otini discovers math typesetting 

These fraction rules are too thick; but which value am I to use? The math constants table of my math font (XITS) says 0.66, but 0.66 what? 😕

This is a challenge for typographers (which I am not). Can you tell apart our rendering (amateurish) from LuaLaTeX's?

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Now, save for the size of big operators in display style, I think they are almost identical.

I can't see a difference now. SILE math prototype (left) vs LuaLaTeX (right).

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I should move on to extensible operators (like brackets, overset arrows, etc) but I'm laaaazy

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@axiom Ah yes, I forgot to say: I don't yet work on integration of math into text. Once I have more math operators implemented I will tackle the issue (as well as line breaking inside math).

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