NixOS life is being unable to build a program like everyone else does, and being too dumb to build it in the correct NixOS fashion.


I want to patch Frama-C before building it but oooh well I don’t remember how to do it by heart and the dependency I wanted to add (mlcuddidl) doesn't exist in ocamlPackages for some reason…

And on the other hand opam doesn't work in NixOS, so total failure

@otini This is one of the main reason that always convinced me not to install NixOS. It took me quite some time to become confident in my ability to build software, I don’t want to start from scratch right now

@L29Ah @otini I actually end up working with gentoo once, and it felt like I should give it a try. It was six years ago, but maybe one day…

@L29Ah @otini (I was working with an ad-hoc SDK written as an overlay above portage)

Hello @otini , actually opam does work in NixOS, fire up a nix-shell with the dependencies needed to build the required librairies (e.g. nix-shell -p m4 pkgconfig gmp openssl). Took some time to figure it out but now using opam is a breeze!

@jco I had done nix-shell -p stdenv, maybe I was missing pkgconfig…

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