and it was in response to this! The world is fucking nuts

Rambler accuses Nginx developer Igor Sysoev of "stealing" open-source Nginx from them.

We need an #ActivityPub taskforce asap. There are some unsavory unresolved bugs everywhere and and if we actually care about getting people off of centralized platforms we need to focus on fixing compatibility across networks/software.

TWITTER's 'open' protocol won't be #activitypub nor open.

Nothing to see here.

The appropriate way to phrase this is: Twitter wants to make a Mastodon-clone. It's only fair.

Oh dear God.

Oh dear GOD. It’s going to involve blockchain. So you’re going to pull two gigabytes to see your timeline on mobile devices instead of using something sensible and friendly to people.

Why won’t this blockchain trend die off?! (

For the love of God, please use a known open standard. We have ActivityStreams. Don’t pull a Google and implement a broken, untested and insecure one. (

tbh im starting to think sites/social media removing nsfw are intentionally going against sex workers and endorcing supremacist/elitist groups/factions on another level when they already don't monitor shit

like they really gonna act like you get all the news or whatever when yr literally taking whole portions of cultures/society out that is nsfw. that's not reporting that's not being accurate to humanity/our cultures or how different people are/what they experience/do

For one, why the fuck would we trust Twitter with anything, especially after they changed their terms of service to rob people.

And the fact the corporate folks are pushing it so hard is a HUGE red flag.

Let's not get into the entitlement of them believing they are a hub of tech innovation without having earned one iota of that rep.


It just seems like a corporate cash grab, but with shittier tools.

Why #Lisp macros are cool, a #Perl / #C perspective

(Near the end, I think the Author meant "square" whenever he wrote "sqrt")

This is why professionals say FOSS tools like Scribus aren't ready for production work. Until it's fire and forget every recommendation of FOSS tools is just someone saying "please use this thing to satiate my religious convictions and pay for it with months of your time and missed income".

The nice ones tell you no.

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