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I have been officially proclaimed to be the biggest threat to the Common Lisp community right now.

Well, I guess it's sort of an

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FYI: I'm sure that am a choleric person.

This means that, even I'm trying to keep these tendencies of mine at bay, I will sometimes make a fool of myself by speaking without thinking first and going on rants about some things.

In case you see me in such a state, I will be most grateful if you remind me that it is time to stop posting and that I should think if I shouldn't perhaps be burning in shame due to saying some stupid things I could have not said if only I thought before rambling.

And here is a version with a fancy presentation mixin added :-) This may become a demo when finished.

#lisp #climat

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just wanna congratulate all my LGBTQ friends on being seen by capitalism this month

Hackers hate him. Andrew have discovered how to repeatedly appear on the front HN page. Find out his secrets - only $42 + VAT. /joke

I’d just like to interject for a moment. What you’re referring to as freenode, is in fact, Lee/freenode, or as I’ve recently taken to calling it, leenode. leenode is not an IRC network, but rather a hollow shell of an IRC network being destroyed by Andrew Lee. Many IRC users connect to a ruined version of the freenode network every day, without realizing it.

Once again, huge thanks to all the people who co-organized the conference: the programme chair and committee, the local co-chairs who helped ensure that all the backstage stuff happened smoothly, and the CLF infrastructure team who helped with Jitsi performance and auction site!

Thank you for flying ELS. See you next year - or earlier, during the Online Lisp Meetings! (Stay tuned for announcements of these.)

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During the conference, we have auctioned off the Y Combinator Codex:

The final price was €500 - generously doubled by the Association of Lisp Users (represented by Robert Smith) to €1000! Thank you!

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Break music was played via Rhythmbox. It was generously provided to us by Ketsa [0][1] completely free of charge! We got multiple people praising the music during the conference, please go check his stuff out!


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We used our own Jitsi instance for organizational announcements and live Q&A sessions. A backup Jitsi instance was prepared in case of problems with the primary one (and we actually utilized that backup due to audio issues with one of the presenters!).

We also had the Twitch chat bridged with on Freenode IRC for people who wanted to participate in the chat without making a Twitch account.

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We streamed the conference to Twitch using OBS from a single Linux computer. We had two OBS scenes: one showing the right screen (VLC for video streaming) and another one showing the conference program and local CEST time, hiding the screens and allowing for preparations.

I manually juggled all the windows in and out of the streamed screen and I manually muted and unmuted all sources during the conference, which is not the height of technical prowess, but was simple to execute - and I did value simplicity in executing this year's ELS.

For the same reason, we had a single PulseAudio sink - no complicated audio setup here. OBS was used to compress and boost audio levels in real time due to volume differences from various videos (easy) and microphones during live Q&A sessions (hard).

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European Lisp Symposium @elsconf
2021 is now over! Thank you to everyone who helped with organizing it, to all the speakers, and to all participants!

Let's take you for a short tour over how the conference was organized - see the photo.


Long thought to have been lost, the so-called "Y Combinator Codex" (a late mediaeval work pre-figuring later discoveries by Church, Haskell, & McCarthy, its existence hitherto having been inferred from a number of oblique references in some of Cantor's more esoteric works) has recently come to light.

One interesting feature is that it's not actually a codex, but in fact a scroll. The scribe has been identified as @phoe .

#Lisp #Calligraphy

... experimenting over.

Today I posted an initial version of baruch, a program to create documentation for Common Lisp packages which uses #asciidoc format.

Write package-level and docstrings with optional asciidoc markup. Baruch then rewrites your package documentation and docstrings for all exported symbols into a standalone adoc file.

The project page is created by embedding baruch's self-documentation into my website (which is made from asciidoc files!):


This year at : Charity auction and print sales of the Y Combinator Codex!

During this year's ELS, we will be selling prints and hosting an auction of the original of The Y Combinator Codex, a 42cm x 240cm calligraphy piece.

All proceeds, sans printing and shipping costs, go to Lisp-related organizations.

More information at

Attached: photo and a low-res scan of the piece.

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