Something's wrong with the `\Longrightarrow` symbol in TeX

@otini Mmm, looks like baked in assumptions about earlier layout/fonts. Which was fine back then, but TeX might just need more maintenance. 😛

@tfb You seem familiar with the way TeX handles fonts.

@otini I was familiar with the details a lifetime ago.

@otini Also, it's fine for printing. You litterally can't see that change on paper at 1x at least.

@otini It accurately reproduces the symbol as written on a blackboard, …and then asked by somebody in the audience whether this is a short or long arrow…

@otini I'm imagining someone drawing this and making a "eeeeehhhhh" noise

@rhapsodos “eeeeehhhhh” as in “I saw a mouse” eeeehhh?

@otini "eeeeh" as "okay I'm drawing that nice symbol oooops I'm gradually failing at this"

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