I want a browser extension that changes its theme colors between green and red based on how well a website respects visitors. It could also put boxes around trackers and other bad things. The purpose is so that anyone, even if they put up with intrusive sites, could be aware of how good a site is without having a worse experience on the site.

It's difficult to recommend something as inconvenient as NoScript to non-technical family members, but an extension like this I could.

An extension like this has potential to be more widely adopted than other privacy-preserving extensions because almost anyone would be okay with it.

The hope is that users begin to gravitate away from bad sites and create a correlation between being a good web citizen and receiving web traffic.

It may be more effective in changing the web than adblockers because it doesn't hide ads and trackers, but exposes them. People would be more apt to boycott some sites if they knew how trashy they were.

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