Maybe I should know this by now, but there is one thing I don't understand about the :

What is the difference between all the services (e.g. between and ). Obviously PixelFed is for images and thus has an accordingly catered UI, but does the server also need to give special consideration to images? Isn't everything ? Does each service have to extend AP to support its type of content?

@philipwhite As far as I know, images on PixelFed are exactly the same than images from another instance. From what I remember, PixelFed doesn’t import images from other instances, though. I’m not sure how it works.

At its core, ActivityPub is basically just some kinds of json: one can attach particular kinds of content by providing a url of some sort. And the standard is moving. Think of the Mastodon polls, for instance: when introduced, a lot of instances and client did not support them… and they were simply ignored.

Some instances might want some specific treatment for some content. For instance PeerTube enables peer-to-peer downloads, but I’m not sure whether this is what is seen from another instance.

In short, as ActivityPub is a moving protocol, not every server will accept and send the same version of it ☺

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