French senior researchers: 3 years is a really short period, you need to be aware of that all the time
Me: *is stressed out*

Not sure being stressed about a deadline is the best way to do a good research work, either

@otini They say "if we knew what we were doing, it wasn't a research" and also "you can't do math research without having a relative peace in your life".

For the former: Yes, planning isn't any efficient for that. But maybe the point is that it's still worth attempting. Failed plan is better than no plan at all, i.e.

For the latter: That's of course very motivating (…), to know that I won't be able to create anything of value before I already have earned the "relative peace in life"…

@otini Anyway, it's all about the "creative discipline", a semi'oxymoron, I would say.

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