@otini You would be welcome to join us on mathstodon.xyz - people here are pretty accepting of abstraction. We're still a bit quiet and will probably end up being more about "Recreational maths" and similar, but you can always hunt down and follow others, then migrate if/when you find somewhere more in line with your interests.

CC: @pelagikat

@otini You might also follow @amiloradovsky and @amiloradovsky and see who they boost and/or follow.

(Note: I recognise that these might be things you already do or have tried.)

CC: @pelagikat

@otini And I'd also guess that your interests as stated are too niche for there to be an entire instance dedicated to just them, you might need to broaden the terms of your search until you find a wider community that contains your interests.

I have no idea how to do that.

CC: @pelagikat


@ColinTheMathmo @pelagikat Thank you, I will have a look at your instance's timeline!

@otini There's very little there of the things you mention, but they are genuinely niche in the fediverse. You really need to find people to follow, follow them, and then their toots will turn up on your instance. That will make your instance rich in the sorts of things you want.

The problem is finding people to follow.


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