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I have been officially proclaimed to be the biggest threat to the Common Lisp community right now.

Well, I guess it's sort of an

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FYI: I'm sure that am a choleric person.

This means that, even I'm trying to keep these tendencies of mine at bay, I will sometimes make a fool of myself by speaking without thinking first and going on rants about some things.

In case you see me in such a state, I will be most grateful if you remind me that it is time to stop posting and that I should think if I shouldn't perhaps be burning in shame due to saying some stupid things I could have not said if only I thought before rambling.

C++, exceptions 

I'm still torn about using exceptions vs. result types (e.g. tl::expected) for error handling.

I find them almost equivalent in functionality, but for one case: iterating with standard algorithms and collecting errors. Much easier to std::transform() and gather tl::unexpected; can't exactly resume iteration if internals throw.

But then exceptions give cleaner code IMO (result types create spam of helper functions/lambdas).

Wish C++ had condition system from #CommonLisp.

I'm rewriting #McCLIM's CLX backend renderer to always use XRender extension. I've already drafted a core abstraction. #lisp

new release (0.5.0) of tinmop TUI client for gemini and pleroma 


I have released a new version (0.5.0) of tinmop a distraction-free
terminal client for gemini and pleroma.

Many of the improvements from this version comes from suggestions
coming from a few persons that actually tested and ran the
software. Many thanks to them! :)

From The NEWS file:


- New features
- added subscriptions to gemlog according to the following gemini
- Bugfix
- Fixed configure scripts and several problems related to wrapping libidn2.
- Building the program from sources should not fails anymore on
debian stable and *BSD.
- It is possible to use the program as a gemini client without
configure a connection with a pleroma server.


Tinmop is free software released under GPLv3 or later.


#gemini #pleroma #lisp #TUI
> The video is now live at [1]
> Thanks for the chat!

The first example (using "tagbody" and "go" like in the eighties) is
wonderful to explain why (and how!) CL is truly multi-paradigm. What
makes me love this language is its multi-paradigm nature, CLOS and
(realized in the last month) condition system! :)


@phoe Thank you for making this video. I am always trying to learn more about programming and especially, Lisp. I am enjoying the book "The Common Lisp Condition System".

I'll be talking with Alejandro Serrano of 47 Degrees Academy tomorrow at 18:00 CET.

The video was prerecorded, I'll be there answering questions on chat.

Amused that the #Slack outage today is preventing so much work from being done, when decentralized #OpenSource platforms like @matrix still exist and are running just fine. Why do people keep using these walled gardens?

Glad to see shitposts were the exact same style and quality 124 years ago.

I am constantly amazed by Master Boot Record and the kind of sound it is capable of producing.

It is that time of the year, in which I announce another release of Netfarm, a replicated object system. Okay, I only did this last year, but there's some correspondence, no?

There are a few things we likely want to sort out for 2021, before the Current State of Networking Things gets worse. Netfarming may or may not be an improvement, but I am hopeful it is; see "Why another drive to 2021" in for a rationale.

@phoe @ioa @civodul I personally only watch with mpv, which will open a URL directly if youtube-dl is installed.

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