Twitter is doing something devilish (I'm not talking about its mere existence). When I'm logged in Twitter in a private Firefox window, and I open another private window, I'm also logged in.
Cookies and session identifiers are not shared between private windows. This should not happen. What nonsense have you invented, Twitter?

@otini Not sure it's twitter here but rather firefox' sometimes weird behaviour. I've observed a similar behaviour trying to debug a form I was developing on a simple PHP website. The survey had several steps which were kept in a session cookie and I wanted to get a glimpse of the previous form in a different private window (of course I was already in a private window to avoid setting my cookie in normal mode). I never could, I would always reach exactly the same page (and couldn't find a way to actually remove the cookie).

@alice Aah ok, so an imperfect isolation on Firefox's part. That makes more sense.

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