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The game is Turing-complete and someone proved it by implementing cellular automation no. 110 in it, and it's so cool!
The tweet:
The video:

The main ISPs of my country will have to block Sci-Hub and Libgen due to a court decision in favor of Elsevier and Springer, and it's a disgusting shame. We don't need those parasites anymore, time to get rid of them.

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I installed for the Esperanto groups and all my contacts who use Telegram were instantly notified that I joined, how cringe is that

Quite obviously Telegram developers don't give a damn about privacy.

Random fact: hexadecimal float literals

let x = 0xdead.cafep23af

(the part after the `p` is the exponent, interpreted as a power of 2.)

A friend is trying to do inter-process communication with (blocking) named pipes on Linux, but writing to the pipe blocks until the data has been read on the other end. Is there a way to have blocking reads, but non-blocking writes? 🤔

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Curious whether there's any fault injection ( library for #OCaml (maybe based on libfiu)? Maybe even combined with afl/crowbar/bun?

Just learned about the (^^) operator of the stdlib, to concatenate `format` values (i.e. format strings, mostly):
let my_printf fmt =
Printf.printf ("debug(%d): " ^^ fmt) !current_line

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in the top 10 power plays while writing a paper: talk about yourself in the third person, using your initials

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There is a French LISP called

It's real. Developed at INRIA, and latest release was 18 months ago.

People should attach iCalendar files to their “save the date” emails, it's nice for those who use a software calendar.

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Bonsoir mastodon,
un ami me fait part du cas d'un jeune LGBT mis à la porte de chez lui. Connaissez-vous des gens / structures susceptibles de l'accueillir ? C'est en région parisienne.
(repouets appréciés)

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“On the official government websites of 25 EU member states, the French government had the highest number of ad trackers on its site, with 52 different companies tracking users’ behavior.”
“Bravo” @gouvernementFR! #SurveillanceCapitalism

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Yes, #Tusky 5.2 is crashing when you have polls in your notifications.
1. We are aware of the issue, a fix for the crash is already in the Tusky nightly. You can use it until Tusky 6 is released. Tusky 6 beta will start in about a week.
2. The polls feature is not even a in a Mastodon release candidate yet, maybe wait before running it in production?
3. No Mastodon does not coordinate such breaking changes with app devs.

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Haskell work, library release 

Given how slow is to search the regexp `ldr|str` in a large file (where the pipe `|` is the “or” operator), I'm pretty sure regexp matching is not implemented the “right” way, i.e. the simple and fast way described here:

Are empty rooms deleted? Are empty rooms deleted?

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Le Sénat a rejeté le texte qui voulait interdire le LBD mais publie des données exclusives sur leur usage inédit pendant la crise des #giletsJaunes : 13 460 tirs de LBD recensés par la police (à 85% par des "unités civiles", non-CRS)

Credit goes to @deltadelta for telling me that this is, in fact, the original way git was supposed to be used 😅

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