Gradual typing is messing with my habits… but not in a pleasant way 😕

A type-system for by Théophane Hufschmitt, Oct. 2017

@otini That might be a step beyond even, but honestly I wasn't impressed: adding a very complicated type-system on top of already very/too complicated custom language may be not the best idea, IMO.

@amiloradovsky @otini I couldn't watch beyound the first example and goals.
They have all the same problems that static typing for JS has and there are already very good solutions like Flow which match ducktyping nature. But they want no annotations and to still accept ill typed code? What's the point then?


@charlag @amiloradovsky They do have annotations, and I think what Théophane meant is that type errors should not prevent from typechecking the rest or running the code.
I'm more disturbed by the enormous complexity of the type system, and that all the examples shown seem to be code that no one reasonable would want to write. I wonder if there couldn't be a simpler type system with the same objectives. But I really am illiterate in gradual typing.


Dont forget, the simple stuff probably does just work, but the overall design has to pay attention to the corner cases. So these are what get discussed by people working on this stuff.

@charlag @amiloradovsky

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