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To basically everyone, including me: Please stop pushing yourself to try to achieve normal levels of productivity right now.

If you can afford film, do film. If digital makes it easier, do that. Both are just tools.

But like I said earlier, the conversation that the tools define the work and not the other way around is complete bullshit that revolves around entitled folks wanting to limit access so only they can leverage the right tools and make art.

And that has nothing to with with the conversation of making great work.

And if you're as good as you think you are, the tools become irrelevant anyway.

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#ForgeFed news 😀

We sent @NGIZero the funding plan, waiting for them to approve it. The funded work, by zPlus and me, will be the spec, reference implementation (Vervis), implementation in existing forge (Pagure), and an implementation guide.

Possibly work on Gitea will get funded too, we don't know yet.

The virus is slowing down my work, I hope it doesn't for the others! zPlus and I happen to be in countries where it's pretty crazy right now. Stay safe and strong ☮&❤


"Local governments controlling a third of #Poland officially declared themselves as #LGBT-free zones, pledging to refrain from encouraging #tolerance or funding NGOs working for LGBT rights."

Polish far right 

I am working on a tutorial that describes the Common Lisp condition system.

So far, I have about a half of it written; I first explain dynamic variables to the reader, then build a simple hook system using dynamic variables, and then move that system to the Lisp condition system using HANDLER-BIND.

Could I request a general review of the part that is already present there? Boosts welcome.


The criteria that technophobic artists use to denigrate digital work are like people procalaiming that certain medical interventions are bad because they're 'unnatural' - they're completely arbitrary

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So in typical American fashion, hospitals are FIRING DOCTORS AND NURSES who talk about how they are not getting the equipment they need. LIKE IT'S NOT A GOT DAMN PANDEMIC GOING ON RIGHT NOW.

It's like the want people to die. This is so absurd.


I do really begin enjoying ZeroMQ. I enjoy it to the point of submitting two PRs to the Lisp binding for it, pzmq, in order to improve it a bit and bring CurveZMQ support to it.

I would really love a peacetime fantasy RPG. 

Who lead the digital transformation of your company?

For metal fans, Master Boot Record dropped his newest album Floppy Disk Overdrive a week ago (listen to it via masterbootrecord.bandcamp.com/ ).

Win two bonus tracks by completing the CTF on mbrserver.com. Music and hacking go hand-in-hand very well :blobhearteyes:

But beyond just keeping my head on a swivel when it comes to hate and intolerance, we gotta make spaces for us to be able for us to talk about the hard things.

Our purpose cannot be solely to thwart bigots, but rather to create environments that don't go toxic when we disagree about fundamental topics.

And this is the work. This is the hard part. Because we've been conditioned to believe we are so far apart.

But the reality is we have a lot more in common than not.

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Ha, yes, I realize I am well known because of the brutality I display when it comes to bigots and I will never apologize for that.

But that intensity comes directly from my desire to build meaningful connections so we can work together to solve some long standing issues that plague all of us.

Sexism, racism, homophobia, transphobia, etc are directly perpendicular to the concept of collaboration that we need to survive.

And as I like living, I'm always going to be uncompromising with hate.

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I tend to stick with the social experiences I know, so where I'm from, the US, this fear is usually expressed with anger and often cruelty, which of course isn't great for the cooperation we need to solve the aforementioned difficult challenges.

I've had to learn the value of social decency and civility b/c it doesn't come so natural to me and I've had to defend myself for most of my life.

But I'm learning kindness and decency really is a revolutionary act.

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There is a lot of effort in trying to contort someone's reality and experiences into something one can easily digest and a lot of times that effort is very violent.

There is no issue that cannot be solved, but rather the main challenge we face is accepting each other's experiences as relevant to our own.

We spend a lot of time trying to get a handle on people by labels, stereotypes, etc etc, but many of them fail to grasp the basic complexity of a person.

This scares the shit out of us.

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I like talking about challenging and difficult topics because that's the quickest path to a solution. Engaging the hard things is only path through them.

I feel like a lot of times there's just a preference to 1. ignore the problem altogether or 2. just be a nihilist and believe there isn't a solution at all. These seem to be the popular stances on the fedi.

A lot of times, we're not even talking about the core challenge, but rather one's bias concerning said core challenge.

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