one proprietary service controlled by Google with another proprietary service not controlled by Google.

you're just trading one drug dealer for another.
this is the serious problem, people. stop letting yourselves get conned.

if the source is not actually open on day 1, it's not free software and it's probably never going to become free software.

yeah, twitter, tumblr, etc all suck and have problems, but to break the cycle you have to use actual free software, not software that may become free software someday. until that software does actually become free (usually this never happens), you're either just a product or somebody they can lock into their platform and extort indefinitely.

It seems there is a influx of new users.

Welcome, I came here out of curiosity. Got chatting to some witches thanks to the kindness of a German who has some excellent chickens.

Moved to an instance where I currently stay for the lack of extraneous vowels in the URL which must save me a few microseconds each time.

But I stay in the fediverse because of the clowns.
And the artists.
And the furries.
The anarchists, hackers, linguists, nationalists, beings...

Be lovely, be unique.
Be welcome

If you are looking for an instance that isn't mastodon.social, here's a curated list of instances that all show assholes the door:


A maintainers job is not to write software for you or your community just because you make a feature request. A maintainers job is to code-review, merge patches, and guide community contributions.

Development is a requirement insomuch as to facilitate more of that.

now, before y'all think i'm just beating up on write.as for the purpose of picking winners and losers, consider this: if we embrace write.as, despite it being a proprietary service, what is to stop other vultures from engaging the fediverse community in the same way?

we must resist all proprietary services, especially ones which promise vaguely to be open source "someday", because "someday" will just keep being pushed down the road.

remember that most VCs cut a company's valuation if they embrace FOSS by at least 10%. i'm not saying that's fair or right, because it's not, but it is a practice they do. and, founders always follow the fucking money.

so when a proprietary service is openwashing from day 1, don't believe the hype.

yes, you'll be able to self-host a blog which is compatible with write.as someday, but it won't be their code that gets it done.

Google’s leadership has still not spoken to employees about its plans to launch a censored search engine in China.
theintercept.com/2018/08/16/go source: twitter.com/torproject/status/