LaTeX rant 

LaTeX rant 

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LaTeX rant 

LaTeX rant 

@amiloradovsky Wait, in fact, I actually renounced using a monospace font at all. Listings in non-monospace sans serif look ok with `\lstset[columns=flexible]`.

@otini The only place where monospace is really necessary is ASCII art… And in certain styles of source code, where the indentation depends on the width of the expressions. That may actually be a dubious aesthetic, not sure.

@amiloradovsky Mm I've never quite liked expression-depending indentation in my OCaml code, so I might give non-monospace code a try.

@amiloradovsky Alas Emacs bindings are too hard on my pinky, I need Vim's modal editing.

@otini Evil can really help Vim users to migrate to the Church. Unfortunately, some behaviours are not conserved exactly as-is between Vim and Emacs + Evil, so I really only do that when using Proof General.


@MartinShadok So @typochon is also trying to convert me right now, but I don't want to make the effort of re-creating my config from scratch, and losing my (Neo)vim plugins and the associated habits.

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