People using ;; in OCaml.

Yes, in principle, it can lead to more relevant error messages. But really, I can’t help it, it frustrates me to see them.

@otini It annoyed me, being very noob and starting to look tutorials and books, that everywhere it's explaining and making you use ;; at the beggining when in reality one doing a real program shouldn't be using it and it appears to only be relevant for the shell.

@amiloradovsky I had to look up an ASCII table because I don't know control characters by heart

@otini GNU Coding Standards recommend to use the form feed character (a.k.a. \f) to separate large blocks of code within a file, e.g. procedures or records. Not as much because it facilitates printing, but because the diffs look better when empty line is not the only separator, and later merge conflicts are less likely.

@otini @amiloradovsky I use ^L to separate source code into sections that I can get to with the page-up/down keys

@amiloradovsky @otini With a convenient binding like that, I remember why I set PageUp and PageDown ...

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